8 Dishes that Go Great with Bechamel Sauce

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Some meals simply seem to go together wonderfully.

The list goes on and on: peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese, fries with ketchup.

But what if you want to branch out from your normal culinary pairings?

Thats where bechamel sauce comes in.

This traditional white sauce is quite adaptable and may be used in a variety of recipes.

Ive got you covered whether you’re seeking for a new way to eat pasta or want to try out some new flavor combinations.

In this post, I’ll discuss 8 different foods that go well with bechamel sauce!

8 Dishes that Go Great with Bechamel Sauce

8 Dishes that Go Great with Bechamel Sauce

Bechamel sauce is a famous French sauce that almost everyone enjoys.

It’s creamy, buttery, and just wonderful, making it the ideal complement to a range of cuisines.

Whether you’re searching for something to go with your pasta or chicken, or you’re seeking for something more soothing, bechamel sauce is up to the challenge!

Here are eight foods that go well with bechamel sauce:

1. Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Few things taste better than a grilled cheese sandwich.

The mix of melting cheese and crusty bread is just delicious.

It becomes much better when you add a creamy bechamel sauce to the mix.

Bechamel sauce goes well with grilled cheese sandwiches.

The rich, creamy taste complements the melty cheese and crusty bread wonderfully.

Plus, its super easy to make.

Simply heat some milk in a pot, then mix in some flour and butter.

Here are some ideas on how to use bechamel sauce with your grilled cheese sandwich:

  • For your sandwich, experiment with various varieties of cheese. Bechamel sauce goes nicely with gruyere, cheddar, and mozzarella.
  • Add some bacon or ham to the mix for a really delicious grilled cheese.
  • Spread some bechamel sauce on the interior of the bread before adding the cheese for an extra cheesy grilled cheese.
  • Replace the bread in the basic grilled cheese with waffles or pancakes for a creative touch.

Whatever way you like it, a grilled cheese sandwich with bechamel sauce is unmistakably superior.

2. Lasagna

Lasagna is a traditional meal that is great on its own, but it may be enhanced by the addition of bechamel sauce.

It adds a rich flavor to lasagna.

Simply spread the bechamel sauce over the noodles before adding the other ingredients to make lasagna.

It may also be used in lieu of tomato sauce, or combined with it for a really distinct taste.

3. Ravioli

Look no farther than ravioli with bechamel sauce for a tasty and simple way to liven up your midweek supper.

This traditional Italian meal is simple to prepare and will satisfy even the pickiest diners.

Best of all, it can be ready in just 30 minutes.

To prepare this meal, just cook your ravioli according to package recommendations. Prepare the bechamel sauce while the ravioli are cooking.

Simply blend and serve after both components are completed.

If you want to be fancy, add a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese or a handful of fresh herbs to the meal.

So, the next time you’re searching for a quick yet stunning lunch, try ravioli with bechamel sauce.

You will not be disappointed. Good appetite!

4. Cannelloni

Cannelloni are tube-shaped pastas from Italy that are frequently loaded with meat or cheese.

Bechamel sauce and cannelloni create a delightful and cozy dish when combined.

In the spirit of cannelloni, don’t miss these Cannelloni Recipes.

The rich sauce wonderfully matches the creamy filling, and the meal may be readily adjusted to your liking.

5. Manicotti

Pairing bechamel with manicotti is another excellent way to enjoy it.

Manicotti is a kind of Italian pasta constructed from tubular-shaped dough sheets.

For some ideas, try these manicotti recipes.

The dough is then filled with various contents such as cheeses, meats, and veggies.

The manicotti is baked in a tomato or cream-based sauce after it has been filled.

Bechamel goes well with both kinds of sauces, complimenting but not dominating the tastes.

Manicotti is also a versatile meal, so experiment with your fillings.

Try mixing bechamel with ricotta and spinach packed manicotti for a really traditional experience.

However, if you want to try something new, feel free to experiment with alternative components.

Remember to pair your creation with a glass of wine.

Buon appetito!

6. Mac and Cheese

Few foods are more traditional than mac & cheese.

It’s the ideal comfort dish, creamy and comforting.

But why not take it a step further by serving it with bechamel sauce?

When combined with mac & cheese, it produces a rich and indulgent meal that will not disappoint.

Here are some suggestions on how to use bechamel sauce with mac & cheese:

  • For your mac and cheese, choose a better grade cheese. A sharp cheddar or Gruyere cheese will enhance the taste of the meal.
  • Don’t be hesitant to try new varieties of pasta. Bechamel sauce goes great with shells, elbows, and even cavatappi (see also: 20 of the finest cavatappi dishes).
  • If you want to go all out, top your mac and cheese with diced bacon or crumbled sausage.
  • To make a lighter version of this meal, use skim milk instead of whole milk in the bechamel sauce.

7. A Burger with Bacon

Bechamel sauce is a delightful, creamy way to season your cuisine.

And, although it pairs nicely with a variety of foods, I believe one stands out above the rest: bacon-topped burgers.

The savory taste of bacon complements the richness of bechamel to create a delightful mouthful.

Plus, who doesnt love a good burger?

Here are some recipes to try if you want to take your burgers to the next level:

  • Burger with Bacon and Blue Cheese: Adding blue cheese to your burger adds a depth of flavor that elevates it to the next level. Make sure the cheese is crumbled so that it melts evenly over the burger.
  • Bacon Swiss Mushroom Burger: If you’re searching for a flavorful mushroom burger, this is the one for you! A delicious burger is topped with thick pieces of bacon and Swiss cheese, making it tempting.
  • Bacon Cheddar Turkey Burger: A turkey burger topped with bacon and cheddar cheese is a leaner choice. The tastes will blend nicely, and you’ll enjoy every mouthful.

8. Quesadilla with Chicken

If you’re searching for a meal that will make your taste buds sing, a quesadilla with bechamel sauce is a must-try.

The sauce’s rich tastes nicely match the quesadilla’s cheesy, savory delight, and the two combined are guaranteed to satisfy.

Here are some ideas for combining these two components to create a culinary sensation:

  • When making your bechamel sauce, don’t forget to add some additional spices like cumin or chile powder. This will provide a little zing to the sauce, which will go well with the rich tastes of the quesadilla.
  • Feel free to experiment with your fillings! While chicken is usually a good choice, other meats such as pig or beef may also be utilized. Beans or sweet potatoes may also work well as vegetarian choices in this recipe.
  • Try using various varieties of cheese in your quesadilla to kick things up a notch. A combination of cheddar and Monterey Jack is usually tasty, but you could also choose pepper Jack or even goat cheese.
  • Bechamel sauce may be served warm or cold, so play around with the temperature of your tortilla until it’s just right.

8 Dishes that Go Great with Bechamel Sauce

8 Dishes that Go Great with Bechamel Sauce

Choosing the perfect recipe to go with your bechamel sauce can be a tough decision. But never fear, I’m here to help!First, consider what type of dish you’re in the mood for. Are you looking for something light and elegant, or hearty and comforting? Once you’ve decided on the general direction, take a look at your ingredients and see what you have on hand.If you want something light, shrimp or fish might be a good option. For something heartier, chicken or beef would be a better choice. Once you’ve decided on your protein, it’s time to think about side dishes. Bechamel sauce goes great with just about anything, so get creative!Roasted vegetables, mashed potatoes, rice, and pasta are all delicious choices. So go ahead and experiment until you find the perfect combination for your next meal!
Prep Time 5mins
Cook Time 5mins
Total Time 10mins


  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich
  • Lasagna
  • Ravioli
  • Cannelloni
  • Manicotti
  • Mac and Cheese
  • A Burger with Bacon
  • Quesadilla with Chicken


  • Choose a recipe from this selection to go with your delectable sauce.
  • Prepare the ingredients in the order specified in the recipe.
  • Enjoy in no time!


What does béchamel pair well with?

What meals make use of Béchamel Sauce?
Cassoulet with creamed spinach.
Pasta with cheese.
Pasta with shrimp scampi.
Potatoes scalloped.
Pie with fish.

What goes with white sauce?

How to Prepare Béchamel Sauce
Macaroni cheese. Take your Béchamel and add cheese, lots of it.
Baked vegetables. A great winter warmer.
Mornay sauce. Shred some strong Cheddar or any mix of hard and medium cheeses into your Béchamel, and you’ve got a Mornay.
Carrots and parsley sauce.
Pie with fish.

What cuisine is béchamel?

Béchamel sauce is a silky white sauce composed of milk that has been thickened with butter and flour. It is one of the five mother sauces used in French cuisine, which means it serves as a foundation for more complicated sauces such as Mornay or Alfredo.

What are béchamel common secondary sauces?

Béchamel is used to make secondary sauces such as cheddar cheese sauce, cheese sauce, cream sauces, and Mornay sauce. Bechamel sauces are often paired with pasta, vegetables, eggs, or chicken.

Is Alfredo and béchamel the same?

The distinction between bechamel and alfredo sauce is found in their components. Unlike bechamel sauce, which is composed mostly of milk and flour, alfredo sauce is primarily comprised of heavy cream and cheese.

What are the 5 derivatives of bechamel sauce?

Here are some examples of béchamel-based little sauces:
Sauce à la crème.
Mornay Sauce is a French sauce.
Sauce Soubise.
Sauce Nantua.
Cheddar Sauce with cheese.
Sauce with Mustard and Cheddar.
Sauce with cheese.

What’s the difference between béchamel sauce and white sauce?

The base sauce known as the “mother sauce” is béchamel (also known as white sauce). It’s used in a variety of dishes, but you may be most familiar with it as a component in lasagna. Béchamel is made from a blonde roux, which is butter and flour cooked till straw in color. To make it a rich sauce, milk is added.

What are good sauce combinations?

If you like condiments, experimenting at home is half of the fun, so here are a few traditional combinations that we enjoy.
Mayonnaise and hot sauce.
With ketchup and curry powder.
Cream cheese with marmite.
Honey and mustard go well together.

Is béchamel and white sauce the same?

Béchamel (Besciamella) sauce is a smooth, white sauce created with just three ingredients: flour, milk, and butter. Because many sauces, including Mornay Sauce, are prepared using Béchamel as a basis, it is also known as White Sauce or Mother Sauce.

Do Italians use béchamel or ricotta?

* Although bechamel sauce is customary in both northern and southern Italian lasagna, restaurateur Salvatore Esposito thinks ricotta blended to a smooth consistency in the food processor is an easier option for home chefs.

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