What to eat with eggplant?

What to eat with eggplant
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The taste of eggplant is similar to that of summer squash and zucchini. It is tender, mellow, and sweet, but it also has a touch of bitterness. Due to the high absorption level, this nightshade vegetable is particularly adaptable and may take on the taste of a variety of other vegetables and ingredients.

Because of its rubbery texture, lack of flavor, and unpleasant taste, it is often not eaten uncooked. As a result, a wide variety of culinary methods are used, including baking, boiling, braising, broiling, grilling, roasting, sautéing, steaming, deep-frying, and stuffing.

What kinds of foods go well with eggplant? Cooking eggplant with specific seasonings and condiments brings out its full flavor. Some of these include anchovies, basil, bell peppers, bread crumbs, cheese, chili peppers, cilantro, cinnamon, garlic, ginger, lemon juice, miso, olive oil, parsley, pepper, rosemary, tahini, thyme, sesame oil or seeds, vinegar, zucchini, and more.

When it comes to cheese, select parmesan, ricotta, ricotta salata for finest taste in dishes.

In addition to eggplant spaghetti and eggplant parmesan, this versatile vegetable may be included into hummus, sandwiches, salads, burgers, ratatouille, and robust moussaka dishes.

If you want the taste of the eggplant to be more robust and meaty, try adding some miso or tahini to bring up the intensity to the next level.

The flavor of eggplant is enhanced by the use of spicy seasoning, and its scent is described as sour, fruity, and somewhat bittersweet. In addition, the sour flavor of eggplant works well when combined with the flavors of other vegetables.

As a result of the taste profile it has, eggplant is an essential component that must not be absent from the kitchen. However, what are some delicious dishes that go well with eggplant? To find out more, continue reading to the very end!

What goes well with eggplant?

In many restaurants, meatballs, garlic bread, noodle and rice meals have eggplant as a side dish. The ability to successfully combine flavors and create a satisfying culinary experience depends on selecting the appropriate components to mix together.

  • Spices: allspice, cayenne, chili powder, cinnamon, coriander, cumin, curry, garam masala, red pepper flakes, saffron, garlic, ginger
  • Herbs: basil, chives, cilantro, mint, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage, thyme
  • Bread: crumbs, pita
  • Nuts: cashews, pine nuts, walnuts
  • Cheese: Emmental, feta, goat, gruyere, mozzarella, parmesan, ricotta, ricotta salata, romano, swiss
  • Rice: white, brown, basmati, jasmine, wild
  • Legumes: chickpeas, lentils
  • Condiments: coconut milk, honey, miso, dijon mustard, soy sauce, sugar, tahini, tamara
  • Seeds: fennel, sesame
  • Fruits: lemon, pomegranates
  • Oil: peanut, sesame, olive
  • Cured meats: prosciutto
  • Vinegar: balsamic, champagne, red wine, rice, sherry

What meat goes good with eggplant?

It is very necessary to include protein into a dish made with eggplant, either as a separate component or as part of the main dish, in order to create a complete and well-balanced meal. In addition, eggplant has a taste that is not overpowering, which makes it a good complement to the following kinds of meat:

  • Lamb: Stuffed eggplant gives lamb meat a sweet fragrance for an unforgettable experience.
  • Beef: Whether in steaks, minced or grilled, eggplant always suits beef treat. It’ll, without a doubt, leave you yearning for more.
  • Chicken: Fluffy eggplant and roast chicken is a treat not to miss.
  • Pork: Tender pork calls for a delicate spice to flavor the dish. Eggplant has a sweet, sour taste that does the trick.
  • Sausage: With or without sauce, eggplant and sausage is a great mixture to blend with mozzarella and tomatoes sauce to make a quick meal.

What vegetables go well with eggplant?

Whether it is sliced or stir-fried, eggplant goes well with a wide variety of other vegetables. Be careful to serve it with some sensitive root vegetables so that it retains some of its crispness.

The following is a list of outstanding vegetables that match well with eggplant, ranging from mushrooms to potatoes:

  • artichokes
  • bell peppers, especially green and red
  • green cabbage
  • fennel
  • mushrooms, especially button and shiitake
  • olives, especially black and green
  • onions, especially red, Spanish, yellow
  • potatoes, especially yukon gold, fingerling
  • shallots
  • squash
  • tomatoes
  • zucchini

What flavor goes well with eggplant?

Eggplant is delicious when combined with tastes that are mellow, sweet, and earthy. To begin, basil, chile, ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon are wonderful herbs and spices to cook with. Additionally, adding lentils to a recipe is an excellent way to increase the amount of protein that is present in that dish.

No matter how you choose to cook eggplant, the following taste combinations are timeless and make use of just the most fundamental ingredients:

  • eggplant + basil + bell peppers + garlic + tomatoes
  • eggplant + basil + mozzarella cheese
  • eggplant + basil + olive oil + balsamic vinegar
  • eggplant + basil + ricotta salata cheese + tomatoes
  • eggplant + bell peppers + garlic + mustard
  • eggplant + garlic + lemon juice + olive oil + parsley + tahini
  • eggplant + garlic + onions + parsley
  • eggplant + lentils + yogurt


When should you not eat eggplant?

If you touch your eggplant and it feels mushy, this is a sign that it is starting to go bad before your own eyes. In addition, you should not eat the flesh of the eggplant if it has a slimy texture since you should not eat it.

Why is eggplant good for you?

The antioxidants included in eggplant, such as vitamins A and C, may assist your body’s cells resist damage caused by free radicals. It also has a high concentration of natural plant compounds known as polyphenols, which, if you have diabetes, may assist your cells in doing a better job of digesting sugar.

Is it better to fry or bake eggplant?

The eggplant parm that I make from scratch is one of the foods that my husband enjoys the most. We used to fry the eggplant, but we just switched to baking it in the oven, and it’s become our new go-to method. Not only does it make less of a mess, but the eggplant that has been breaded and baked keeps its crispiness even better.

Why do you soak eggplant in water before cooking?

Before being cooked, eggplant is often salted and then rinsed in order to remove some of the bitterness that it naturally has. It is possible to use brining instead, which has the additional benefit of assisting the eggplant in maintaining its form while it is being cooked, regardless of whether the recipe asks for baking, frying, or grilling.

Are eggplants good for weight loss?

Because of their high fiber content and low calorie count, eggplants are a good food to include in any diet that focuses on weight management. As a result of its delayed transit through the digestive system, fiber is associated with feelings of fullness and satiety, which lead to decreased calorie consumption. Raw eggplant has just 20 calories and 3 grams of fiber per cup (82 grams), which is the recommended serving size.


Eggplant is a healthful meal that may be used as a tasty addition to a wide range of dishes. It works nicely as a vegetable side dish for the main course, as well as snacks and an appetizer.

Eggplant may be served in a variety of dishes, including baba ghanoush, hummus, sandwiches, salads, burgers, ratatouille, and moussaka. When preparing eggplant, it is important to be creative and use the appropriate cooking methods, such as baking, broiling, braising, stir-frying, roasting, or frying.

When it comes to the meat, the best results are achieved when it is served with lamb, beef, chicken, pig, and sausage. The addition of artichokes, cabbage, fennel, onions, zucchini, mushrooms, squash, and bell peppers to the dish will increase the amount of fiber and vitamins it contains.

When it comes to eggplant, the possibilities are endless in terms of what can be done with this vegetable. There is an infinite number of alternative combinations that can be found in this book, so be sure to go all out and experiment with a variety of foods.

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