The best jam for a cheese board

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Charcuterie boards are loaded with an amazing mix of flavor and texture, such as bread, crackers, cheese, meat, wine, and more. Adding sweet tastes from jams to the dish fulfills every sense you can think of.

Jams, jellies, and marmalades balance out the salinity and dryness of the plate, providing an added depth of flavor to briny, salty, fatty, and acidic cheeses and meats.

What jam goes well with charcuterie? A simple charcuterie board should include one or two jams or preserves. Berries and stone fruit, such as fig, apricot, raspberry, grape, strawberry, cranberry, and cherry, are often used to make jams.

Compare the sweetness of the jam with cheese to find the perfect pairing. A sweeter jam, for example, pairs well with mild cheese, whereas assertive or aged cheese pairs well with spicy and strong-flavored jelly.

The best charcuterie board generally features a well-balanced taste profile that ranges from salty to sweet, sour, or spicy. What better way to bring some sweetness to the board than with some good jam or jelly?

Selecting the proper jam taste to complement your charcuterie board may be a difficult task. That is why we have compiled a list of the finest jam tastes and varieties to complement meat and cheese plates. Come along to find out more.

Do you put jam on a charcuterie board?

Sure, jam may be served with charcuterie. In reality, sweet or spicy flavor jams compliment the meat, cheese, nuts, and crackers on the table wonderfully.

A variety of jams may be used to enhance the flavor of other foods on the plate while balancing the saltiness and dryness of the cheese and meat. Include at least one or two kinds of jams on any board.

The kind of cheese is usually followed by the sweetness level. Sweeter jams complement light cheeses, whereas spicy or savory jams complement mature and robust cheeses.

What kind of jam goes on a charcuterie board?

Jams are an important component of a high-end charcuterie platter, whether they are sweet fruits or fruit blends with spices. The jam melds the cheese and cracker or bread to balance out the saltiness and creaminess.

The following jams go well with particular charcuterie board cheeses:

  • Brie, Emmental, mozzarella, feta, and sharp cheddar, for example.
  • Apricot: parmigiano reggiano, gran padano, dry monterey jack cheese, gran queso
  • Brie, cream cheese, and parmigiano reggiano with raspberries
  • Strawberry: goat cheese, cream cheese, and brie
  • Plum: goat cheese, cream cheese, and smoked gouda
  • Peach: goat cheese, baked brie
  • Orange marmalade made with gouda, monterey jack, and semi-aged pecorino.
  • Goat, camembert, triple creme, brie, cranberry
  • Spicy blue cheese, feta, aged parmesan, strong cheddar, or black currant jelly:
  • Manchego, triple crème, goat, feta, and camembert with blackberries
  • Apple, goat, fontina, and English cheddar

What jam flavors go well with a charcuterie board?

Jams and jellies complement a wide range of foods on a charcuterie board. Certain spicy or peppery jams, on the other hand, are best paired with aged and strong-flavored cheeses.

They provide too much flavor to the dishes on the board and cut through the richness of the other sweet foods when paired incorrectly.

These are some traditional jam tastes that go nicely with charcuterie:

  • brie + apricot jam + walnuts + pecans + white wine
  • Strawberry jam combined with cheddar, crackers, and mustard
  • fig jam with blue cheese plus cream cheese plus cracker plus pecans
  • Prosciutto, havarti, and ricotta with raspberry jam
  • red wine + cherry jam + almonds
  • white cheddar + spicy plum jam + white wine

Best mini jams for charcuterie board

It’s not every day that you stumble across unusual jams that demand your attention. Whether it’s a sweet and spicy combination or a traditional coupling that works nicely together, here are several tiny jams to try with a charcuterie board.

  • Classic Collection of Stonewall Kitchen
  • Gourmet Jellies & Jam from Smoke Camp
  • Village Kitchen Kettle Jam
  • Cheese’s Best Friend
  • Preserves Tiptree
  • Gourmet Jam & Jelly from Pioneer Valley
  • Various Preserves by Bonne Maman

Jam With Charcuterie: Conclusion 

There are unlimited choices with jam when it comes to charcuterie boards, whether you want to keep things spicy, sweet, or salty.

In fact, jams are a terrific way to add variety to a meat and cheese board by counteracting the sweetness and dryness of the other items. To easily modify your charcuterie board, use one or two types of jam.

It is best to provide jam with the cheeses you are offering. In general, fig and apricot jams are popular on the charcuterie board because they complement basic cheeses such as cheddar, feta, mozzarella, and monterey jack.

In addition to these popular jams, raspberry, grape, strawberry, cherry, cranberry, orange, plum, and blackberry jams are available. Employ these jam and cheese combinations to provide the finest experience possible the next time you put up a nice charcuterie board.


What kind of jam goes on a charcuterie board?

And the good news is that there are several jams you may use to enhance the flavor of your charcuterie plate. Apricot and fig jams are the most often used jams. Other jams include apple, raspberry, triple berry, plum, and cherry jam, among others.

What sauces do you put on a charcuterie board?

Dips For Charcuterie Boards (Vegan) 41 Dips For Charcuterie Boards.
A simple vegan garlic aioli.
Hummus without tahini that is gluten-free.
Salsa with Roasted Peppers.
Marzetti Pomegranate Vinaigrette.
Vegan Sauce with roasted red peppers.
Guacamole with Roasted Red Peppers that is healthy.
Tapenade with Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Almonds, and Mint.
Additional details…•August 25, 2022

What jam is best for crackers?

If you want strong tastes, try aged cheddar with tomato jam, gouda with orange marmalade or plum jam, parmesan with apricot jam, blue cheese with black currant or red onion jam, or camembert with cranberry jam.

What to eat fig jam with charcuterie board?

Cheeses come in three varieties: hard, soft, and semi-firm. Breads include full baguettes, toasted crostini, and various crackers. Pickled goods, jams like our Fig Jam recipe, fruits and vegetables are all examples of sweet and sour foods. Condiments include honey, mustard, jams (such as our Fig Jam recipe), and jellies.

How do you serve jam with cheese board?

Combine the tastes of your cheese and jam dish with additional products that have complementing flavors. You want a good combination of sweet, tangy, salty, and acidic flavors (And maybe spicy). While the jams are sweet and the cheese is mild and greasy, try olives, salty cured meats, or acidic fruits like apples or citrus.

What preserves go best with brie?

Taste Combinations:\sBaked brie is wonderful with fig jam, raspberry jam, Cherry preserves, or apricot jam.
To add texture, top with dried fruit such as apricots, cranberries, or cherries.
Including some nuts! Walnuts, pecans, pistachios, and almonds are all excellent options.
Dec 14, 2019

What is best to add to charcuterie board?

Serve with spicy and sweet accompaniments.

For instance, mustard, salty foods, and nuts alongside salami and sopresseta, as well as strong cheeses such as parmesan. Sweet accompaniments like fresh fruit, jams, and candied almonds work well with brie or goat cheese. Cheddar cheese goes nicely with both savory and sweet dishes.

What sauces go with cheese boards?

Cheese boards are no exception: a flavorful dip will only enhance the experience.
What Is the Secret to Discovering the Right Cheese and Savory Condiment Combination?
Pesto sauce is a traditional pesto sauce.
Traditional Chinese chili oil.
Chutney made from mangoes.
Aioli (Classic or Flavored) (Classic or Flavored)
Tapenade d’oliva.
More to come…
•Sep 16, 2022

What kind of jam goes with goat cheese?

The spicy flavor of fig jam complements goat’s fresh cheeses such as Camembert and Brie.

Which jam is the tastiest?

Orchard Road
This gorgeous delectable fruit spread is rich with valencia orange slivers and pineapple chunks.
Orchard Lane’s pineapple orange jams are fresh and flavorful, with a mild bittersweet flavor.
This jam is ideal for health-conscious consumers since it has no artificial sugar, flavor, or chemicals.

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