What side dishes to serve with salmon?

What side dishes to serve with salmon
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Do you have salmon that has been cooked to perfection and are seeking for a side dish that won’t let you down? There are a wide variety of sides that go well with salmon, including bread, salad, and rice dishes, to name just a few.

Salmon is recognized for its ability to gratify a wide variety of palates because to its delicious flavor, which goes particularly well with almost any food. Know how the salmon is going to be cooked in order to choose a side dish that complements the salmon nicely and works well with the preparation method.

What kinds of accompaniments go well with salmon? No matter how the salmon is prepared—baked, pan-fried, grilled, or poached—it is simple to combine with a variety of vegetables, grains, and pasta dishes. Place an emphasis on including a variety of vegetables and carbohydrates on your plate, including grilled vegetables like asparagus, roasted brussels sprouts, sautéed snap peas, or steamed broccoli.

The tried-and-true method of sautéing vegetables in a skillet, such as potatoes, will never fail to please. If you would want to include carbohydrates into a salmon meal, some suggestions for accompaniments are baked pasta with cheese, scalloped potatoes, seasoned fried rice, or grains flavored with herbs.

Salmon goes well with condiments and sauces that have a sweet, salty, spicy, or savory flavor profile. Side dishes with salmon, regardless of the flavors or ingredients used, contribute to the creation of a balanced and nutrient-dense meal.

The flavor of the salmon is elevated to a higher, more satisfying level when it is accompanied with these time-honored side dishes.

This article provides answers to some of the most often asked questions about the finest accompaniments with salmon. Continue reading to find out more information about what kinds of side dishes go well with roasted salmon!

What is salmon usually served with?

Generally speaking, salmon tastes best when it is paired with vegetables that have been grilled or steamed, potatoes that have been fried, roasted, or mashed, pasta, and healthy grains. Salmon may be elevated to a whole new level by the addition of a fantastic side dish that works in harmony with the tastes of the main meal.

The following are some of the most traditional accompaniments that go well with salmon:

  • Fruits: apples, grapefruit, lemon, lime, oranges, pineapple
  • Vegetables: artichoke hearts, arugula, asparagus, beets, brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, celery, cucumbers, fennel, garlic, ginger, lettuce, potatoes, zucchini
  • Legumes: fava, flageolets, white beans
  • Grains: lentils, quinoa
  • Rice: basmati, sushi, wild, white, brown rice
  • Spices: cardamom, cayenne, chile peppers, coriander, nutmeg, tarragon
  • Herbs: basil, bay leaf, mint, parsley, thyme, dill, cilantro
  • Dairy: unsalted butter, heavy cream, créme frâiche
  • Oil: canola, corn, grapeseed, peanut, sesame, vegetable, olive
  • Condiments: barbecue sauce, horseradish, mayonnaise, miso, mustard, Tabasco sauce, vinegar
  • Wine: dry white or red Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir

What are popular salmon side dishes?

Vegetables, salads, and rice are some of the foundational dishes that go well with salmon. In addition, salmon may be enjoyed with mango fruit, which, thanks to its naturally sweet flavor and fleshy consistency, is an excellent complement to salmon.

The traditional side dishes that go with salmon are not very complicated to put together. They provide a substantial amount of flavor without competing with or masking the subtle complexity of the salmon’s flavor.

The following is a list of popular and traditional salmon side dishes that you need to attempt if you are seeking for some ideas:

  • pan fried broccolini with garlic and lemon
  • roasted potatoes with rosemary and parmesan cheese
  • sautéed green beans with butter and lemon
  • roasted brussels sprouts
  • lime cilantro or garlic rice
  • pesto pasta
  • mushroom risotto

Pasta side dishes for salmon

Salmon goes very well with a variety of pasta side dishes, whether the pasta dish has a creamy or lemony taste, but the kind of pasta used for the side dish is a matter of personal opinion.

Pasta is a versatile food that can be served as either a main course or a side dish, making it an excellent choice for quick weekday dinners. The following are some pasta accompaniments that go very well with salmon:

  • lemon parsley pasta
  • lemon garlic spaghetti
  • garlic cream sauce
  • campanelle pasta
  • alfredo pasta
  • parmesan orzo pasta
  • pesto pasta

Rice side dish for salmon

Because it has the ideal proportion of each taste, a salmon meal that includes seasoned rice is an excellent option for serving with the fish.

Plain basmati rice has a stunning presentation because of the natural floral essence that it has, but lemon basmati rice is an excellent choice for a side dish due to its sweet perfume and flavor. Salmon with herb-flavored rice is a dish that works well for either lunch or supper.

In most cases, basmati rice is a delicious accompaniment to grilled salmon. Whether wild rice or brown rice, the preparation of the fish determines whether the rice is served plain or seasoned, and this applies to both types of rice.

  • wild rice pilaf
  • lemon white rice
  • herbed brown rice
  • fried rice
  • risotto
  • garlic rice
  • dijon butter jasmine rice
  • black rice

Vegetable side dishes to serve with salmon

Salmon is delicious when prepared with a wide variety of vegetables, whether they are sautéed or roasted in the oven. Simply slicing some garlic and sprinkling some lemon zest over vegetables may elevate their flavor to an amazing level.

When served, vegetables not only give a burst of color to the meal but also provide essential nutrients such as fiber and minerals. On the platter, the buttery kale, cabbage, broccoli, spinach, green beans, soft stem broccoli, and asparagus all give a splash of color that your eyes can enjoy taking in.

  • old-fashioned green beans
  • lemon butter broccolini
  • roasted brussels sprouts
  • pan fried potatoes
  • creamy baked asparagus
  • sautéed spinach with white beans
  • glazed baby carrots
  • creamy dill sauce zucchini
  • garlic steamed broccoli


Salmon is delicious when paired with a variety of other sides, including vegetables, potatoes, rice, pasta, bread, and fruit. When there is salmon available for lunch and supper, there is no reason why someone should experience boredom from eating the same thing every day.

When served, vegetables also provide a fresh taste and a lively color to the dish. It is not need to be concerned about matching salmon with any vegetable since it combines rather well with any leafy greens or crunchy vegetables that are not as dominant as others.

Salmon is a versatile ingredient that goes well with a variety of citrus flavors, particularly lemon, grapefruit, and lime zest. In addition to that, you may add pieces of mango or pineapple to the mixture so that it has a more tropical flavor.

The most common accompanying meals with salmon are vegetables that have been roasted or pan-fried, rice that has been seasoned, and creamy or citrus-flavored pasta. In combination, they not only have a scrumptious flavor but also provide for a nutritious meal that is rich in both color and nutrition in each each mouthful.

If you are seeking for a light or filling side dish to serve with grilled salmon, you can use these fundamental traditional ingredients to create a simple side dish to enjoy with the fish. This side dish may be enjoyed with the fish whether you are searching for a light or full side dish.

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