What to Make with Overripe Blueberries: 23 Recipes

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Due to the high natural sugar content of overripe blueberries, they are best utilized in desserts or as a topping for pancakes. They’re also delicious in smoothies, salads, oats, yogurt, and muffins.

With these delectable dishes, you can make the most of your overripe blueberry bounty. These blueberry dishes, which range from sweet pies to breakfast goodies, are guaranteed to please.

One of my favorite foods is overripe blueberries. They’re excellent, fresh, and flavorful.

When I’m at home, I usually have a couple buckets of this fruit in my freezer since it never lasts long in my house!

What I do with them is bake pies, muffins, and quick breads. I also like to serve them with pancakes, waffles, or ice cream.

Today I have 23 overripe blueberry dishes for you.

All of them are simple to create, and some of them are delicious.

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What to Do with Overripe Blueberries – 23 Recipe Ideas

What to Do with Overripe Blueberries – 23 Recipe Ideas

Overripe blueberries are exactly as tasty as fresh blueberries. They may be utilized in a multitude of ways, including morning smoothies, pie or crumble, and even a quick and simple muffin.

1. Make Homemade Jam

Overripe blueberries produce delicious jam, and this is one of the simplest recipes to try. To begin, just place the berries in a saucepan and add sugar according to the sweetness of the fruit.

After that, you’ll keep them on the burner until the sugar is entirely dissolved. After that, boil the mixture until it reaches 220 degrees F (104 degrees C), then remove from the heat and whisk in the pectin. Allow the jam to cool completely before transferring it to jars. That’s all!

2. Add Them to Pie Crusts

When preparing a pie or tart, you may be creative with how you utilize the fruit on the interior. If you’re intending to fill a tart shell with this blueberry jam, just take the fruit from the jar after it’s cooled and place it in the shell.

Alternatively, if you like something fancier, place the blueberries in a separate dish and spread the jam over them. This is a great way to enjoy your jam without destroying the appearance of your pie. It looks fantastic and tastes much better.

3. Bake Them Into Cookies

Overripe blueberries are ideal for making cookies. They have a delicate, somewhat buttery flavor that is uncommon in berries. Blueberries should be crushed in a food processor or blender before being used in cookies.

After that, whisk in the dry ingredients as usual before folding in the butter and the rest of the ingredients. When they’re done baking, cover them with icing and sprinkle some on top. This will make your cookies truly stand out.

4. Make a Muffin Batter With Blueberries

When you need something fast and tasty to eat, muffins are a popular alternative. Muffin batter is often made with a mix of flour and eggs, but for an alternative option that is still simple to create, try this recipe.

Simply crush your berries before mixing them into the muffin batter. The muffins may then be baked or frozen for later use.

5. Add Them to Bread

Overripe blueberries are a delicious complement to bread. You may put them in a regular loaf of white bread or combine them with chocolate chips for a little sweeter and more colorful variety.

6. Make a Blueberry Pie

If you get the chance to prepare a handmade blueberry pie, you should take advantage of it. It’s not a tough recipe to follow, but if you’re a beginner, be sure you grasp the sequence of the ingredients. To begin, combine your flour, sugar, and butter in a large mixing basin.

After that, add your eggs and carefully combine everything. Finally, toss in the blueberries to thoroughly blend all of the ingredients. The mixture should be little sticky, but the more you combine it, the better the final product. When you’ve got it correct, pour the mixture into the pie shell and bake for 40-50 minutes at 400°F (205°C).

7. Make Blueberry Pie Pops

If you want a simpler alternative than baking a whole pie, you may make some pie pops instead. There are three approaches do this, all of which are rather simple and involve no special equipment or supplies. The first method is to utilize pre-made ice pop molds.

Simply follow the directions that come with the molds to set them up and fill them with the appropriate mixture. The second method for making pie pops is to use a canning jar as a mold. You’ll need to make sure the jar’s lid has a tiny hole in it, but if it does, just pour the liquid into it and screw the cover on snugly.

8. Frozen Desserts

Overripe blueberries have plenty of space for individuals who appreciate the simplicity of frozen desserts but don’t want the trouble of producing a genuine dessert. You can create ice cream and frozen yogurt out of them, and it’s a quick and simple method to repurpose overripe berries into something delicious.

9. Compote with Cranberry Sauce

This is the recipe that shines out when it comes to utilizing overripe blueberries for frozen delights. Because cranberry sauce is already rather sweet, this recipe calls for just ripe blueberries, which are sweetened with sugar and vanilla.

The nicest aspect about this recipe is that you don’t have to defrost the frozen dessert ahead of time. Simply combine the two and serve immediately. This is a terrific recipe if you want to consume your overripe berries without any extra sugar, or if you just don’t want to purchase a new bottle of cranberry sauce.

10. Make Blueberry Bread Pudding

If you have an overripe fruit that isn’t quite ripe yet, you’ll need a fast bread recipe that will put the blueberries to good use. This easy recipe will assist you in overcoming the difficult issue of overripe blueberries.

Simply slice a loaf of your favorite bread, put it in a baking dish, sprinkle with sugar and butter, then fill it with overripe berries and sprinkle with cinnamon. Now bake it for approximately an hour at 375 degrees Fahrenheit, and it should be done to perfection. This dish offers a few benefits in addition to being delicious.

To begin with, you may have fresh bread with the same taste as the berry-stuffed loaf without spending a lot of money on fresh ingredients. Second, making the bread pudding a day or two ahead of time saves you from having to deal with overripe blueberries, which can be a pain.

11. Make Fruit Salad

You may prepare fruit salad with overripe blueberries to use them up before they go bad. For a unique, tangy salad, all you need is a combination of fresh fruit and a touch of dressing. The trick here is in the time.

You don’t want to utilize overripe fruit until the day before a party or picnic, so it has time to break down. You also don’t want it to be overripe, because it will be difficult to consume.

12. Add Them To Ice Cream

If you’ve ever made your own ice cream, you know that it takes more than just dumping everything into a blender. You must also include all of the additional elements that will contribute to the greatest flavor in your completed product. Blueberries are a delicious complement to any ice cream.

This is due to their tangy and fresh taste, which may be employed to bring out an understated and delicate flavor in the final dish. They may be added whole or diced, depending on how you want to serve your ice cream.

13. Put Them In The Fridge

If you don’t want to create a compote, just store your overripe berries in the refrigerator until you find a dish that calls for them.

Of course, if you have a lot of overripe fruit, this may seem to be an appealing alternative, but it may not work with your timetable. If this is the case, you should think about alternative possibilities.

14. Make A Pickled Bunch

Pickling is the most common technique for preserving overripe fruit. This is accomplished by first cooking the fruit and then putting it in a jar. These may be used to make jams, sauces, and even salad dressings.

You may wish to pickle your berries if they are small enough to fit into a jar, but if they are too large, they will be difficult to handle and will deteriorate quickly. Pickled fruit is available at a variety of places, or you may make your own! This is a simple recipe that involves simply fruit, sugar, vinegar, and spices.

15. Freeze Them

Freezing overripe blueberries is one of the finest uses for them. It’s not difficult to freeze blueberries if you don’t know how. You can freeze them quickly by placing them in a freezer bag, filling your container with them, and closing it.

The toughest aspect about freezing blueberries is that the more ripe they are, the more water will leak out of them when you freeze them.

That’s why it’s best to harvest blueberries in mid-June, when they’re still fresh and hard. When frozen, the berries retain their form and do not break apart when thawed, and they will keep for at least 6 months if stored frozen in airtight containers.

16. Blueberry Pancakes

While homemade pancakes are preferable, you may prepare them in a rush if necessary. All you have to do is combine the blueberries, flour, and milk with a teaspoon of baking powder. You can either cook them on a griddle or heat them in a glass dish in the microwave if you have one.

17. Make Granita

Granita is one of those sweets that may be enjoyed all year. It’s prepared by freezing water and other ingredients, then letting it freeze and thaw for many days until it becomes a kind of ice crystal that can be eaten with a spoon.

Almost any fruit may be used in this dish, although blueberries are probably the finest. Remember to use frozen fruits while preparing your granita since you don’t want your fruit to thaw before your granita has set. For the finest taste, your granita should be as dry as possible.

18. Blueberry Crisp

Check out this wonderful blueberry crisp if you’re seeking for the ideal dish for overripe blueberries. This treat works well with any fruit, but blueberries are the logical choice because to their brilliant hue.

To bring out their natural sugars and make them more enticing to consume, boil the berries until they are mushy and starting to break down. Crisp them in a skillet with butter, sugar, and cornmeal, then top with vanilla ice cream for an extra-special treat that will satisfy your taste buds while keeping you warm on the inside.

19. Blueberry Smoothie

Blueberries are high in antioxidants and vitamin C, making them an excellent addition to smoothies. You may find recipes online, in magazines, or in cookbooks that will show you how to prepare a blueberry smoothie from scratch, but the simplest option is to use one of the frozen types.

The reason why?

They’re simple to locate and utilize; just drop them in and blend away. Some recipes will instruct you to add ice, although this is not required. While the ice makes it more aesthetically beautiful, you’ll discover that you won’t miss it in the long term. If you’re going to create your own smoothie, make sure you have a blender that can handle the amount of blueberries you’ll be adding.

20. Blueberry-Strawberry Ice Cream

If you like the flavor of overripe fruit but don’t want to bother with producing wine or pies, you may discover that you can make ice cream out of it. This is a basic dish that requires time and patience to complete. You must prepare ahead if you want to cook a dessert that will endure.

The secret to this recipe is to use strawberries at their ripest. They must be sweetened before being frozen as soon as possible. Once you have your frozen berries, combine them with the milk, cream, and sugar until they are smooth.

You may add more berries or vanilla extract if desired. When you add the eggs and gelatine to the mixture and let it simmer for around 10 minutes, you’ll know it’s done.

21. Use Them To Make Jell-o

Jell-o is a simple and quick dessert to prepare, but it’s not something you should ignore if you have an excess of berries. Many individuals are afraid of Jell-o and believe that they must manufacture it in order to build confidence in their ability to create things.

They are typically correct. Jell-o makes an excellent dessert since it is highly forgiving. It doesn’t take much work, and you can’t go wrong if you use the incorrect amounts or components.

If you like overripe blueberries, this dish is for you. You may use either ripe or frozen blueberries, but the ideal option is to use ripe and just freeze them when they get too soft to consume. When freezing them, it is essential to use a microwave oven since they must remain frozen, which can only happen if the temperature is held at -20 degrees Celsius or below.

22. Make Blueberry Cobbler

Blueberry cobbler is a traditional dessert that is ubiquitous in American homes and restaurants, and it’s simple to understand why. These berries blend wonderfully with butter, sugar, and cinnamon to make a delectable delicacy that is suitable for breakfast, supper, or dessert.

The cobbler’s topping is comprised of flour, butter, and sugar, all of which are basic components in most baked dishes. When dealing with blueberries, the topping will need to be slightly heated to help bind the mixture together. This recipe works best when your berries are at their pinnacle of ripeness, since you don’t want them to turn to mush.

23. Make Blueberry Biscuits

Blueberries work nicely in biscuits because they are so juicy that they may be spooned directly onto the baking sheet. This is a simple biscuit recipe that works well with overripe blueberries, which may be difficult to find, but you can easily substitute fresh blueberries if you like.

This traditional blueberry biscuit recipe is sure to become a family favorite. You may also top the biscuits with nuts or other spices to give them a unique flavor.


What to Do with Overripe Blueberries – 23 Recipe Ideas

So, what to do with overripe blueberries?

Overripe blueberries may be used in a variety of ways. They provide a lovely burst of blueberry flavor to yogurt, smoothies, and cereal. You may also make a nice jam or jelly out of them.

Blueberries are one of the healthiest fruits to eat and taste great in a range of sweets and even savory meals. The goal is to keep them fresh and avoid overripeness. This will keep the flavor fresh and improve the taste.

If you’re stuck on what to do with your overripe blueberries, try these ideas:

  1. Add them to pancakes and waffles
  2. Add them to oatmeal
  3. Make blueberry pie
  4. Use them in a smoothie
  5. Make a blueberry jam
  6. Use them in a breakfast parfait
  7. Use them in a cheesecake
  8. Try them in a muffin
  9. Use them in granola or trail mix

23 Overripe Blueberries Recipes

Overripe blueberries can be used in many different ways. You can use them to make a quick and easy blueberry pie. You can also make a blueberry sauce or add them to muffins, pancakes or waffles.
Prep Time 5mins
Cook Time 5mins
Total Time 10mins


  • Make Homemade Jam
  • Add Them to Pie Crusts
  • Bake Them Into Cookies
  • Make a Muffin Batter With Blueberries
  • Add Them to Bread
  • Make a Blueberry Pie
  • Make Blueberry Pie Pops
  • Frozen Desserts
  • Compote with Cranberry Sauce
  • Make Blueberry Bread Pudding
  • Make Fruit Salad
  • Add Them To Ice Cream
  • Put Them In The Fridge
  • Make A Pickled Bunch
  • Freeze Them
  • Blueberry Pancakes
  • Make Granita
  • Blueberry Crisp
  • Blueberry Smoothie
  • Blueberry-Strawberry Ice Cream
  • Use Them To Make Jell-o
  • Make Blueberry Cobbler
  • Make Blueberry Biscuits


  • Choose one of these delectable blueberry recipes or ways.
  • Prepare the ingredients in the order specified in the recipe.
  • Enjoy your dish within 20 minutes!


What can I do with over ripe blueberries?

If you have an abundance of berries, you may freeze them for up to two months and use them in juices, smoothies, or sauces. You won’t even need to defrost the berries for cold beverages since they’ll provide flavor and act as a temperature regulator when frozen. You may also create blueberry ice cubes.

Can you eat over ripe blueberries?

If there is no mold or cracking peel, mushy blueberries are typically okay to consume. The mushy, squishy berries are most likely overripe and must be consumed promptly. Mushy blueberries may have a gritty and unpleasant feel. As a result, it’s best to utilize them in smoothies, baked goods, or jams.

What can I make with overripe blackberries?

Freeze after puréeing

But don’t worry; she repels fruit flies by puréeing overripe fruit and freezing it into cubes. This is something I like doing with berries. Overripe berries respond especially nicely to this since they are already mushy. I often use ice cubes into smoothies.

What spices go well with blueberries?

Herbs + Blueberries

Blueberry and basil go well together. Lavender, mint, and rosemary are other herbs that enhance the taste of blueberries while providing a prolonged depth.

Do blueberries last longer in the fridge or on the counter?

If you expect to consume blueberries within the next day or two, keep them at room temperature; otherwise, store them in the refrigerator for five to ten days. Of course, if you want to preserve them longer, you may freeze them.

What age can I stop squashing blueberries?

When your kid is 12 months old or has mastered their chewing and swallowing abilities, you may stop chopping blueberries and start feeding them whole.

What is the white stuff on blueberries?

Blueberries have a white powdered texture that indicates freshness. The white material (called the bloom) is the blueberry’s natural sun protection, and if it’s visible, it implies the berries were gathered in excellent, dry circumstances.

Can you eat the rest of the blueberries if one is moldy?

“If more than a quarter of the berries are moldy, you’re probably better off discarding them all.” “However, if the rest look healthy, aren’t bruised, soft, or have visible mold on them, they’re probably safe to eat after you’ve washed them thoroughly,” she adds.

Can dogs eat blueberries?

Blueberries may be eaten by dogs. Blueberries are a superfood high in antioxidants that protect cells in both people and dogs. They’re also high in fiber and phytochemicals.

What can you do with overripe fruit?

Here are some delicious ways to use up overripe fruits.
Make a tiny amount of jam.
Make a loaf of fast bread.
Make a crumble, cobbler, or crisp in the oven.
Freeze the remaining fruit for future smoothies.
Make a chunky sauce for pancakes or sundaes in the slow cooker.
Serve as a garnish for grilled meats and seafood.
Prepare the salad dressing.

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