What should you eat with biscuits and gravy?

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The fluffy buttery biscuits pair well with the flavorful rich golden brown gravy. The sauce soaks into the fluffy biscuits, making every mouthful exquisite.

Nevertheless, providing solely biscuits and gravy is overly heavy and rich, which suggests that it may not be the most nutritional lunch. The combo has a moderate and delicate flavor that complements other sides and main dishes.

What should you eat with biscuits and gravy? Biscuits and gravy go well with sausage, steak, fried chicken, pan-fried pork chop, and stir-fried veggies including mustard greens and bell peppers.

Consider serving with scrambled or fried eggs, bacon, corned beef hash, hash browns, grits, and a piece of toast for breakfast.

Biscuits and gravy is a separate meal that is often served for breakfast or brunch. Adding protein or side dishes may dramatically boost the nutritious benefits you need to start your morning.

This article will discuss additional taste combinations that work well with biscuits and gravy. This study investigates what fruits go well with the fantastic traditional dish what meal is most often eaten biscuits & gravy.

Is biscuits and gravy breakfast or dinner?

Biscuits and gravy are a traditional American breakfast item, particularly in the south. A biscuits and gravy skillet is the ideal quick and simple dish for eateries that offer breakfast and brunch all day.

This meal consists of soft biscuits topped with either meat or sawmill gravy made from white flour, milk, morning sausage drippings, and sometimes chunks of minced beef, bacon, sausage, or other meats.

Consider offering chicken fried steak or pulled pork as a main course with biscuits and gravy. To create a full supper, add sausage to the gravy and serve with a fresh green salad.

What are biscuits served with?

Biscuits are often consumed for breakfast or as a snack during the day. They are often served warm with butter, syrup, fruit preserves, or honey.

Instead, split them in half to make a breakfast sandwich, with a filling of scrambled eggs, ham, sausage, bacon, and cheddar cheese added to the divided biscuit.

Serve biscuits with proteins or any southern-style barbecue meats for supper.

Some major courses to offer with biscuits include:

  • meatballs
  • casserole with pot pie
  • Benedict eggs
  • breakfast potatoes
  • omelet
  • meat
  • chicken fried
  • bbq

What fruit goes well with biscuits and gravy?

Biscuits and gravy are a substantial dinner. Sometimes you only want to serve it with some light side dishes, and fruit salad is a terrific way to do it.

These are some fruits that go well with biscuits and gravy:

  • blueberry
  • lemon
  • strawberries
  • banana
  • apple
  • oranges

What goes good with biscuits and gravy?

Biscuits and gravy are a traditional comfort food meal on their own, but with the appropriate paring, this dish can be served from breakfast to supper. Making a full dinner does not need adding sausage to the gravy.

If you want to pair biscuits and gravy with other sides and main courses, consider these traditional pairings:

  • Eggs and bacon: Serve an omelet with crispy bacon, which goes nicely with biscuits and gravy. These two will turn a simple biscuit and gravy supper into a feast. By keeping the yolk runny, other egg dishes, such as fried eggs or sunny side up eggs, may add additional flavor and creaminess to the meal.
  • Chorizo: The rich and spicy taste of chorizo goes well with breakfast biscuits and gravy, taking the meal to a whole new level.
  • Sautéed mushrooms: Sautéed mushrooms are a fantastic option for a substantial side with biscuits and gravy. They are an excellent antioxidant and high in protein and fiber.
  • Hash browns: This golden, deep-fried coating of hash browns is even wonderful when dunked in creamy gravy. Hash browns are often deep-fried, however they may instead be cooked in an oven to prevent becoming too oily. Use sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes to up the ante.
  • Salad: The thick consistency of biscuits and gravy complements a fresh chopped salad well. To make a salad, dice up some cucumber, onions, tomatoes, and any sort of pepper. Use a light dressing to give flavor to the meal without competing with the beefy gravy.
  • Roasted veggies: A side of roasted vegetables with baby carrots and brussels sprouts mixed with dijon mustard will add color and crunch to the biscuits and gravy dish.

What fruit goes well with biscuits and gravy?

Biscuits and gravy are a substantial dinner. Sometimes you only want to serve it with some light side dishes, and fruit salad is a terrific way to do it.

These are some fruits that go well with biscuits and gravy:

  • blueberry
  • lemon
  • strawberries
  • banana
  • apple
  • oranges

Biscuits and Gravy: Conclusion 

Breakfast biscuits and gravy are delicious. But, with the correct food combinations, it may also be savored for supper or lunch.

The traditional combination of biscuits and gravy may be paired with a variety of dishes to provide a comprehensive dinner that will keep you satisfied for a long time. Since the meal is robust and flavorful, be inventive with your accompaniments.

To create a good substantial breakfast, serve with scrambled or fried eggs, bacon, corned beef hash, hash browns, grits, or a piece of bread.

When it comes to supper, add robust meats like steak, fried chicken, pan-seared pork chop, and stir-fried or sautéed veggies to give color and texture.

As a consequence, the sides or main meal you choose with biscuits and gravy might become your preferred breakfast or supper.

Biscuits are an excellent fast bread to offer with meatballs, pot pie casserole, eggs Benedict, omelet, soup, and stew.

Consider serving a side of fruit salad with blueberries, lemon juice, strawberries, banana, apple, and oranges to lighten and sweeten your heavy and rich dinner.

Serve biscuits and gravy with eggs and bacon for taste, chorizo sausage on gravy, hash browns and salad for texture, and roasted vegetables for color. That’s all; follow these suggestions to enjoy the traditional biscuits and gravy meal at any time of day.


What to serve with biscuits for dinner?

What Goes With Biscuits
Soup with chicken noodles.
Chicken Royale.
Gravy from the country.
Barbecue baked in the oven Drumsticks of chicken.
Cube Steak in the Crockpot.
Beef Stew in the Instant Pot.
Garlic Mashed potatoes with a red skin.
Stroganoff with ground beef.
More to come…

What to eat with breakfast biscuits?

Biscuits are fantastic for breakfast, particularly if you’re eating a savory supper.
What foods go nicely with biscuits?
softened butter.
Jellies and jams.
In whatever shape or form, eggs.
Bacon or sausage?
Brown potatoes are used.
Sweet potatoes that have been cooked.
sautéed veggies.
More to come…

Is biscuits and gravy breakfast or dinner?

Breakfast with biscuits and gravy is a popular cuisine in the United States, particularly in the South.

Is biscuits and gravy a side dish?

Biscuits and gravy are a traditional Southern breakfast meal made using a basic buttery dough recipe and an Americanized version of the French roux. It can be eaten alone since it was designed to be a full meal.

What do Americans serve biscuits with?

They are meant to be served warm with a butter, honey, cane syrup, or fruit-based jam spread; otherwise, they are cut in half and become the Southern version of the breakfast sandwich, in which any combination of Country ham, tomato, scrambled eggs, bacon, or sausage is placed in the biscuit halves as a…

What are the biscuits Americans eat with meals?

American Biscuits are a Southern American staple. They’re savory buttermilk scones that are flaky rather than crumbly and make a great side or brunch. I can’t stop eating these when they’re warm and slathered with butter!

How do you eat biscuits and gravy?

Get an egg and fruit cup with your biscuit and gravy if you’re dining out. If you’re cooking at home, serve boiled eggs, fruit salad, or yogurt with the main course. Make your gravy more nutritious without compromising taste. A few simple substitutions will suffice!

Is biscuits and gravy a healthy breakfast?

No, eating biscuits and gravy on a daily basis is not advised. Although certain healthy foods may be included to make the dish more nutritious, it is still rich in calories and saturated fat. This meal is best served as an infrequent treat.

What do you eat sausage gravy with?

What to Cook for Country Breakfast potatoes or hashbrowns with sausage gravy.
Crispy Tortilla Chips (make it like breakfast nachos)
Muffins in English.
Potatoes mashed.
Toast with heart.

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