Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe without Yogurt

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Whats not to love about a smoothie?

They’re cold and refreshing, and they come in a variety of flavors.

The greatest thing is that smoothies are a terrific way to get your daily fruit portions.

Smoothies are a terrific way to obtain your daily fruit portions, so having a good smoothie recipe on hand is essential.

Because it contains no yogurt or milk, this strawberry banana smoothie recipe is one of my faves.

Because I am allergic to yogurt, I must discover alternative methods to make my smoothies creamy.

In this case, the secret ingredient is banana!

How to Make Strawberry Banana Smoothies without Yogurt

Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe without Yogurt

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 30 seconds

Total Time: 5 minutes and 30 seconds


  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • 2 bananas
  • 1 cup orange juice (or other fruit juices)
  • 2 tablespoons honey (optional)


1. In a blender, combine the strawberries, bananas, orange juice, and honey. Blend until completely smooth.

7 Tips When Making Strawberry Banana Smoothies without Yogurt

Strawberry banana smoothies are a delightful way to obtain your daily fruit servings.

Here are some pointers for preparing strawberry banana smoothies without yogurt:

1. Consider Adding Vanilla Protein Powder

Consider adding vanilla protein powder to your smoothie if you want to increase the protein content.

Protein powder is often used in exercise drinks, but it may also be used in fruit smoothies.

Protein powder adds taste to some people’s strawberry banana smoothies, so if you like the flavor, add some!

Don’t forget about the ice cubes! Ice cubes provide the necessary thickness and creaminess to a smoothie.

2. Get the right ingredients

To make your smoothie taste better, choose the freshest fruits and vegetables possible.

If possible, choose organic fruits since they are more nutritious than commercially farmed fruits.

To avoid chemicals and antibiotics, purchase organic milk or soy milk.

3. Add some protein

If you want to add additional protein to your diet without using yogurt or other dairy products, try nuts like peanuts or almonds.

For a creamier texture, add a spoonful of almond butter or peanut butter.

4. Use ripe bananas

Bananas are naturally sweet, making them ideal for a banana strawberry smoothie.

Check that your bananas are ripe for maximum sweetness and taste! I enjoy using bananas with brown patches on the skin.

5. Add Enough Liquid

Add extra liquid than normal since bananas thicken the smoothie significantly when combined with other fruits like strawberries, which have very little water content.

6. Add Some Honey or Agave Nectar

Add additional honey or agave nectar to the recipe for an extra kick or to make your smoothie sweeter.

To keep it healthy, use raw honey or raw agave nectar instead of the processed versions found in most supermarkets.

7. Add a Dash of Cinnamon Powder or Ground Cloves

Another alternative for taste and health advantages is to add a dash of cinnamon powder or powdered cloves to your strawberry banana smoothies without yogurt.

There’s no need to go crazy here; a modest quantity would enough!

7 Ways to Enjoy This Healthy Strawberry Banana Smoothie Without Yogurt

1. Replace your child’s sugary cereal with this smoothie

Smoothies are a terrific method to convince your kids to eat fruit for breakfast instead of sugary cereals.

You may also use spinach or kale for extra vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants.

The leafy greens are nearly tough to detect, so you’ll be slipping in additional nutrients without your kids even realizing.

I try to sneak spinach or another leafy green into every smoothie I make, but my four-year-old has caught on, so this strawberry banana smoothie is one of our faves since it contains no veggies (apart from the banana, which she doesn’t understand isn’t simply a delicious fruit).

2. Swap out your morning coffee for this smoothie

It took me a bit to warm up to the idea of beginning my day with a smoothie, but I’m now a firm believer.

They’re quick and simple to prepare, and there’s the obvious advantage of getting plenty of healthful fruits and vegetables in first morning.

They also keep you full until lunch. And, I don’t know about you, but I’m lot more productive when I’m not hungry.

3. Sip this smoothie as a nutritious snack between meals

This might help you avoid harmful foods like chips or candies while also providing an energy boost.

4. Share this smoothie with your family

This recipe serves two, so treat your spouse or a friend to a smoothie as well.

You may also share it with your children, but leave out the protein powder if they have it; it isn’t essential for toddlers and isn’t suggested for young children.

5. Make more than one batch of this smoothie

If you appreciate the taste of strawberries and bananas together, prepare extra so you may have some later.

Place the remaining smoothies in freezer-safe containers and freeze until ready to use again. They can be frozen for up to three months!

6. Freeze it as a smoothie pop

Freeze the smoothie in popsicle molds for at least 4 hours.

For a little additional something-something, add a few sliced strawberries or bananas to the mold before freezing.

7. Freeze it as a slushie

Freeze the smoothie in an ice cube tray for at least 4 hours.

4 cup milk and mix until smooth.Once frozen, puree the cubes with 1 cup of water in a blender.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe without Yogurt

Strawberry Banana Smoothie without Yogurt is a healthy and delicious smoothie perfect for breakfast or as a snack. This smoothie is dairy-free, which means that it’s suitable for those who are lactose intolerant.This smoothie is made with just three ingredients: strawberries, banana and orange juice. These simple ingredients come together to make a creamy, nutritious and refreshing drink.Smoothies are a great way to get your daily dose of fruits and vegetables (in this case fruit). It’s also a great way to start the day.
Prep Time 2mins
Cook Time 3mins
Total Time 5mins


  • 1cupfrozen strawberries
  • 2bananas
  • 1cuporange juice (or other fruit juices)
  • 2tbsphoney (optional)


  • In a blender, combine the strawberries, bananas, orange juice, and honey.
  • Blend until smooth.


What can you use instead of yogurt in a smoothie?

Tahini may be used in smoothies in lieu of yogurt. Begin with 1-2 tbsp each smoothie and work your way up.
In smoothies, oats may be used in lieu of yogurt.
In smoothies, coconut milk may be used in lieu of yogurt.
Silken tofu may be used as a yogurt substitute in smoothies.

How can I thicken my smoothie without yogurt?

If you don’t have yogurt, you can thicken a smoothie using nut butter instead. We like a little amount of peanut butter, almond butter, or cashew butter.

What can I use instead of milk or yogurt in a smoothie?

Smoothie Milk Substitutes
The majority of smoothie recipes use dairy milk as an ingredient; however, many individuals cannot eat milk owing to dietary restrictions, personal choice, or ethical considerations.
Milk made from soy.
Milk made from almonds.
Coconut cream.
Milk made from hemp.
Water from the coconut.
The Queen of Health may help you transform your life.

Are smoothies better with milk or juice?

Smoothies produced with water and juice are more liquidy and filling than ones made with milk. Juice is also more acidic and contains more sugar than most milk. Milk has more calcium, which is beneficial to your bones, heart, and muscles. It also contributes to the creamy texture of your smoothie.

What can I replace yogurt with?

Dairy Crème Fraîche or Sour Cream are excellent substitutes for yogurt. If I don’t have yoghurt on hand, I use sour cream as a replacement.
Cream on top of cream. A thick dollop of double cream is richer and sweeter than yoghurt, which may or may not be a good thing.
Whipped Lemon Cream.
Cottage cheese is a kind of cheese.

What is the best liquid to use in a smoothie?

Water. If you want to eliminate calories and sugar from your diet, water is the best beverage for smoothies. It’s not only calorie-free and sugar-free, but it’s also cost-free! If you’re attempting to lose weight, water is the best option since it helps you burn calories and keep hydrated.

Do I have to use yogurt in a smoothie?

To make it creamy, most smoothies start with yogurt or juice and ice. You don’t have to pick between the two.

Why do smoothies need yogurt?

Yogurt is a great component for smoothies since it provides protein, making it a substantial breakfast or snack. Greek yogurt has 12 grams of protein every half cup. It also includes live probiotics, which may help with intestinal health, calcium, and vitamin B-12 (source).

How to make your smoothie creamy?

A spoonful or two of nut butter will thicken your smoothie. To add creaminess, fiber, and plant-based protein to your smoothie, use gluten-free flours such as chickpea, coconut, almond, rice, tapioca, or amaranth flour.

Can I add milk instead of yogurt?

When baking, milk may be substituted with Greek yogurt. To make sour milk, add one tablespoon of lemon juice or white distilled vinegar to each cup of milk. This will have a taste profile comparable to Greek yogurt. However, as with buttermilk, use 14 less milk than the recipe asks for.

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