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25 Simple Side Dishes to Serve with Ham and Bean Soup

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Oh, that ham-and-bean soup! What’s not to love about a bowl of this hearty and filling dish?

It’s full, savory, and hearty. It is also quite inexpensive to produce. Not to mention that it’s the ideal meal to serve on a cold winter day.

This recipe is ideal for serving on a cool fall or spring day. It’s a fantastic comfort dish that you can cook all year.

To be honest, there are a few things you should know before attempting to make this soup.

First and foremost, don’t go overboard with the quantity. The figures given here are just estimates; you may easily double or quadruple them.

Second, avoid making the beans overly creamy. The beans should be firm and secure in your soup.

So, what’s the greatest side dish to go with this tasty ham and bean soup?

Here are some of the greatest side dishes to go with this substantial soup.

Why Consider Serving Side Dishes for Ham and Bean Soup?

One of the most traditional American dishes is ham and bean soup.

Its hearty, satisfying, and full of flavor.

Because of its simplicity, its also easy to make.

As a result, offering side dishes with ham and bean soup is a terrific way to spice up the dinner.

The greatest side dishes for ham and bean soup are those that match the dish’s tastes and textures.

A basic salad of lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers, for example, might work nicely.

If you’re feeling brave, serve your soup with an unusual vegetable, such as asparagus or broccoli.

Serve the soup with a spice or hot sauce for a more robust taste.

Serve your ham and bean soup with a cheese plate or a bread bowl loaded with fresh herbs for a more rustic taste.

The option is entirely yours, but keep in mind that basic foods are usually the finest.

6 Tips for Choosing A Side Dish To Serve With Ham and Bean Soup

If you want to ensure that your soup tastes wonderful, make sure you don’t skimp on the side dishes.

But how do you decide? There are so many options that it is easy to get overwhelmed.

I’ve got six suggestions for side dishes to go with ham and bean soup or any other soup.

Tip 1: Look For A Simple Recipe

A side dish that can be cooked ahead of time and warmed is ideal for serving with ham and bean soup. This way, it’s not something that has to be constructed and then cooked at the last minute. It also allows you to have more say over how it tastes after it’s served.

Tip 2: Consider Serving With Other Soups

Serve your ham and bean soup with another soup, such as a creamy tomato soup or a robust lentil soup. These soups will brighten up your ham and bean soup and help to balance out the taste of the ham and beans.

Tip 3: Try to Add Something Crunchy

You can’t go wrong with crisp veggies like broccoli or asparagus, but you can also add something more solid like roasted almonds or chopped walnuts to make it more substantial.

Tip 4: Pick Something Spicy

You may serve ham and bean soup with a number of sides, but you can also try something new. Serve the soup with a spicy Indian rice dish, such as pilau or pilaf, to amp up the heat.

Tip 5: Choose a Colorful Vegetable

Because it’s a soup, don’t be scared to offer veggies with it. It’s critical to choose something that sticks out against the background of ham and beans. A bright and brilliant green vegetable, for example, would provide brightness. A dark green potato, on the other hand, will suffice.

Tip 6: Pick Something Fresh

Serve your soup with something unusual, such a salad or a side dish. There’s nothing wrong with a plain potato or green beans (also check these canned green bean recipes), but try to choose something a bit more intriguing and unusual. It will make the event more enjoyable for the visitors and give some zing to the soup.

What to Serve with Ham and Bean Soup – 25 Easy Sides

I’ve started preparing ham and bean soup recently, and it’s delicious. The ham adds umami to the beans, while the vegetables bulk out the soup.

When you’re in a rush, though, it might be difficult to pull together the appropriate side dish for the soup.

Here are some of my favorite ideas.

1. Collard Greens

A dish of collard greens is an excellent accompaniment to ham and bean soup. They’re rich in vitamins and minerals, and they go well with the soup’s robust flavors. Collard greens have a little bitter flavor, so you may either season them yourself or serve the meal as is.

2. Roasted Vegetables

I like the notion of roasting some vegetables to go with a substantial, warming soup. Carrots, sweet potatoes, parsnips, and mushrooms are some of the veggies I like to include in this dish. If you’re serving a ham and bean soup with bacon, I’d consider adding some celery to the vegetables to smooth out the flavor.

3. Pull Apart Garlic Bread

This ham and bean soup is perfect for the coming winter, with its dark nights and cold days, and it’s also a fast and simple lunch. I like to serve my soup with a loaf of warm, crusty bread, sliced into thick slabs. Because the soup soaks straight through the bread, it really makes a fantastic dinner.

You may use whichever bread you have on hand. It doesn’t matter what sort you use as long as it’s not too soft to slice.

4. Broccoli Salad

My favorite broccoli salad recipe consists of slicing up a bunch of broccoli into florets and tossing them with shredded chicken, mayo, and chili flakes. You may use whatever leftover ham and bean soup components you have on hand for this one. It’s both satisfying and healthful!

5. Sweet Potato Fries

When I cook ham and bean soup, I often serve it with sweet potato fries. I like to use a little bigger sweet potato since it holds up better over the extended cooking phase. You may bake them or boil them in water for 20 minutes before transferring them to the oven.

In any case, they’re quite simple to create and will add a lot of flavor and texture to your dish. They may be served hot or cold. It’s preferable not to overcook them, so don’t cook them until they’re completely crispy and brown on the exterior.

6. Coconut Rice

Coconut rice is a fast and simple side dish to offer with a substantial bean soup like ham and bean. Simply cook rice according to package directions, then add a can of coconut milk and some chopped red chili for a little heat. This soup may be made with any bean or lentil soup.

7. Garlic Spaghetti

A bowl of ham and bean soup is ideal for a chilly winter evening, and a side helping of pasta adds protein and carbohydrate to the mix. You may serve it over freshly baked garlic spaghetti or a ready-made version from the store.

Both selections are excellent, and there are so many types to pick from that you’ll be hard pressed to find one that doesn’t!

8. Biscuits

Biscuits are a typical side dish in the United Kingdom, but they are also a common accompaniment to ham and bean soup in other countries, notably Spain.

They’re quite simple to make and add texture and sweetness to the soup. If you’re using ready-made biscuits, you’ll need to warm them through in the oven for a few minutes; alternatively, you can simply purchase a package of basic biscuits from the store.

9. Roasted Squash

If you’re going to have ham and bean soup, roasted squash is a terrific side dish. It’s a highly flexible recipe, and a variation from pasta or rice is always welcome. I prefer to chop the squash into slices, rub it with olive oil, then season it with salt and pepper before roasting it in a hot oven. Depending on what you’re going to eat with it, you may serve it warm or cold.

10. French Fries

French fries are a vital component of every decent bowl of soup, so make them extra memorable by selecting something yummy. Potato, sweet potato, and butternut squash are all excellent choices here. Just be cautious not to overcook them since they will get mushy if you do!

11. Applesauce

Applesauce is a great addition to any sort of soup since it adds a lot of freshness to the meal. To add depth of flavor to a bowl of ham and bean soup, or just chop up some apples, pour with lemon juice, and top with a few raisins for a sweet dessert alternative. This is one of my personal favorites!

12. Coleslaw

The crisp texture of coleslaw adds a welcome punch to any soup, particularly ham and bean soup. If you want to go fancy, you may add a variety of flavors such as onion, garlic, chili, and mustard. Simply add some crisp chopped carrot and cucumber for a more nutritious choice.

13. Green Chile Cornbread

This is one of the most delicious dinners you’ll ever have. It has a really addicting quality about it, and it is quite simple to create. Simply make a quantity of dough, cut it into little pieces, roll it into balls, and fry it in hot oil. This dish is generally served with ham and bean soup, although it also pairs nicely with chicken noodle or pea soup.

14. Buttermilk Cornbread

You could make standard cornbread here, but I believe this recipe is far better! It’s fast and simple to prepare, and the buttermilk adds a pleasant tangy flavor. It goes well with ham and bean soup or as a side dish accompanying meat stew.

15. Turnip Greens

I love ham and bean soup, and I usually serve it with turnip greens on the side. I believe it is critical to choose a high-quality ham that will complement the flavor of the soup. You may also make it vegetarian if you wish, but you must leave out the ham!

16. Tomato and Lettuce Salad

This salad is easy to prepare and one of my favorite side dishes for this sort of supper. You may use any veggies you have on hand that you like eating, or you can buy your favorite from the shop. I like to add tomatoes, lettuce, and red onion to give it a little more flavor.

17. Sweet Potato Casserole

On a chilly winter day, I love a bowl of this nourishing and soothing side dish with a warm cup of ham and bean soup. This is an excellent choice if you want a light, savory companion to a meat-based dish. The inherent sweetness and richness of the sweet potato are enhanced by the crispy edges. Make mashed potato casserole instead if you have leftover potatoes in the fridge!

18. Corn Bread

Nothing beats freshly baked corn bread eaten with a cup of soup in my opinion. If you want to go all out, top it with a hefty dollop of honey and some blueberries for a delectable dessert option.

19. Sweet and Sour Greens

I usually get sweet and sour greens as a side dish in Chinese restaurants, but it’s also a really flexible side dish. It goes well with salads, sandwiches, soups, and even pasta. It’s a pleasant and healthful alternative that will enhance the flavor of any dish.

20. Scalloped Potatoes

This traditional meal is so simple to make that it’s a terrific alternative for when you want something quick and easy on the table. Scalloped potatoes may be served as a side dish with a number of dishes, including baked potatoes, ham and bean soup, and stews.

21. Creamed Spinach

A substantial dinner like ham and bean soup can fill you up well. Creamed spinach is a fantastic side dish since it is high in protein and low in calories. If you’re short on time, you can even throw in some frozen peas. I often make a double batch and freeze half of it to enjoy during the week. It tastes just as nice when warmed as it does when served cold!

22. Dinner Rolls

If you’re in the mood for something different than ham and bean soup, why not try some dinner rolls instead? They’re lot simpler to prepare than creamed spinach, however it takes a little longer. Simply add flour, salt, pepper, baking powder, eggs, milk or cream, and yeast or baking soda in a mixing bowl. Roll into balls and bake for about 15 minutes at 180 degrees C (360 degrees F). When they’re done, slather them with butter and sprinkle with your favorite seasonings.

23. Fried Green Tomatoes

If you’re searching for a quick and simple side dish to go with your ham and bean soup, this is a great option. It doesn’t get much simpler than fried green tomatoes (see also: 19 Best Sauces for Fried Green Tomatoes), so toss this in with some boiled potatoes and salad leaves. If you like, you may prepare a basic homemade tomato sauce using tomato paste, water, and olive oil, but it’s not necessary!

24. Cream Peas

Cooking peas might be challenging, but don’t panic. There are several methods to prepare them. The easiest method is to cook them for about 15 minutes in a pot until soft. You may also use a pressure cooker or microwave them for a few minutes if you want. Whatever technique you choose, be sure to season with salt to taste.

25. Garlicky Boiled Okra

Okra is a popular vegetable across Europe that is also quite simple to cultivate. I like it this way because it has a delicate, juicy texture that pairs well with ham and bean soup. I’ve discovered that boiling the okra in a sufficient quantity of salted water for around 20 minutes before draining and refreshing with cold water works well.

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25 Ham and Bean Soup Sides

By serving a side dish with ham and bean soup, you’re able to make a complete meal. It won’t be as filling as if you were to eat a full plate of ham and bean soup, but it will do the trick if that’s all you have time for! If you want to make sure that your ham and bean soup is up to scratch, feel free to make some of these side dishes part of your cooking routine, too!
Prep Time 5mins
Cook Time 10mins
Total Time 15mins


  • Collard Greens
  • Roasted Vegetables
  • Pull Apart Garlic Bread
  • Broccoli Salad
  • Sweet Potato Fries
  • Coconut Rice
  • Garlic Spaghetti
  • Biscuits
  • Roasted Squash
  • French Fries
  • Applesauce
  • Coleslaw
  • Green Chile Cornbread
  • Buttermilk Cornbread
  • Turnip Greens
  • Tomato and Lettuce Salad
  • Sweet Potato Casserole
  • Corn Bread
  • Sweet and Sour Greens
  • Scalloped Potatoes
  • Creamed Spinach
  • Dinner Rolls
  • Fried Green Tomatoes
  • Cream Peas
  • Garlicky Boiled Okra


  • Choose any of these delectable sides to accompany your ham and bean soup supper.
  • Prepare the ingredients in the order specified in the recipe.
  • Enjoy your meal(s) in no time!


What is a good side dish for ham and beans?

The Ultimate List of Ham and Bean Soup Side Dishes
Cornbread. Cornbread is a popular accompaniment to ham and bean soup! … Scalloped potatoes or potatoes au gratin. Who doesn’t like a tasty scalloped potato dish? … Salad with Arugula.
Cobs of corn.
Sweet potatoes roasted.
Fries in French.

What pairs well with bean soup?

The Top 12 Foods to Serve with Ham and Bean Soup
Bread made with corn. Because it has a lovely sweetness that complements the soup, green chile cornbread goes well with ham and dry beans.
Chips made from potatoes.
Casserole of Sweet Potatoes.
Salad with tomatoes and lettuce.
Collard Greens.
Bread with Garlic.
Squash, butternut.

What to serve with bean soup and cornbread?

What should I serve with the beans and cornbread? 7 DELICIOUS SIDE DISHES
Greek Salad No. 1.
2 – Crispy Bacon with Fried Cabbage.
Garlic Mashed Potatoes (no. 3).
Casserole of Vegetables.
Meatloaf ranks fifth.
6 – Asparagus Dijon.
7 – Coleslaw with Creamy & Tangy Dressing.

What can I serve with soup besides bread?

18 Perfect Soup Side Dishes
01 of 18. Sandwich with grilled cheese.
02 of 18. Potato and Green Bean Salad.
03 of 18. Pear Salad With Walnuts and Gorgonzola.
04 of 18. Fried Paneer Cheese Pakora.
05 of 18. Wilted Spinach Salad With Bacon.
06 of 18. Stuffed potatoes baked in the oven.
07 of 18. Baked Cheese and Veggie Quesadillas.
08 of 18.

What is a good side to serve with?

Every wonderful dinner must be accompanied with delectable sides! This is a list of delicious side dishes to prepare for your next family supper.
Green beans, fresh from the garden.
Zucchini and squash sautéed.
Salad with fruits.
roasted vegetables.
Salad from the garden.
Potatoes mashed.
Rice that is white.
Corn on the cob from Mexico.

What vegetables can you eat with beans?

Baked beans go well with steaming veggies. Fresh corn, steamed broccoli, green beans, and other vegetables may be included. For a healthy alternative to fried food, pair baked beans with crisp-tender stir-fried vegetables like carrots, bell peppers, cabbage, and celery.

What to serve after soup?

Garlic Breadsticks are the best soup side dishes. Soft garlic breadsticks are light, fluffy, and buttery.
Roll-ups with grilled cheese.
Salad Caesar.
Pigs on a Blanket is a children’s book.
Sweet potato wedges baked in the oven.
Bread with Cheesy Garlic.
Garlic tangles.
Salad with sweet kale.

What combos with beans?

Today on Ranked, we take on every potential bean combination to determine the worst and greatest of them.
Bread with beans.
Rice with beans.
Garri and beans.
Plantains and beans.
Corn with beans.
Potatoes with beans. I adore this combination of beans and yam. This is an excellent combination.

What is cornbread traditionally served with?

Following the preparation of the fried cornbread, it is often served with slices of cheese or collard greens.

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