What should you eat with cinnamon rolls?

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Layers of buttery sweet dough swirled with sticky icing and sprinkled with cinnamon in between. Sweet flavored dough with extra fillings are pleasure bundles that are sure to please everyone’s sweet craving.

Cinnamon rolls, like waffles and pancakes, are suitable for breakfast, lunch, and supper. But, by appropriately combining foods and ingredients, this delicious baked delight may be transformed into a meal.

What should you eat with cinnamon rolls? Cinnamon rolls are usually eaten with coffee for morning, although egg dishes are another popular breakfast cuisine to combine with cinnamon buns. Eggs may be served in a variety of ways, including scrambled, omelet, boiling, and sunny side up, to mention a few.

Instead of eggs, try cinnamon buns with a dish of mixed fruit, bacon or sausage, milk, juice, or smoothies.

To give a crunchy texture to basic glazed cinnamon rolls, sprinkle nuts on top of the frosting. Try flavoring cinnamon roll with little bits of fruits like apples, peaches, and blueberries.

Cinnamon rolls may be covered with a variety of mixtures and glazes, including cream cheese, orange glaze, and cinnamon sugar. They’re gooey and best served warm, as the frosting melts and soaks into the flaky crust. So what should you serve with cinnamon rolls? Let us investigate!

Is cinnamon roll good for breakfast?

Actually, cinnamon buns are a popular breakfast item that isn’t only for dessert. They are, in fact, exquisite, simple, and quick to make.

Fresh cinnamon buns are not only wonderful, but they can be matched with nearly anything. For maximum success, stick to a taste profile and nutritional balance while presenting them.

To round up the morning, add a side of scrambled egg and bacon, a cup of coffee, and a small dish of mixed fruit.

What foods go well with cinnamon rolls?

While wonderful, eating too many cinnamon buns might leave you feeling bloated and excessively sweetened. That is why it is recommended to serve them with savory side dishes to increase the satisfaction.

The following items complement cinnamon rolls:

  • Bacon, sausages, and ham are examples of cured meats.
  • Meats include chicken, beef, mutton, duck, fish, and hog.
  • Hard boiled, omelet, sunny side up, and scrambled eggs
  • Potato, pumpkin, bean, chicken soup, and chili soups and stews
  • Cream cheese, gruyere, cheddar, and parmesan cheese
  • Cabbage, broccoli, mushrooms, bell peppers, and green beans
  • Dark chocolate
  • Walnuts and pecans
  • Spices include nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger.
  • Port with pinot noir

What fruit goes well with cinnamon rolls?

The sweet taste of cinnamon buns complements the acidity of berries wonderfully. Blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries are all compatible.

Moreover, apples are a frequent go-to, with cinnamon apple being a well-known taste combo.

Alternative fruit combinations for cinnamon buns include:

  • pears
  • strawberries
  • blueberries
  • apples
  • oranges
  • peaches
  • dates
  • cranberries

What flavor goes well with cinnamon rolls?

While cinnamon buns are sweet, they should be matched with meals that have opposing tastes or are salty. For maximum impact, sweet may be combined with bitter, sour, or savory flavors.

To add a savory touch, serve bacon or scrambled eggs with cinnamon buns. Before baking, sprinkle with orange zest, ground ginger, or lemon water for a touch of flavor.

To add extra deliciousness and a nutty bite, top cinnamon buns with toasted nuts. Spice up the rolls using flavor enhancers such as cardamom, nutmeg, and ginger for a unique taste.

With this in mind, here are some traditional flavor combinations to explore with cinnamon rolls:

  • Cinnamon rolls plus chili with ground meat plus pinto beans
  • Coffee + cinnamon buns + fruit bowl
  • Pinot noir + cinnamon buns
  • Dark chocolate + cinnamon buns + chopped nuts
  • bacon + cinnamon buns + scrambled egg

Eat with Cinnamon Rolls: Conclusion

Cinnamon buns are excellent on their own, but they taste much better when served with other meals. The trick to creating a dinner around cinnamon buns is to combine them with other tastes.

In pursuit of taste harmony, you may also increase the nutritional profile by matching with fruits, vegetables, and meats for a good place to start.

Serve scrambled eggs with crispy bacon pieces to balance the sweet and salty flavors. A cup of black coffee or latte might enhance the flavor even more.

Despite the fact that it is laden with brown sugar, serve with a refreshing fruit dish of berries, apples, and oranges to help balance off the sweet and buttery flavor of cinnamon rolls.

To make plain cinnamon rolls taste even better, top them with nuts, dried fruits, and extra spices to sprinkle over. Enjoy your favorite cinnamon buns for breakfast and dessert with these suggested ingredients and taste combinations.


What do you have with cinnamon rolls?

Scrambled eggs, bacon, and fresh fruit are the ideal morning accompaniments for cinnamon buns. For supper, soup and chili go nicely with cinnamon buns. In addition, ice cream and hot cocoa are excellent dessert options with cinnamon buns.

What main dish goes with cinnamon rolls?

What should you serve with cinnamon rolls? The Top 10 Side Dishes
Tea, coffee, and hot milk. – Sure, we are aware… Green Bean Casserole. This recipe will transport you back to your childhood Thanksgiving feasts.
– Broccoli Casserole You don’t like beans? … Fruits in a Variety. – Cheesecake. – Brownie, please. – … Bacon. -… Fried Rice with Vegetables. –
More to come…
•Feb 26, 2023

Are cinnamon rolls breakfast food?

Is it dessert or breakfast to eat cinnamon rolls? Both are the finest options here! Cinnamon rolls are generally a morning dish, and making them into this cinnamon roll breakfast casserole surely puts them in that category—though we’re not averse to eating a scoop for dessert!

What’s the best way to eat a cinnamon roll?

Split it into quarters and eat it like an apple slice, wedge by wedge. Author: Madeleine Aggeler No, you break it apart with your fingers as you unroll it. Deputy Style Editor Izzy Grinspan: A cinnamon bun may be eaten in any manner you like.

Is a cinnamon roll a meal?

Breakfast is typically served with a cinnamon bun. This traditional breakfast bun is eaten by North Americans. In Sweden, there is a coffee break known as ‘Fika,’ during which cinnamon buns are often eaten. Apart from being a breakfast item, the cinnamon roll may also be consumed as a sweet snack at any time of day.

Can you eat cinnamon rolls for dinner?

A warm cinnamon bun is the ideal way to conclude the day if you’re seeking something sweet after supper. Cinnamon buns are guaranteed to be a tasty treat no matter when you eat them!

What meal goes well with rolls?

What should you serve with dinner rolls? 7 DELICIOUS SIDE DISHES
1 – Meatballs that are vegetarian.
Creamy Chicken Stew No. 2.
Creamy Coconut Chicken is number three.
4 – Turkey Meatballs with Curry Sauce.
5 – Baked Italian Turkey Meatballs.
6 – Make your own creamy hummus.
Soup with Cabbage Rolls.
Feb 23, 2023

What is served with a cinnamon roll in the Midwest?

Unless you’re from the Midwest, where eating chili and cinnamon buns at the same time is the usual. Indeed, those fluffy sweet buns with icing are served beside bowls of chili.

Why are cinnabons so unhealthy?

Cinnabon’s Classic Roll, the dessert most people identify with the iconic business, has a staggering 880 calories. Even more alarming, this delectable dessert has 1150 mg of sodium, 37 grams of fat (16 grams saturated), 129 grams of carbohydrates, and 61 grams of sugar!

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