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What Dessert Pairs Well With Tacos? 15 Taco-Friendly Desserts

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Tacos are an excellent accompaniment to dessert. There are several dessert alternatives to go with tacos. Cakes, pies, mousse, ice cream, and puddings are among the most popular desserts.

If tacos are your favorite meal, you’re probably aware that some things complement them better than others.

Guacamole, sour cream, salsa, cheese, and tortilla chips are examples of these.

But what if you want to eat tacos while also enjoying a sweet dessert?

Weve got a few ideas for you to consider.

What Dessert Goes with Tacos? 15 Desserts that Go with Tacos

Tacos are a very versatile and scrumptious meal.

They may be created with a variety of ingredients, including chicken, ground beef, fish, and much more!

However, if you want to make your next taco night a bit more special, try adding a dessert to your menu.

So what dessert goes well with tacos?

Here are some of our favorite desserts to serve with tacos:

1. Taco pie

Taco pie is the ideal dessert for those who like tacos but dislike eating them with their hands.

Taco pie often features a crust, however taco casserole is also an option.

Taco pie is often made using Mexican-inspired ingredients such as tomatoes, peppers, onions, and ground beef or chicken.

If you want a simple dessert that will satisfy your sweet taste, you may cook it at home or purchase it at the shop.

2. Flan

Remember to include this classic Latin American custard in your next taco night.

It’s often prepared with eggs, milk or cream, and sugar, so it’s sweet without being overpowering.

The creamy texture contrasts well with the crunchy shell of a taco, and it’s not very sweet, so it won’t dominate the flavors in your tacos.

Plus, the caramel sauce gives some sweetness to balance out the spicy meat.

3. Watermelon sorbet

Desserts made with fruit are perfect for hot weather since they are delicious, cooling, and hydrating.

Watermelon is an excellent summer fruit since it is juicy and full of water.

Simply cut the watermelon into slices, remove any rinds, combine it with some sugar and lime juice in a blender, then place it in the ice cream maker until done!

Add a touch of salt to give it a salty-sweet flavor that pairs well with any spicy taco filling.

4. Popsicles

Tacos go wonderfully with any sort of chilly treat, so serve popsicles for dessert.

If you want to get fancy, create fresh fruit juice popsicles instead of store-bought popsicles.

Before serving, sprinkle homemade chocolate syrup over the popsicles.

5. Churros

Churros are a kind of fried pastry that is famous in Spain and Latin America, although its origins may be traced back to China.

They are long, cylindrical pastries dipped in hot chocolate or dulce de leche and topped with cinnamon sugar.

If you like cinnamon, this is the dessert for you since it combines great with tacos.

6. Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

When you couple these sweet delights with crispy tacos, you can have your fruit and eat it too.

Chocolate-covered strawberries are a terrific complement to any taco party, whether you purchase them pre-made or create your own.

7. Cookies

Pair cookies with fish tacos to satisfy your sweet taste.

Sugar cookies with flaky whitefish, oatmeal raisin cookies with salmon, and chocolate chip cookies with yellowtail are some of our favorite combos.

Cookies are very appealing to children who are hesitant to try new meals; they will like the mix of their favorite sweets and savory tacos.

Just be sure you have milk (or horchata!) on hand for dipping!

8. Chocolate Cake

Chocolate is one of the world’s most popular flavors, and chocolate cake is one of its most popular sweets.

It’s ideal for anybody who like chocolate or just wants something sweet after supper.

9. Ice Cream Cake

This one is for folks who want ice cream but don’t want to deal with scooping individual scoops into cups with toppings.

Ice cream cake is simple to create and ideal for summer gatherings or picnics.

10. Arroz con leche

This dessert is comparable to rice pudding and is ideal for after a spicy dinner such as tacos.

Rice is cooked in milk until soft, and then sugar or honey is added for sweetness.

11. Mexican wedding cookies

Mexican wedding cookies are made with flour and rolled in powdered sugar while still warm.

They have a moderate taste, particularly when compared to churros, but they pair nicely with coffee if you want to offer something with your tacos.

12. Sopaipillas

Sopaipillas are deep-fried dough balls dusted with powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar.

They’re best served warm, so offer them with your tacos for dessert or as a snack before you dig in.

13. Apple pie

Something about apple pie simply shouts “America!” So pairing it with tacos makes sense.

Furthermore, both are reasonably inexpensive and simple to prepare at home.

14. Fruit Salad

After eating tacos all day, sometimes you just want something light and refreshing, which is where fruit salad comes in.

Its full of vitamins and nutrients too!

15. Rice Pudding

Rice pudding is a traditional treat that has been around for ages.

What makes this dish so delicious is that it has several components seen in Mexican cuisine, such as cinnamon, vanilla, and raisins.

How to Choose A Dessert for Tacos

Tacos are a popular lunch that doesn’t need any utensils or plates.

But you cant forget dessert.

There are two key benefits of selecting a dessert for your taco.

For starters, it helps balance out the meal, so you don’t feel like you’re just eating meat, cheese, and tortillas.

Second, it gives your dish a more full and attractive appearance to your visitors.

If you’re not sure what dessert to make for your taco night, here are some suggestions:

Step 1: Consider the theme of your dinner

Whether it’s a birthday party, graduation celebration, or simply supper with friends and family, your dessert should mirror the theme of your meal.

If you’re hosting a birthday dinner, consider making something simple and homemade, such as a chocolate cake or brownies.

Gourmet pastries such as macarons or tarts are ideal for an exquisite occasion.

Step 2: Consider the tastes of your guests

If you’re having guests around for dinner, you should provide dessert that they’ll like as much as the meal they ate earlier in the evening.

A excellent approach to find out what sort of dessert everyone enjoys is to inquire ahead of time if they have any dietary allergies or limitations, like as dairy-free ice cream if someone is lactose intolerant.

Step 3: Consider the season

Some sweets are only suited throughout specific seasons.

Ice cream, for example, may not be popular during the winter months when people prefer hot cocoa and warm apple pie.

In the autumn, serving fruit tart when everyone wants pumpkin spice lattes may not be the best idea!

Tacos are a terrific way to start a dinner, but they can also be a whole meal on their own. Fruit crisp or cheesecake are good desserts to serve with tacos. Fruit crisps are simple to prepare and wonderful both warm and cold. Tacos go well with the sweet and salty mix.


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What Dessert Goes with Tacos? 15 Desserts

Tacos are a great way to start off a meal, but they can also be a filling meal in themselves. A dessert that pairs well with tacos is a fruit crisp or cheesecake. Fruit crisps are easy to make and are delicious served warm or cold. The combination of sweet and salty is a perfect match for tacos.
Prep Time 5mins
Cook Time 10mins
Total Time 15mins


  • Taco pie
  • Flan
  • Watermelon sorbet
  • Popsicles
  • Churros
  • Chocolate-Covered Strawberries
  • Cookies
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Ice Cream Cake
  • Arroz con leche
  • Mexican wedding cookies
  • Sopaipillas
  • Apple pie
  • Fruit Salad
  • Rice Pudding


  • Choose one of these delectable sweets to accompany your tacos.
  • Prepare the rest of your dinner.
  • Enjoy your food in no time!


What is a good dessert after tacos?

What Dessert Pairs Well With Tacos? Taco pie is one of the top ten best desserts. Taco pie is an excellent way to add a sweet touch to your taco feast.
Sorbet of watermelon.
Strawberries dipped in chocolate.
Cake made with chocolate.

What pairs well with tacos?

Guacamole is the best accompaniment to tacos.
Beans in a refried tortilla.
Chipotle Mexican Rice.
Pico de Gallo is a kind of grape.
Salsa with chips.
Fundido queso.
Mexico’s corn.
Rice with lime and coriander.

What is the number 1 best dessert?

The World’s Best Desserts

What fruit goes well with tacos?

To make a delicately flavored salad, combine chopped cantaloupe, watermelon, and honeydew. For a light, tangy fruit salad, combine green apples, red apples, and green grapes. Cut mango, pineapple, strawberry, and banana together to make a sweet side dish to complement fiery tacos.

What do Hispanics eat for dessert?

17 Hispanic Desserts You Must Taste Before You Die
Dominican Bread.
Dulce Habichuelas.
Rice with milk.
Cake with Tres Leches.
Chocolate milk.

What is the most popular dessert in Mexico?

1. Tres leches cake with marbled icing. The three milks (condensed, evaporated, and full cream) cake is a strong candidate for the title of Mexico’s favorite dessert, with mouths dropping, lips licked, and dishes spotless.

What to bring as a side for tacos?

Taco Vegetable Sides

If you’re wondering what to serve with tacos, a simple salad is always a safe bet. Toss with cilantro lime dressing your favorite greens, or create a heartier taco salad with avocado, crisp vegetables, black beans, and flavorful vegan taco “meat.”

What goes good with a taco bar for a party?

Mexican rice, refried beans, Fiesta Salad, chips and salsa, and guacamole are all traditional sides. Check out what to serve with tacos other than rice and beans if you’re seeking for fresh options. Choose fried plantains, a vibrant citrus salad, handmade queso dip, or even homemade churros for a more experimental meal.

What to bring to a potluck with tacos?

Here are some ideas for taco potluck parties:
Tortillas (either firm or soft)
Salsas (ask visitors to bring a variety of salsas, such as green, red, maize, fruits, and so on.)
Turkey or ground beef.
Braised beef or shredded pork.
Shrimp grilled.

What is most people’s favorite dessert?

Chocolate Chip Cookies are the most popular dessert in America!
Cake with carrots.
It’s ice cream.
Pie with apples.

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