What sort of cheese complements salami?

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Salami is spicy, sweet, fiery, and savory, with spices including paprika, chili powder, and cayenne pepper. The end product is a delectable cured beef that may be served in a variety of ways.

As a consequence, salami is a huge hit with everyone. To be honest, it’s a simple, very adjustable lunch that’s ideal for on-the-go. It’s unbelievably tasty and can be served as an appetizer or sandwich with bread and the appropriate sort of cheese.

What sort of cheese complements salami? Salami is a popular charcuterie board centerpiece, and the cured meat goes well with semi-hard cheeses like aged, smoky, or flavor-infused gouda. Nevertheless, the matching with various cheeses varies depending on the kind of salami:

  • Calabria Pecorino, Napolitano salami
  • Provolone cheese: Genoa salami
  • Milano salami: Asiago
  • Soppressata (goat cheese)

Salami pairs well with a range of cheeses, not only cheddar and Camberet. The creamy, mellow flavor of the cheese complements the saltiness of the meat.

Looking for cheeses that complement the flavor of this cured meat? These are the finest cheeses to create this mouthwateringly fantastic combination.

Does cheddar cheese go with salami?

Absolutely, cheddar cheese pairs well with salami. Moreover, the combination of cheddar and salami is appealing to sandwich aficionados as well as meat and cheeseboards.

Salami cut to perfection and served with cheddar cheese; it’s out of this world, particularly from well-known brands like Tartufo, Wild Boar, and Napoli.

What cheese to go with salami?

In comparison to prosciutto, salami is a more adaptable cured meat. This cured pig sausage is often cooked with black pepper and garlic, which intensifies the taste profile and makes it ideal for pairing with cheese.

Often paired with gouda or a semi-hard cheese, here are some additional cheese pairings for salami.

  • Provolone: Serve salami with provolone for its rich but mild qualities that complement salami, however it is best served as an appetizer.
  • Goat cheese: The goat cheese and salami sandwich is creamy, addicting, and delectable. This dish is a show stopper since it is loaded with olives, peppers, and green onions. Besides from the nice tastes, the texture adds to the attractiveness.
  • When it comes to cheese that combines well with salami, Pecorino reigns supreme. Every taste of this meal is exquisite perfection as the flavors are completely fantastic, as it is stuffed with basil, peppers, and tons of spice.
  • Asiago cheese: Turn the dinner into one full of delightful surprises. Using pesto, fennel salami, green onions, and garlic, the recipe comes together quickly. The combination is a smashing success.
  • Blue cheese: It contains a variety of ingredients and savory mix-ins, making it very tasty. Blue cheese has bold tastes that complement spicy salami. Nothing compares the sensation of devouring this delectable entrée.
  • Filled with salami, red peppers, and olive oil, then topped with parmesan cheese. Delicious!
  • Mozzarella: Salami is delicious on its own, but when filled with burrata, it becomes five times sweeter. Burrata, like mozzarella, has mild qualities that complement salami nicely. Mix the following ingredients: red peppers, artichokes, tomatoes, lettuce, pepperoni, salami, and mozzarella. This meal really has it all!

What flavor goes with salami?

Sweet and savory tastes like as Dijon mustard, green onion, pepper, lemon, oregano, red pepper flakes, garlic, and paprika, among others, are called for in a delicious salami.

These are some typical taste combinations for salami:

  • ciabatta bread + salami + honey dijon mustard + jack cheese
  • Pesto salami baguette cheddar cheese
  • sourdough bread + salami + swiss cheese + dill pickles
  • mustard + salami + cream cheese + avocado
  • rye bread + salami + provolone cheese + tomato + red onion

Salami with Cheese: Conclusion

What cheese pairs nicely with salami? The easy solution is to try all of the above and discover which one works best for you.

Salami is a popular cured meat found on charcuterie platters. The cheese choices will vary depending on the kind, area, and taste of salami.

It goes well with aged, smoky, or flavor-infused gouda cheese.

Cheddar cheese complements salami sandwiches well. The salty and meaty flavor of salami combined with the creamy flavor of cheese results in a delightful hot or cold sandwich.

Try salami with provolone, goat cheese, pecorino, Asiago, and blue cheese instead of gouda or cheddar cheese.

You are not restricted to mozzarella or parmesan if you are wanting either. According on your own tastes, you have a few alternatives to explore and match with salami using the ideas in this tutorial.


What goes well with salami?

7 Ingenious Uses for Salami Antipasto Salad with Bocconcini and Green-Olive Tapenade.
Frittata with potatoes, salami, and cheese.
Sheet-Pan Pizza with Spring Onions and Salami.
Soup of Chunky White Beans with Pan-Fried Salami.
Traditional cheese fondue.
Mishmash of salami and eggs.
Fried rice with charcuterie.
Oct 29, 2022

What kind of cheese do you put on a salami sandwich?

How to Make a Salami Sandwich (Variations)
The traditional – salami, steaming peppers, and strong cheddar.
Provolone, Swiss, Monterey jack, smoked gouda, and fresh mozzarella are among the other cheeses.
Other breads include tortillas, pitas, hard rolls, ciabatta, and bagels.
Meatier options include sausage, pepperoni, mortadella, and grilled chicken.
Jan 10, 2022

Does cheddar go with salami?

Several salami products, especially those with earthy taste characteristics, will match nicely with cheddar (i.e. Tartufo, Wild Boar, and Napoli). Brie, named for the French area where it is produced, is often light in hue, with hints of grey or off-white.

What cheese goes best with pepperoni and salami?

Pepperoni is a flexible cheese that works well with practically any sort of cheese, and the best way to match it with it is with pizza cheese or mozzarella. Cheddar, cheddar jack, fontina, goat, parmesan, Swiss, and white cheddar are other excellent choices.

Can you eat salami with cheese?

Get sliced salami, slice the cheese, butter some fresh sliced bread, and assemble that open faced sammie. Certainly not a recipe. Just a quick and simple supper idea.

Is salami and cheese good?

In general, cheese and salami are healthful snacks. Cheese has a high calcium and protein content, but salami has a low fat and protein content. Since it is heavy in calories, fat, salt, and nitrates, salami is not the healthiest food to ingest. Salami is abundant in protein, fat, and salt despite its low calorie value.

Does mozzarella taste good with salami?

The spicy salami contrasts well with the creamy mozzarella cheese and the somewhat sweet honey wheat bread. The greatest thing is that these sandwiches, which are ideal for a fast lunch and can even be sliced into pieces and brought to school in a thermos, only take around 10 minutes to prepare.

Does salami go with Swiss or provolone?

For a salami sandwich, Provolone cheese is the ideal option. Provolone’s smooth, mellow flavor contrasts nicely with the saltiness of salami, and it’s rich enough to stand up to the strong flavor of salami without overwhelming it. Provolone melts well as well, making it ideal for a grilled sandwich or panini.

Does salami and Swiss cheese go together?

Fill our soft gluten free White Farmhouse or 300g Loaf with a couple slices of your favorite salami, a sweet and nutty Swiss cheese, and optional tomato or jalapeño sides. A quick, easy, and delightful weekday lunch.

How do you arrange salami and cheese on a platter?

Before serving, I always slice firm salami. Grazing is made easier by slicing the stick into 14-inch rounds. This may be arranged on the board as a river in the middle, piled on the outer borders, or in parts across the board. Wrapping meat is another technique to dress things up.

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