What can you make using bourbon?

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Bourbon is a traditional distilled liquor that may be served with meals in addition to drinking with enjoyable cocktails or sweets. When cooking and baking with bourbon, the smokey caramel and vanilla taste complements both savory and sweet foods.

Always add acidic elements to balance the rich taste of bourbon while cooking with it, particularly in salad dressings or marinades. To produce a balanced taste profile, avoid adding too much sugar due to its inherent sweetness.

What can you make using bourbon? When it comes to boosting foods with the spirit, brown sugar, pecans, vanilla, chocolate, mint, apples, pears, peaches, ham, and pork work nicely.

Make marinated chicken wings or steak, glazed carrots, sweet potato casserole, and roast pork with brandy.

Generally, bourbon works well in sauces, marinades, brines, glazes, cakes, pies, truffles, and cookies.

Without a doubt, bourbon is excellent! Not just for those who like the flavor of distilled alcohol, but also for those who wish to capture the nuanced, warm tastes of a well-crafted spirit.

Several spirits can withstand the test of being used in cooking, but bourbon is one of the best. Bourbon, with its many distinct brands and variations, is ideal for boosting the taste of a broad variety of foods.

It will provide a depth of flavor to a variety of foods that wine and most beers cannot. In this post, we discuss what foods should match with bourbon while cooking.

Can you use bourbon in cooking?

Sure, bourbon may be used in cooking. In reality, when the alcohol has been eliminated by flamb or evaporation, bourbon is often used in cooking.

This may be performed by adding bourbon to a meal and cooking it until the alcohol has evaporated. It may also be accomplished by boiling the bourbon until all of the alcohol has evaporated.

Additionally, since it works in both sweet and savory meals, bourbon is a good substitution for other alcohols such as rum or brandy. It’s delicious in cakes, pies, ice cream, and sweet sauces to spread over ice cream.

What food cooks best in bourbon?

Bourbon adds umami flavor to practically every meal, but a few items match especially well.

Certain cuts of beef and pig, like as sirloin and ribeye, absorb the bourbon taste well and make for an excellent steak night. Another meat that goes well with a bourbon glaze or marinade is chicken.

Moreover, when cooked with bourbon, fish such as cod and salmon, as well as shellfish, taste fantastic.

But don’t limit yourself to meats and fish! With a dash of whiskey, vegetables may be just as tasty.

Vegetables like asparagus and mushrooms generally function best when gently grilled or sautéed.

Bourbon may also be used in the preparation of sweets. It may offer an unexpected touch to anything from cakes to pies and pastries when combined.

Additional components that go well with bourbon include:

  • Meats include chicken, ham, hog, and beef.
  • Shrimp, cod, and salmon are examples of seafood.
  • Parmesan, gouda, cheddar, and blue cheese
  • Star anise, allspice, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and cardamom are among the spices used.
  • Herbs include rosemary, mint, tarragon, thyme, and cilantro.
  • Soy sauce, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, maple syrup, olive oil, and honey are among the condiments.

What flavors cook well with bourbon?

Bourbon is a strong and sweet whiskey that works nicely with a variety of ingredients. Bourbon pairs particularly well with chocolate or fruity tastes such as pecan pralines or candied bacon due to its caramel flavor character.

The acidity of citrus fruits like oranges and lemons might help to balance out the sweetness of the bourbon taste profile. Moreover, it complements coffee-based sweets and pairings such as tiramisu or cocktails.

These are some of the chefs’ favorite taste combinations to use with bourbon:

  • Bourbon, brown sugar, milk, eggs, and chocolate
  • Bourbon plus chicken plus soy sauce plus apple juice plus apple cider vinegar plus brown sugar
  • Bourbon, pork, honey, and apples
  • Bourbon with milk, dark chocolate, and cinnamon
  • Bourbon, maple syrup, vinegar, sweet onion, and bacon.

Cook with Bourbon: Conclusion

With bourbon and a little imagination, even the most boring foods may be transformed. When in doubt, just add a dash to any savory meal for a fiery kick.

The spirit may be used in lieu of other types of alcohol in recipes to give depth and spice to soups or risotto. Desserts like ice cream, caramel, and fruit sauces may all benefit from a dab of this spice.

Cook with brown sugar, nuts, vanilla, chocolate, mint, ham, and pork to optimize taste, whether the recipe is savory or sweet.

There are several methods to improve taste with bourbon, from sauces to marinades, brines, glazes, and delectable baked items, with the correct quantity and kind.

Don’t limit yourself to brandy or rum; try bourbon in sweet recipes as well! When cooking with bourbon to improve your culinary experience, it will amaze even the pickiest dinner guests.


What can you use bourbon for in cooking?

It may be used in marinades, rubs, and sauces.

Every homemade barbecue sauce, as well as most gravies, would benefit with a touch of bourbon. Instead, add a splash of bourbon to long-simmered meals like chilis, stews, and braises: the alcohol will mainly cook off, leaving just taste.

What mixes food with bourbon?

Try eating fatty foods like ham and salmon to coat your tongue. As the bourbon touches your tongue, it transforms the fat and flavors in these meats. Combining bourbon with cuisine is another excellent way to enjoy it. Try it with a wonderful 10-year-old aged cheddar or an aged gouda.

What does bourbon do in baking?

Recipes for Baking and Cooking with Bourbon
Smoked Bourbon and Dark Chocolate Bread Pudding. Double Dark Chocolate Bourbon Brownies. Bourbon Pumpkin Cheesecake. Double Chocolate Bourbon Cupcakes. Spiced Bourbon Apple Pie. Bacon-Bourbon-Chocolate Chunk Cookies. Maple Bourbon Glazed Smoked Bacon.
Additional details…•January 31, 2022

What does bourbon do to meat?

Bourbon may also break down the enzymes in meat, making it a versatile tenderizer and marinade. Combine it with brown sugar or sorghum, soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce, garlic, shallots, olive oil, and herbs and spices of your choosing, then soak your protein for a few hours.

Does bourbon burn off when cooked?

The longer you cook, the more alcohol cooks out, but it takes around 3 hours to completely remove all traces of alcohol from food. A research from the USDA’s Nutritional Data Center corroborated this, adding that food baked or boiled in alcohol for 15 minutes maintains 40 percent of the alcohol.

What cheese goes best with bourbon?

Use a nutty and silky cheese, such as gouda or cheddar. The fat content will aid to balance the bourbon’s ethanol burn while complementing the somewhat sweet taste in each sip.

Are bourbon and whiskey the same?

Bourbon is a kind of whiskey, as Champagne is a type of wine. So bourbon is all whiskey, but whiskey isn’t all bourbon.

What finger foods go with bourbon?

Pretzels, almonds, and popcorn are usually terrific alternatives for snacks. Grilled meats or barbecued dishes are fantastic alternatives if you want something a bit more substantial. Just make sure that anything you eat isn’t too hot or fatty, since this might overpower the bourbon’s flavor.

How long to cook alcohol out of bourbon?

According to the USDA, baked or simmered foods containing alcohol maintain 40% of their original level after 15 minutes of cooking, 35% after 30 minutes, and 25% after an hour. Nevertheless, there is no moment at which all of the alcohol vanishes.

Why do you put ice in bourbon?

“On the rocks” refers to a bourbon or other alcohol poured over ice. If you’re new to bourbon, this may help calm it down and make it simpler to adjust to drinking this alcohol. Taming it down, on the other hand, dilutes the tastes and hence the pleasure.

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