What to eat with sourdough bread?

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Sourdough bread has a taste that is sour and acidic, and it may be cooked in a variety of ways, including as an appetizer, in a sandwich, with soup, toasted for breakfast, and in other ways. In point of fact, there is an infinite number of permutations.

Because of the natural fermentation process, the bread has a sour flavor and a tangy flavor, which is one of the reasons why it is a favorite of many devoted customers and the primary source of bread in metropolitan areas like San Francisco. When the sourdough starter is stored for a longer period of time, the funkier tastes have more time to emerge.

What kinds of foods go well with sourdough? The tangy flavor of sourdough pairs well with a variety of foods, including soup, sandwiches, toast, and bruschetta. On the other hand, this kind of bread goes particularly well with entrées like steamed fish, spaghetti, white rice, roasted chicken, or steak. It is also a good accompaniment to salads.

Dishes that may be prepared quickly and easily for a light lunch or snack include:

  • mashed avocado toast
  • smoked salmon salad
  • tomato, bacon, and garlic mayo sandwich
  • ham and grilled cheese sandwich

Because sourdough is easier to digest for certain individuals when compared to white bread, it is the dish that is most often chosen for meals throughout the day. White bread, on the other hand, might be difficult to digest for other people.

The tart flavor is achieved by allowing the dough to ferment for a longer period of time utilizing yeast and lactobacillus that are found in nature. This one-of-a-kind flavor and texture goes very well with certain ingredients.

This article will provide in-depth information on what to match with sourdough to make it extra tastier, as well as other ways to enhance its flavor. These commonly asked questions regarding what to eat with sourdough bread have been answered for your convenience below so that you may build taste combinations that will keep your palette delighted.

What flavors go well with sourdough bread?

Sage, oregano, rosemary, and thyme are some of the herbs and spices that pair particularly well with sourdough bread. You may choose to add just one taste, or you can combine all of the available options.

Basil, marjoram, tarragon, and dill are all wonderful additions to sourdough bread when combined with other herbs. Garlic and cheese are two more foods that go well with herbs.

The following tastes have been deemed appropriate for use with sourdough bread by a chef:

  • sourdough + yogurt + almond butter + pears
  • sourdough + tomato + chives + sesame seeds
  • sourdough + egg + tzatziki
  • sourdough + fennel + walnuts
  • sourdough + bean + garlic + chilis
  • sourdough + clams + lime + tomatoes
  • sourdough + fig + cream cheese + maple syrup

What soup goes well with sourdough bread?

It doesn’t matter whether the soup is fiery, hearty, or full of meat—a piece of bread to dip in it is always a good accompaniment. The meal becomes more satisfying to eat and improves in flavor thanks to the somewhat sour taste imparted by the bread.

Particularly well-suited to one another are soups and carb-based foods. The liquid dish is enhanced by the bread’s crunchiness, which goes really well with it.

  • creamy and cheesy soup
  • bone broth soup
  • mushroom soup
  • curried sweet potato soup
  • roasted tomato soup
  • onion soup
  • cauliflower cheese soup

What cheese goes well with sourdough bread?

When it comes to cooking grilled cheese or sandwiches, not all kinds of cheese have a pleasant flavor when combined with sourdough. There are six different varieties of cheese that, when accompanied by sourdough bread, make for the ideal combination.

  • gruyere cheese
  • brie cheese
  • manchego cheese
  • monterey jack cheese
  • cheddar cheese, especially sharp white cheddar
  • swiss cheese

The saltiness of the cheese is balanced off by the sour flavor of the sourdough, so the combination is delicious. Therefore, if you want to get the highest level of happiness, try melting cheese on top of this bread before serving it with soup or stew.

What spread goes well with sourdough bread?

Toasting sourdough bread or using it to make sandwiches is another excellent use for it. It depends on the person’s disposition as well as their cravings to determine whether it will be sweet or savory.

The following are some of the toppings that go particularly well with sourdough bread:

  • butter
  • fruit jam
  • hummus
  • peanut butter
  • sunflower seed butter
  • olive oil
  • honey
  • greek yogurt

What dinner goes well with sourdough bread?

A supper consisting of white rice, toast, spaghetti, a steak, steamed fish, or roasted chicken pairs very well with sourdough bread because of the bread’s tangy flavor. In addition, every kind of sandwich may benefit from using sourdough bread since it adds a flavor that is both distinctive and delectable.

  • french onion soup
  • sourdough skillet dinner
  • roasted chicken
  • stuffing for holiday side dish
  • bread crumbs for salad or top on soups
  • savory bread pudding to add artichokes, cheese, milk, and egg

What meat goes well with sourdough bread?

Lunch meats, also known as cold cuts, luncheon meats, sliced meats, cooked meats, deli meats, and cold meats, go well with sourdough bread. Other names for lunch meats include cold cuts, luncheon meats, sliced meats, cooked meats, and deli meats.

Any kind of bread, but especially sourdough, is the ideal partner for sliced cured or precooked meats that have been cooked ahead of time and eaten hot or cold. You may choose to incorporate them in a sandwich or have them presented delectably on a tray for you to stack and eat whichever you choose.

  • Meats: chicken, pork, roast beef, ribeye steaks in particular
  • Deli meats: turkey slices, ham, turkey breast, corned beef

What dip goes well with sourdough bread?

The dipping of newly made sourdough bread into olive oil that has been flavored with balsamic vinegar, red pepper flakes, and Italian herbs is a traditional way to enjoy this bread.

If you are going to serve sourdough bread with the soup, you may want to try making some homemade dip to serve on the side so that the taste is enhanced even more.

The following are some additional components that should be used with the olive oil:

  • garlic
  • cayenne pepper
  • rosemary
  • basil
  • parmesan cheese


The use of sourdough in bread baking is a typical practice throughout the whole year. The fact that it may be used to make a sandwich, a bowl for soup, croutons, french toast, and bread pudding ensures that it is never wasted.

It goes well with savory as well as sweet recipes, especially when complemented with ingredients like as nuts, cheese, fruit, meat, and vegetables.

When served with sourdough bread, soups that are both creamy and cheesy tend to taste better since the sour flavor helps to balance the creaminess of the soup. On the other hand, the majority of soups have a pleasant flavor and assist to soak up the liquid with each dip.

There are only cheddar, swiss, monterey jack, manchego, brie, and gruyere cheeses that can be melted on a piece of bread when it comes to melting cheese.

You can’t go wrong with unsalted or salted butter if you’re looking for lighter choices.

Your hunger for anything sweet might be satiated by fruit jams, honey, or both. It all depends on the cuisine.

Dinner, brunch, and lunch may all be served on sourdough, with toppings ranging from deli meats to eggs, bacon, and tomato. Any freshly made bread tastes even better when it is dipped into a mixture that contains fragrant olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

If you give these possibilities for enjoying sourdough bread a go, there will never be a case of wasted bread.


Is eating sourdough bread healthy?

Because it is loaded with a wide range of vitamins and minerals, sourdough is a very useful food for maintaining your day-to-day health. Small to moderate levels of the following nutrients may be found in sourdough bread: iron, manganese, calcium, vitamins B1 through B6, B12, folate, zinc, potassium, thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, selenium, iron, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamin E.

What cheese goes best with sourdough bread?

Try a semi-firm Alpine-style cow’s milk cheese like Tarentaise, which has a nutty richness that mixes wonderfully with the bread, or a tomme like Saint-Nectaire, which has a creamy, mushroom-like texture that amplifies similar notes in the loaf. Both of these cheeses are made from cow’s milk.

Should you toast sourdough bread?

Yes. The amount of moisture that is included in various types of bread varies. It’s possible that a bread like sourdough, which has a lower moisture content, will need less time to toast than a bread like challah, which has a higher moisture content, but the difference won’t be that significant. Just be sure to monitor the bread as it browns in the toaster.

Is sourdough good with cheese?

Yes. The combination of the savory, salty creaminess of cheese with the sour, tangy flavor of sourdough is like a marriage made in heaven.

Does sourdough bread go with cheese?

This is the ideal combination of cheeses: Swiss, Cheddar, and Sourdough. The saltiness of the Cheddar cheese is balanced off by the sharpness of the Swiss cheese.

Is butter good on sourdough?

Sourdough bread looks very stunning when topped with herb butter that has been whipped. This herb butter that has been beaten may be used to an incredible variety of uses. You may spread it on freshly baked sourdough bread or baguettes made with sourdough, melt it and use it over steak or poultry, or even put it in sauces.

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