What foods go well with arborio rice?

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Arborio rice absorbs flavor well and has a creamy texture with a starchy taste, which is why it is often used in risotto recipes. In comparison to white rice, it is oval in form and roughly a quarter of an inch long.

Arborio rice is a superfino rice variety from Italy that is one of the biggest among the short rice variations of the speciesOryza sativa japonica. Because of the radically different cooking procedure, arborio rice is firmer, creamier, and chewier than other rice varieties.

What foods go well with Arborio rice? Arborio rice is often prepared using a saut and simmer method. The rice variety, which is often used in risotto dishes, mixes nicely with parmesan cheese, mushrooms, peas, meat or vegetable stocks, and red or white wine to improve the overall taste.

This page focuses on food pairings using arborio rice to create into sauce or serve with meat, seafood, veggies, and more if you’re seeking for new risotto taste combinations.

What does arborio rice go with?

When arborio rice is combined with fresh foods such as vegetables, meat, fruit, fish, and wine, it may taste fantastic, with melt-in-your-mouth pleasure in every mouthful.

Cook arborio rice with the following ingredients, whether for risotto or salad:

  • Asparagus, celery, fennel, garlic, onions, scallions, tomatoes, peas, shallots, zucchini blooms
  • Meats include bacon, poultry, prosciutto, and veal.
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Crab, mussels, shellfish, shrimp, and squid are examples of seafood.
  • Lemon and lime are two fruits.
  • Chanterelles, morels, shiitake, and truffles are examples of mushrooms.
  • Chicken, fish, and vegetable stocks
  • Dry red or white wine

What sauce goes with arborio rice?

The nicest thing about arborio rice is that it absorbs the sauce in risotto, soup, and stew, nicely completing the flavor. Traditionally, the best sauce for arborio rice is creamy tomato risotto with crunchy garlic crumbs.

Since it is cooked using canned tomatoes, the key components are frequently available in the pantry or cupboard. It’s delicate, creamy, and just saucy enough to mix with the arborio rice.

The sauce infuses the arborio rice with a deep tomato taste in every mouthful.

Some sauces that complement arborio rice include:

  • mushroom cream
  • the alfredo sauce
  • a glass of white wine
  • pesto
  • caramelized butter
  • parmesan
  • lemon

What herbs and spices go with arborio rice?

Herbs and spices are utilized to finish the dish by garnishing the arborio rice. Depending on the sauce and ingredients, you may need additional sweet, earthy, or savory smells to bring all of the tastes together in the meal.

The following herbs and spices complement arborio rice:

  • basil
  • chives
  • thyme
  • tarragon
  • rosemary
  • mint
  • parsley
  • fennel
  • curry powder
  • saffron
  • red chili pepper

What meat go with arborio rice?

Beef goes well with arborio rice. The cooking liquids from any portion of the meat or bone stock may be absorbed by the rice, resulting in a harmonious marriage of tastes.

Beef, bacon, and prosciutto are the most well-known meats that pair nicely with arborio rice. Modern cookery, on the other hand, highlights different animal components that might become the major element for the meal.

  • beef stew
  • sausage
  • thigh of chicken
  • rib without a bone
  • steaks de filet mignon
  • steak strip
  • beef tenderloin or short ribs
  • shredded pork

What food goes with arborio rice?

Whether it’s risotto or a side of rice, there are numerous items that complement arborio rice without overpowering its delicate and creamy flavor.

Consider the following procedures when adding side dishes to an arborio rice recipe:

  • Roasted shrimp: Sauted shrimp are a gourmet element that has the benefit of being a quick addition since they only need a few minutes in the pan before serving.
  • Chicken thighs: As a side dish for the arborio rice, crunchy and crispy grilled chicken offers the required protein to the meal.
  • Sausage: Savory sausage in a creamy dish of warm and buttery rice sounds delicious as well.
  • Seared scallops: Because of its suppleness, butteriness, and sweetness, seared scallops or shellfish combine well with arborio rice.
  • Eggs: Adding a poached or cooked egg to arborio rice quickly transforms it into a full meal.
  • Ricotta: Ricotta cheese adds creaminess and fullness to the rice meal.
  • White beans are the nicest beans to serve with arborio rice.
  • Arugula salad: Using sour dressing and bitter salads, arugula salad creates an acidity balance with the luscious creaminess of the main meal.
  • Steamed broccoli: If the arborio rice dish lacks vegetables, consider steaming broccoli and topping with it. It will add greens to the meal, as well as flavor and nutrients.
  • Soup with peas and mint: The refreshing and energetic taste of the soup pairs nicely with the thick and hefty risotto.
  • Roasted vegetables: To make the rice dish more appealing to consume, garnish it with roasted red peppers, pearl onions, broccoli, and sweet potatoes.

What flavor goes well with arborio rice?

The earthy flavor of cumin seeds, combined with sweetness and bitterness, will give arborio rice a beautiful flavor. To get the best taste to complement the finely sautéed arborio rice, the components must be toasted.

Here are some chef-approved taste combinations for arborio rice:

  • rice arborio + artichoke + lemon + prosciutto
  • bacon + butternut squash + maple syrup + sage arborio rice
  • chanterelle mushroom + zucchini flowers + arborio rice
  • shrimp + arborio rice + corn + parmesan cheese
  • veal + arborio rice + black truffles
  • arborio rice with chorizo, clams, and saffron
  • mushroom arborio rice + parmesan cheese + truffle oil + chives

Eat with Arborio Rice: Conclusion

Arborio rice may be stacked with many different meals. As a consequence, it will be simple for a person to choose the foods they want to consume together, such as sauces and meats.

It is a flexible meal that works well with foods that benefit from the creamy texture and rich flavor absorbed by the rice in each mouthful.

Arborio rice, often served as risotto, complements roasted shrimp, chicken thighs, seared scallops, poached or boiled eggs, ricotta cheese, white beans, arugula salad, steamed broccoli, or pea-mint soup on the side to provide a filling dinner.

Arborio rice goes well with mushrooms, poultry, fish, or vegetable stocks, particularly when mixed with parmesan cheese. To bring the many tastes together, add a splash of dry red or white wine.

To make mushroom, alfredo, pesto, tomato, lemon, and white wine sauces, use the appropriate ingredients.

Consider stews, short ribs, tenderloin meat, bacon, prosciutto, and chorizo for added protein.

Explore these ingredients to discover the flavors that suit you best. With all of these flavor combinations, you’re sure to discover inspiration for your next arborio rice dinner.


What do you eat with risotto rice?

These are seven fantastic additions to consider.
Shrimp roasted in a pan. A pile of roasted shrimp not only adds a touch of fanciness to risotto, but it’s also the perfect last-minute addition since it just takes a few minutes to prepare. … Crispy Chicken Thighs…. Cooked Sausage…. Fried or Poached Eggs…. Ricotta…. Seared Scallops.
Aug 4, 2022

What can I use arborio rice for?

Arborio rice is most known for being used in risotto. But what else is there? This creamy rice goes well with rice pudding, arancini (Italian fried rice balls), soups, and even paella. Of course, risotto (such as this one with butternut squash) is always a good choice.

What is the best food to pair with risotto?

Whatever your tastes are, I’ve compiled a list of the greatest risotto side dishes for you!
Scallops. Scallops go well with a rich, savory serving of risotto…. Asparagus…. Sauteed Mushrooms…. Green Beans…. Oven Baked Chicken…. Roasted Carrots…. Reverse Seared Steak…. Roasted Broccoli.
More to come…

Is arborio rice a good side dish?

Arborio rice has a creamy texture that complements meals like risotto. It is a versatile ingredient that may be utilized in a variety of recipes. It is a rice with a high starch content that absorbs tastes effectively. Cooking with arborio rice is a tasty way to enjoy Italian food.

What do Italians eat with risotto?

What foods complement risotto? While not served as a whole meal, risotto is considered a main dish in Italy and is often served with tiny servings of meat or light vegetable side dishes. Risotto, for example, is often served with lemon escalopes or with bresaola and arugula.

What protein pairs well with risotto?

What kind of protein pairs nicely with risotto?
Tofu: Try fried tofu, marinated tofu, or delicious vegan fish cooked in the oven with your risotto.
Chickpeas: accompany your risotto with a 20-minute chickpea salad or add roasted chickpeas to a simple side salad.
Additional details…•July 23, 2022

Is arborio rice healthier than white rice?

Arborio rice, grown in Italy, is high in nutrients and deliciousness. It might be a little starchier than other long-grain white rice. Nonetheless, it is lower in carbohydrates and healthier than normal rice.

Can you eat arborio rice like regular rice?

Yeah, cook it the same way you would conventional rice, using 2 glasses of water to 1 cup rice. Since it’s quite starchy, you should rinse it before cooking to reduce the starch. Because of the starch, it’s a favorite rice for creating rice pudding.

Can you cook arborio rice like normal rice?

To the boiling water, add 1 cup arborio rice. When the water has settled for a few moments, stir the rice frequently until it returns to a boil. Reduce the heat to medium-low and cover the pan (gently simmering). Let alone for 20 minutes, or until the rice absorbs all of the water.

Is risotto a meal in itself?

While it was previously served as a side dish to roasted meat, risotto is now often served as a main course with the addition of vegetables such as squash, peas, beans, mushrooms, basil, seafood, and pancetta.

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