The best mustard for charcuterie

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Arrange meat, cheese, crackers, bread, nuts, and fresh or dried fruits on a charcuterie board. It is all about assembling the most conspicuous dish and seasoning with a dash of mustard to make every mouthful more pleasurable.

Apart from jam and spread, a little bowl of mustard on a charcuterie board might provide pungent, sweet, spicy, or bitter flavors. Not only is it a great condiment for sandwiches, burgers, and hot dogs, but it also goes well with meats and cheeses on a complicated platter with accessories.

What mustard works well with charcuterie? Mustard may differ depending on the style and kind of cheese offered on a charcuterie board. Sharp cheddar, goat cheese, or any other strong and hard cheese mixes nicely with grainy textured dijon mustard.

On the sweet side, honey mustard made with smooth deli mustard is ideal for pairing with brie, blue cheese, or aged cheddar.

A excellent charcuterie board has essentials such as meat, cheese, something sweet, crunchy, and pickled, as well as a textured mustard.

Take the time to create a one-of-a-kind mixture that no one will be able to resist by combining salty, fatty, sweet, and briny ingredients for contrasting sensations in every mouthful. These are some mustard varieties to consider for your next charcuterie platter.

Do you put mustard on a charcuterie board?

Absolutely, mustard may be used on a charcuterie board. On a charcuterie board, smooth and pungent mustard pairs well with sweet syrup and cheese.

The easiest combos to include on a charcuterie board are stoneground or deli-mustard. A few dips in dijon mustard assist to enhance the cheese’s nutty and earthy aromas.

Moreover, the tanginess of the mustard compliments the sweetness of the jam, giving visual appeal and a faint crunchy texture. Meats, cheeses, mustard, and crisp pickle alternatives are needed for high-end charcuterie boards.

What kind of mustard do you put on a charcuterie board?

As compared to normal yellow deli mustard, Dijon is the ideal mustard choice for a charcuterie board since it is pungent and has a touch of peppery flavor. As a consequence, this mustard pairs well with crumbly old cheddar cheese.

Additional mustards to put on a charcuterie platter are:

  • Yellow Mustard is the most common kind of mustard seed. The many condiments used in the preparation of yellow mustard give it a colorful look. When put on the charcuterie board, it creates a one-of-a-kind and outstanding look.
  • Spicy Brown Mustard: This mustard has a little coarser grind than yellow or dijon mustard. It is the most delicious mustard since it contains brown seeds, yellow seeds, and additional spices such as cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg.
  • Honey Mustard: A combination of honey and mustard achieves the ideal mix of acidic and sweet. This sauce complements soft and creamy cheeses like brie and camembert.
  • Whole grain mustard: Since it is made with entire seeds, it has the greatest texture and a deep and rich taste. Mild cheddar cheese and brie are wonderful choices due to their robust and pungent flavors.

Mustard With Charcuterie: Conclusion 

Mustard is one of the less often used condiments on a charcuterie board. Adding a teaspoon of dijon mustard or stoneground whole-grain mustard to a cheese and meat plate is a terrific way to boost the overall tastes and aesthetic of a charcuterie board.

It complements slices of cheese, meats, and crackers with acidic, spicy, and sweet tastes.

The pairing with mustard may vary depending on the sort of cheese used. A robust and boldly flavored mustard pairs well with mild and soft cheese to balance the taste and avoid becoming overpowering when assembling a snack.

Some mustards are spicy, while others are sweet or astringent. Yellow mustard, spicy brown mustard, honey mustard, and whole grain mustard are among them.

Consider adding a small serving dish of mustard to spread or dip on your charcuterie board. Mustard enables people to experiment with different taste combinations with each mouthful.


What kind of mustard goes on charcuterie board?

A feast of cured and smoked meats, cheeses, and fruits presented and served with distinctive house-made condiments and the all-new French’s® Stone Ground Dijon Mustard.

What mustard goes on a cheese board?

You’ll need a decent English mustard, such as Colman’s. Perhaps even Dijon mustard. You need something that can withstand the cheese.”

What mustard is best for salami?

The hotter the mustard, the better, therefore dijon is preferred over honey mustard. If you’re feeling very daring, try horseradish with salami.

What condiments to use for a charcuterie board?

Jams, sauces, bread, and other charcuterie board dips and crackers
Traditional Basil Pesto. Olive Tapenade. Fig Chutney. Spicy Honey Mustard. Caramelized Onion Jam. Peach Jam.
Crostini – Here’s a simple recipe for crostini…. Sourdough bread.
Additional details…•April 5, 2022

Does mustard go on charcuterie board?

We found that every excellent charcuterie board has the following components: cheese, meat, something sweet, textured mustard, something pickled, and something crunchy. A well-balanced charcuterie board combines sweet, salty, fatty, and briny tastes for the ideal contrasting bite.

Is prepared yellow mustard the same as yellow mustard?

Yellow mustard is a traditional American prepared mustard made from finely ground yellow mustard seeds and turmeric powder, which gives it a bright yellow hue. Since yellow mustard seeds are the mildest of all mustard seeds, prepared yellow mustard is gentler than either brown or black mustard seed mustard.

How to make mustard for charcuterie board?

Summer Cheese Board Mustard Dipping Sauces:

Just combine equal portions French’s Traditional Yellow Mustard and pure maple syrup in a mixing bowl. (By pure maple syrup, I mean the real deal. That makes a significant difference.) That’s all.

What mustard goes with Gouda?

Notes about Pairings

The gouda goes well with grainy mustard because it is hotter and has more kick, which complements the cheese’s pepper.

What condiments go on a meat and cheese tray?

If you’re using your meat and cheese plate to make sandwiches, remember to provide little condiment dishes with mayonnaise, mustard, Dijon, or pesto. You may also serve olives, sliced pickles, or sliced tomatoes on plates or tiny bowls.

What kind of mustard do delis use?

With good reason, spicy brown is also known as deli mustard. This mustard is designed to stand up to strong flavors like pastrami, roast beef, and sausages, making it an excellent option for hearty sandwiches.

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