What meat pairs well with brie?

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Whether fresh brie is served on a charcuterie board or baked with toasted baguettes as an appetizer, a smoky, salty, and aromatic meat is required to complement this kind of cheese.

Brie cheese is flexible and delicate, so select an accompaniment that does not overpower the taste or texture. When it comes to serving meat with brie, consider proteins that enhance the nuanced flavor and creaminess rather than compete with it.

What meat pairs well with brie? Brie goes well with a variety of cooked and cured meats, such as chicken, turkey, beef, salami, prosciutto, soppressata, and chorizo.

A cheese and meat platter is the most simple and delicious method to entertain visitors without putting in a lot of work. It just takes a few basic ingredients, yet some meats and cheeses compliment each other nicely.

The creamy and salty flavors work well together. The addition of meat to the mixture contrasts the texture and improves the overall balance.

This essay will assist you in pairing Brie with meats, resulting in a fantastic and memorable feast. The often asked questions regarding what foods to serve with brie for the finest food and taste pairings are answered here.

What flavor goes with brie?

Brie’s mild flavor allows for a wide range of flavor combinations. Cheddar, maple syrup, apricot, cranberries, or puff pastry are all excellent tastes to pair with Brie.

Brie should be served with crackers or simple bread since the milk taste may readily overpower ingredients like onions, garden vegetables, cracked pepper, and garlic.

Honey, chili honey, chili red pepper jam, mustard, roasted beet or asparagus, sautéed mushrooms, tomatoes, and garlic are some more tastes that go well with Brie.

These are some of the finest taste pairings for brie:

  • Brie, meat, French bread, and dijon mustard
  • Brie + ground beef + cranberries + lemon
  • Brie with fig jam and salami
  • Brie, green apple, chicken breast, and mustard
  • Brie, chorizo, honey, parmesan cheese, and pasta

What meat pairs well with brie?

Meat and cheese, particularly brie cheese and certain meat choices, are soulmates. During the day, you may discover dishes that blend meat and brie particularly nicely.

The following meat combos with brie cheese may produce a fantastic and memorable meal:

  • Brie melts well over any cut of beef, from steak to tenderloin, adding a lovely creamy taste and richness.
  • Chicken: Tough and dry chicken breasts often pair nicely with brie cheese. This kind of cheese is ideal for moistening and tenderizing filled chicken breast with cranberry sauce, spinach, and white wine sauce.
  • Turkey: In general, turkey makes a wonderful cold or hot sandwich with brie. Add apple butter, cranberry sauce, fig jam, or mango chutney to leftover turkey meat sandwiches for a touch of sweetness and acidity in every mouthful.
  • Chorizo: The savory chorizo flavor provides a delightful spaghetti with brie cheese. There is no right or wrong way to make a creamy or crimson tomato-based sauce.
  • The rich flavor of salami eludes an exact characterization of Brie. Salami blends sweet, fiery, herbaceous, spicy, and savory flavors, and a single slice will leave your tongue wanting more.
  • Soppressata is a dry-cured pig salami from Italy that is seasoned with dried chile, salt, red wine, and black peppercorns. The taste and flavor differ depending on where the product is manufactured.
  • Brie with prosciutto: Brie complements the salty and sweet tones of prosciutto wonderfully. To really appreciate the taste of prosciutto, serve extra-thin slices of the flesh that gently melt on the tongue.

Meats and cheese combine in a tantalizing mix that can never be avoided. It’s time to do what the pros do and combine meat with brie cheese, which is one of the most popular combos.

Meat With Brie: Conclusion 

Brie is ideal as an appetizer, dessert, or main course. Cheeses are often served after a main course and may be used as a delicious dessert when accompanied with fruit preserves or berries.

Yet, pairing meat with Brie is a matter of personal opinion and what tastes best for those being served.

Spicy or pungent cured or cooked meats, like as chicken breast, turkey ham, beef steak or tenderloin, salami, prosciutto, soppressata, and chorizo, go nicely with brie.

Brie has a gentle and delicate flavor that adds a creamy and delicious flavor to the meal. Brie is also delicious with fruit jam, almonds, crackers, and toasted French bread when served with meat.

So go ahead and grab a wheel of brie and your favorite meats because it’s time to feast!


What meats go best with brie cheese?

Brie Before heading to the oven.
Serve with a warm side of roasted garlic mash.
Meat and cheese is a traditional combo; try prosciutto, salami, and sopressa—also fantastic for a pre-dinner appetizer.
More to come…
•Apr 19, 2017

Can you eat brie with meat?

If you wish to serve cheese like the French, offer it to your dinner guests as a separate dish before dessert. This enables Brie to have her time in the limelight. Many people, however, offer Brie as an appetizer with fruit, meat, and crackers.

What charcuterie meat goes with brie?

1-2 meats (such as salami or prosciutto) 2-3 types of crackers (different shapes, sizes and flavors) 2 to 4 fruits (strawberries, blueberries, grapes and raspberries are perfect for this patriotic cheese board)

What meat goes best with baked brie?

Conclusion for Meat and Brie

Spicy or pungent cured or cooked meats, like as chicken breast, turkey ham, beef steak or tenderloin, salami, prosciutto, soppressata, and chorizo, go nicely with brie. Brie has a gentle and delicate flavor that adds a creamy and delicious flavor to the meal.

What to do with brie on a charcuterie board?

What goes on a charcuterie platter with baked brie?
1 or 2 cheeses…
Fruit, both fresh and dried (I love grapes, apples, pears, dried apricots, persimmons, and pomegranate seeds)
Nuts that have been toasted (pistachios, marcona almonds, walnuts, pecans, or cashews)
For sprinkling, honey.
Served with crackers or sliced bread.
Squares of dark chocolate.
More to come…
•Apr 11, 2022

What do you eat with brie charcuterie board?

Brie works nicely with a range of appetizers such as apple and pear slices, fruit preserves, honey, almonds, prosciutto, and crunchy crackers or crusty bread because it is creamy with a touch of nuttiness and sweetness.

What is the etiquette with Brie?

The tip of a Brie wedge is apparently the most tasty portion, and cutting it off ruins the cheese for everyone else. In France, this is known as “pointing the cheese,” and it is frowned upon. Instead, Beaumont Etiquette suggests cutting it into long, thin slices from tip to rind.

What is the etiquette for brie cheese?

Brie is most often served at room temperature. Remove the Brie from the refrigerator at least 1 or 2 hours before serving. Brie is ideal for a cheese platter before dessert. Since it is a soft, delicate cheese, it is very popular as an appetizer.

Should Brie be warm or cold?

Brie cheese is usually advised to be served: To bring out the creamy texture of Brie, serve it at room temperature or warmed (never refrigerated). As a whole wheel or in pie-like pieces, with equal quantities of rind on each slice.

What is the most popular meat on a charcuterie board?

To begin, prosciutto is by far the most popular cured meat to offer on a board. This salty, smooth meat is created by curing a pig’s whole hind leg. Prosciutto is a whole muscle salumi that is served in paper-thin slices. There are several varieties of prosciutto.

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