23 Best Desserts for a Prime Rib Dinner

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What dessert goes well with prime rib dinner?

I’m not sure about you, but I’m a sucker for prime rib.

Something about the perfectly cooked beef and the horseradish sauce always gets to me.

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I like it so much that I try to eat prime rib at least once a week, despite the fact that it is the least healthiest food on the planet.

But the thing is, no ones eating prime rib alone.

Its part of a meal. A full meal.

And, if you’re anything like me, you’ve got stuffing, potatoes, and green beans on your plate but can’t decide what to eat for dessert.

Well have no fear.

Here are 23 desserts to go with your prime rib supper that will make you feel like a genuine foodie!

23 Best Desserts for Prime Rib Dinner

23 Best Desserts for a Prime Rib Dinner

Whatever kind of prime rib meal you’re planning, we’ve got a dessert that’s guaranteed to please.

There’s something for everyone, from dark, rich chocolate torte to sweet, airy angel food cake.

And the best part?

These sweets are simple to create and require little time to prepare.

So put that prime rib in the oven and let us teach you how to make your evening perfect!

1. Molten Lava Cake

So you’re having prime rib for dinner and want to offer something extravagant to accompany it, but you don’t want to feel humiliated when it’s time to bite in.

The key is to choose the correct kind of dessert, which is molten lava cake.

Here’s how to make it happen: Begin with a simple salad and a baked potato, since prime rib will fill you up.

This way, when it comes time for dessert, folks won’t be too stuffed from their main dish.

But here’s where it gets good: put a light dollop of vanilla ice cream on top of a molten lava cake for dessert.

The warm cake will melt the ice cream, resulting in a delicious sauce that will have everyone sighing in delight without the heaviness that may make cake seem like a burden.

While this recipe is basic and uncomplicated, here are some pointers to ensure that it always turns out delicious:

  • Take care not to over-measure the flour or cocoa powder.
  • Use room temperature ingredients to ensure a consistent rising in the oven.
  • If you overfill your ramekins, the cake will flow over and not have a hollow core with a gooey chocolate filling when it bakes.

Heres how I like to make it:

  1. The first step in preparing Molten Lava Cake is to preheat your oven to 375°F.
  2. Next, melt the butter, chocolate, and cocoa powder over boiling water.
  3. Remove from the heat after the mixture has melted into a smooth liquid and whisk in the eggs and sugar until the batter has thickened and become glossy.
  4. Then, fold in some flour and salt until just combined (do not over-mix!).
  5. Finally, bake the batter in buttered ramekins for around 13 minutes.

And there you have it!

The perfect dessert for any special occasion.

2. Brownie with Ice Cream

It’s critical to complement a baked product with something creamy for dessert.

In the case of a brownie, the ice cream is the ideal match since it serves to balance off the strength of the chocolate taste.

The cold, creamy texture cuts through the richness of the dark chocolate and provides some contrast.

Plus, it offers you an excuse to consume two sweets at once, which is hard to disagree with.

Any grocery store will sell you brownie mix.

Make the brownies from scratch if you have the time; the outcome will be more indulgent and delicious.

If you’re short on time but still want a high-quality dessert, search for brownie mix in the refrigerated area of the shop; you can get some pretty amazing things there!

3. Chocolate Mousse

You’ve worked hard to get that prime rib exactly perfect.

You’ve seasoned it, cooked it perfectly, and it’s now sitting on the chopping board.

But you know whats missing?


There are a few items that go well with prime rib for dessert:

  • It should be rich, but not too sweet.
  • It should have some texture, but not overpower.
  • It should enhance the meat rather than compete with it.

Look no farther than this delectable chocolate mousse dish for the best way to finish your prime rib feast.

This dish is sweeter than the savory roast beef it will accompany, but the richness of dark chocolate is a fantastic match to the smokey aromas in your supper.

Chocolate mousse has a light texture that contrasts well with the heartier dinner that before it.

Heres how to make it:

  1. Melt 1 cup of heavy cream and one bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips in a saucepan over medium heat, stirring regularly until the chocolate is melted, approximately 5 minutes.
  2. Remove from heat.
  3. Add 2 beaten eggs.
  4. Stir until combined.
  5. Refrigerate in individual cups or bowls until cooled and firm, approximately 2 hours.
  6. Enjoy!

4. Pumpkin Pie

Look no farther than pumpkin pie for a seasonal treat that goes nicely with your prime rib.

Pumpkin pairs well with the thick, meaty flavor of prime rib.

This dish is so simple to make that even the children can help!

Here are some tips to make this work as a meal:

  • Try to keep to a theme. If you offer classic mashed potatoes with your prime rib, serve a traditional pumpkin pie.
  • If you experiment with your side dishes, like as adding thyme or rosemary to your mashed potatoes, make sure the pumpkin pie recipe follows suit. For instance, if you use rosemary in your potatoes, include it in your pumpkin pie as well.
  • Make careful to preheat the oven before beginning on the pie filling; this will assist guarantee that everything is well cooked by the time supper arrives.

5. Tiramisu

Tiramisu is an excellent dessert choice for prime rib feasts.

It’s a thick, creamy, coffee-flavored dessert that pairs well with your main dish.

Tiramisu is a somewhat healthy dessert (if the sugar is omitted), so you don’t have to worry about overindulging after a meal.

Here are some suggestions for serving this as an addition to your prime rib dinner:

  • Make sure the coffee in your tiramisus is quite strong. This manner, it can withstand the savory tastes of your meat and side dishes.
  • Add some sweet ingredients to your tiramisu, such as chocolate shavings, bananas, or caramel. That way, you may make it sweeter without adding extra sugar.

6. Cheesecake

Cheesecake is an excellent choice since it is not too sweet, rich, and light enough to leave you feeling satisfied at the conclusion of the meal.

Don’t worry if you’ve never cooked cheesecake before!

It’s simpler than you think (and there are plenty of recipes available online).

Heres how to make it:

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. In a mixing bowl, combine all crust ingredients and stir until a crumbly dough forms.
  3. Press the dough into a 9-inch pie pan, being careful to evenly cover all edges. Make fork holes in the bottom of the crust. Set aside to cool after baking for 20 minutes, or until golden brown.
  4. In a large mixing bowl, combine cream cheese, sugar, vanilla extract, and lemon juice until creamy. Add the eggs one at a time, beating thoroughly after each addition. Pour the mixture into the chilled pie crust and bake for 35-40 minutes, or until the middle is firm but somewhat wobbly (this will help avoid breaking).
  5. Cool for 1 hour on a rack before refrigerating for at least 4 hours or overnight before serving!

7. Apple Pie

Apple pie is a traditional dessert that goes well with prime rib.

You can serve it as an la mode or all by itself.

The spices in an apple pie compliment the meaty taste of prime rib, and the sweetness properly cuts through the weight of a large dinner.

Apple pie also has the sense of a home-cooked comfort dish, making it the ideal way to end your holiday feast.

Want to make this work as a meal?

Here are some tips:

  • Add some caramel to your pie for extra flavor
  • Serve it with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream
  • Serve with a robust red wine, such as Cabernet Sauvignon.

Heres how to make it:


  • 4 apples
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup cinnamon
  • 2 cups flour
  • 1 cup of water

Preparation method:

  1. Cut the four apples into thin slices after peeling them.
  2. Pour the flour into a bowl and form a hole in the middle. Add the sugar, cinnamon, and water to the hole and stir until smooth. The dough should not be either thin or very thick.
  3. Cover the apple slices with a little extra flour before dipping them in the dough, making sure they are well coated.
  4. In a frying pan, heat the oil and cook the apples till golden brown. Serve them warm with a scoop of ice cream on top.

8. Red Velvet Cupcake

Red velvet cupcakes may seem out of place with prime rib, but they work surprisingly well together.

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The red velvet cupcake’s buttery richness balances out the intense tastes of the prime rib, and the smoothness of the icing on top makes it almost like a cheesecake.

  1. To serve these two items as a dinner, begin by preparing your red velvet cupcakes.
  2. Then place your prime rib in the oven to keep it warm until you need it.
  3. Next, start making your red velvet cupcakes.
  4. When they are done, remove the prime rib from the oven and set it aside to rest.
  5. When your cupcakes are done, remove them from the oven and cool for approximately 10 minutes before eating.

Use this time to cut up your prime rib and eat both!

9. Chocolate Pudding with Salted Caramel Sauce

Chocolate pudding with salted caramel sauce goes well with prime rib. It not only complements the rich taste of the meat, but it is also remarkably simple to prepare.

To make the pudding:

In a medium saucepan, combine 4 cup cornstarch.2 cup sugar and 11 oz. Combine 1

2. Whisk in 2 cups of milk until completely smooth. Cook, whisking continually, until the liquid thickens (approximately 7 minutes) over medium heat. Take the pan off the heat.

3. Stir in 8 ounces bittersweet chocolate chips until melted and smooth (approximately 3 minutes). Stir in 1 teaspoon vanilla extract to blend.

4. Pour into individual serving plates or a large mixing bowl, cover with plastic wrap (touching the top), and chill for at least 30 minutes or up to 4 hours.

10. Key Lime Pie

While some may fear that the acidity of this dessert would clash with the savory tastes of prime rib, I believe that it is a wonderful complement to the traditional flavors of beef and red wine, which is what most people eat with prime rib.

If you’re wondering how to serve these two dishes together in one dinner, I propose presenting them as distinct courses: serve the prime rib first, followed by the key lime pie.

Try this recipe:


  • 1 can condensed milk (14oz)
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 1/2 cup key lime juice
  • 2 tablespoons lime zest
  • 1 ready-made graham cracker crust


  1. Preheat oven to 350F (176C)
  2. In a mixing dish, add condensed milk, egg yolks, lime juice, and zest.
  3. Pour into crust and bake for 15 minutes
  4. Allow to cool before serving.


11. Strawberry Shortcake

Look no farther than strawberry shortcake for a dessert that goes nicely with prime rib!

This flexible dessert is ideal for tying together a savory and sweet dinner. It’s simple to prepare either the night before or the day of, making it ideal for planning ahead of time. It’s also simple to prepare, so you won’t have to spend hours in the kitchen.

You may either use a standard strawberry shortcake recipe (to keep things simple) or experiment with alternative recipes (to become creative). In any case, this is a terrific alternative for a post-meal dessert.

12. Creme brulee

This delectable dessert complements prime rib nicely since it is sweet without being too heavy and has a rich, creamy texture that complements the meaty taste of the prime rib.

There are other benefits as well:

Creme brulee is simple to prepare, and you can caramelize the top with a blowtorch, which looks incredibly amazing and will please your visitors.

If you’re unsure if this will work as part of your evening menu, here are some pointers:

  • Serve your main meal in smaller quantities to leave space for dessert.
  • To balance off the heavier meat and dessert courses, provide at least one salad or side dish with lighter tastes.
  • Crme brle does not have to be served right after dinner; if you want to have it later, let your guests know ahead of time so they can make space!

If this seems like the ideal way to conclude your dinner, here are some of our favorite crme brle recipes:

  • Vanilla Crme Brle
  • Ultimate crme brle
  • Easy Crme Brle

13. Fruit tarts (all kinds!)

Fruit tarts may seem to be an odd dessert to serve with prime rib at first glance.

But we’re here to teach you how to make this a match made in heaven!

To begin with, fruit tarts have the advantage of being rather light in taste.

You may conclude your dinner on a sweet note without overwhelming your visitors’ palates.

Second, fruit tarts provide just enough richness to offset the savory tastes and meats of your main dish.

Finally, fruit tarts look lovely on the table and are simple to make.

Here are a few pointers to make sure this dessert goes well with prime rib:

  • Choose a tart recipe that calls for neutral ingredients such as pastry cream or almond paste. This allows the sweetness of your dessert to complement the tastes of the meat.
  • For an extra taste boost, decorate your tart with fresh herbs such as mint or rosemary.
  • If you want to add some texture to the top of your tarts, try sprinkling some meringue or whipped cream on top of each one before serving.

Here are several dishes to try; let us know which one is your favorite!

  • Classic French Fruit Tart
  • Fruit Tart With Pastry Cream Filling
  • Mini Fruit Tarts with Vanilla Pastry Cream
  • Rustic Fruit Tarts

14. Caramel flan

Flan is one of those delectable treats that almost seems too delicious to be true.

With its smooth, velvety texture and rich, sweet tastes accented with just the perfect amount of acidity, this dessert works well as a complement to prime rib but may also stand alone as the star of its own show.

It’s rich enough on its own that you don’t need to add extra sugar or cream, but it also doesn’t dominate prime rib if you serve it with it.

When it comes to flan recipes, there are so many options!

If you wish to be vegan, try flan with coconut milk or almond milk.

With just three ingredients, you can even create your own caramel at home.Lemon juice, sugar, and water!

Here are some amazing recipes you can try:

  • Creamy Caramel Flan
  • Classic French Crme Caramel
  • Easy Caramel Flan

Here’s a nice video that demonstrates how to create caramel flan:

15. Blackberry cobbler

When presenting a prime rib supper as the main course, you want a dessert that is light and simple to digest.

Blackberry cobbler is sweet and delicious, but it’s also light on the stomach and full of flavor.

How do you make this work as a meal?

Start off with a soup or salad course.

Then, serve your prime rib with some delectable sides, such as roasted baby potatoes or garlic mashed potatoes.

Finally, for dessert, serve the blackberry cobbler with fresh whipped cream.

Sounds tasty, right?

Here are several recipes for making this dessert:

  • The Pioneer Womens Blackberry Cobbler
  • Old-Fashioned Blackberry Cobbler
  • Easy Blackberry Cobbler

16. Peach cobbler

Peach cobbler is a delicious way to conclude your dinner with a sweet treat.

Peach cobbler has a light, airy texture that makes it simple to consume after a big dinner, such as prime rib roast with all the trimmings!

Serve this dish with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream (or both!) to keep the salty and sweet tastes balanced.

If you want something more luxurious than regular sugar cookies or brownies, make your own peach crisp instead; it’s much easier than baking anything from scratch!

Here are the top three reasons why peach cobbler is a terrific dish to serve at your next dinner gathering.

  • First and foremost, it is creamy and tasty without being excessively sugary. That makes it an ideal way to round off a dinner that includes a heavy, flavorful entree like prime rib. You won’t have to worry about overpowering your visitors’ palates with sweetness as the dinner develops.
  • Second, peach cobbler is simple to prepare in advance. While most people think of it as a last-minute dessert cooked fresh from the oven, cooking it ahead of time might make your dinner party go more smoothly! It’s simple to prepare the peaches and custard ahead of time, then just bake them when you’re ready to serve dessert!
  • Third, we have some fantastic recipes that will ensure that this dessert is a hit with everyone at your dinner table.

Take a look at these:

  • Easy Peach Cobbler
  • Fresh Southern Peach Cobbler
  • Classic Bisquick Peach Cobbler

17. Lemon Meringue Pie

You wont go wrong with lemon meringue pie.

It works nicely with steak and is usually reserved for exceptional occasions. It’s also a great way to end your dinner.

Here are some suggestions for making this work as a meal:

  • Serve a light appetizer.Perhaps some steamed shrimp or crab cakes with your prime rib, followed by some freshly baked bread or buns.
  • Finally, serve a piece of lemon meringue pie to each visitor.

Here are two of my favorite dishes for this supper if you’re searching for some inspiration:

  • Grandmas Lemon Meringue Pie
  • Marthas Lemon Meringue Pie

18. Rice pudding

Rice pudding is not only a tasty treat, but it is also adaptable enough to combine nicely with the rich, savory tastes of prime rib.

And, although you may think of rice pudding as a simple, uninteresting side dish, there are many inventive ways to turn it into a delectable dessert.

What should you know before making rice pudding?

Rice pudding’s popularity stems from its simplicity: it’s essentially simply milk and rice, sweetened with vanilla and sugar.

However, if you want to spice up your dessert choices at the conclusion of your prime rib dinner, you may take your rice pudding in a variety of ways, particularly if you start with a more complex taste profile from the start.

Incorporating cinnamon or nutmeg into your recipe will give your pudding an earthy, spicy flavor that will pair nicely with the richness of your prime rib dishes.

Alternatively, try cardamom to bring out the sweetness in your dish, or go for something more exotic like saffron for a strong flowery taste.

Consider adding dried fruit like raisins and apricots to prevent altering the texture too much.

Check out these recipes if you want to try something new:

  • Old-Fashioned Rice Pudding
  • Extra Creamy Rice Pudding
  • Grandmas Rice Pudding

19. Churros

There are few finer dinners than a substantial prime rib supper, but that meal occasionally requires the right dessert to bring everything together.

Nothing beats churros, which may be presented in a number of ways to provide a wonderful ending to your dinner.

Churros are not only a fascinating way to change up your dessert routine, but they are also a simple way to serve prime rib. And since theyre so adaptable, you can include them into any kind of meal plan, whether you want something healthy or delicious.

Here are some tips on how to get started:

  • Experiment with various varieties of churros and sauces. The mix of salty and sweet tastes is a fun way to experiment with food, and you can do it in a healthy manner.
  • Churros may be made from scratch or purchased from a shop. They’ll be wonderful either way!
  • For an extra indulgent treat, serve churros with whipped cream or ice cream.

Check out these tasty recipes:

  • Easy Homemade Churros
  • The perfect churros
  • Authentic Churros Recipe with Chocolate Sauce

20. Fresh Fruit Salad Topped with Sorbet or Ice Cream

I prefer to offer fresh fruit salad with sorbet or ice cream on top.

It’s not only simple to prepare and refreshing, but it also complements the rich taste of prime rib.

Here are some pointers on how to make it work as a main course:

  • First, make sure you serve a large enough quantity of prime rib so everyone is satiated without the need for dessert straight away. You want them to have space for something sweet in their tummies!
  • Make sure you have enough of bread on hand to mop up any excess meat liquid. People will not overeat bread if they are still hungry for additional food.
  • Finally, make sure you have enough wine or other beverages to complement your dinner. Before enjoying dessert, make sure everyone has enough fluids in their system!

Here are three delicious recipes:

  • Easy Fruit Salad Sorbet Recipe
  • Lime sorbet splice with mojito fruit salad
  • Orange Sorbet With Blood Orange Salad

21. Apple Crisp

With a little salt, prime rib is a rich and fatty dish that calls for something sweet at the conclusion.

But you don’t want just ordinary dessert; you want one that can compete with such delectableness!

Apple crisp is both sweet and buttery, and its texture complements the tenderness of your prime rib perfectly.

Many people believe that apple crisp is only excellent fresh from the oven, but we have some tips and tactics that will make this meal work even if you don’t have time to prepare it from scratch:

  • Warm the store-bought apple crisp in a pan over medium heat for approximately 10 minutes.
  • While it’s cooking up, sprinkle some sliced almonds on top for added crunch.
  • Get some vanilla ice cream and top it with cinnamon immediately before serving.

And here are some delicious recipes:

  • Old Fashioned Easy Apple Crisp
  • The Best Apple Crisp
  • Easy Apple Crisp Recipe

22. Rich chocolate torte

There is no better moment than the conclusion of a dinner to amaze your visitors with something sweet and tasty.

What better dessert to accompany your prime rib supper than a decadent chocolate torte?

It’s decadent, simple to prepare, and will leave you satiated but not full.

Here are a few tips on how to serve it:

  • This dessert may be made ahead of time, giving you one less thing to worry about on the day of your celebration. Just be sure to set it aside to cool before serving.
  • If you want something more luxurious than typical chocolate tortes, consider topping them with whipped cream or chocolate sauce!
  • This dessert is ideal as an after-dinner treat or as a side dish to your main entrée.Just before serving, garnish each dish with a slice of torte so that everyone gets their own piece.

Need some recipes? Try these:

  • Flourless Chocolate Torte
  • Easy Chocolate Torte
  • Spiked Blackberry Coulis on Dark Chocolate Torte

23. Angel food cake

Angel food cake is a traditional dessert that goes well with prime rib.

It is simple to make at home or buy in the bakery area of your grocery store, making it an excellent choice for any home cook seeking for a quick way to complete their dinner.

Here are some tips for serving angel food cake:

  • Include fruit. Try sprinkling fresh berries or pieces of peaches, nectarines, or plums on top of the cake. To add a more delicate fruity taste, mix in additional fruit juice or extract.
  • Make that it is light and fluffy. Angel food cakes should be airy and light, so don’t overcrowd them during baking!
  • Don’t pile on too many toppings. With icing, sprinkles, and other decorations, it’s easy to go overboard. Keep things basic so that they compliment rather than overshadow your main course.

Try one of our favorite recipes:

  • Best Angel Food Cake
  • Effortless Angel Food Cake Recipe
  • Angel food cake with lemon curd

4 Reasons to Serve A Dessert with A Prime Rib Dinner

23 Best Desserts for a Prime Rib Dinner

Some may ask whether providing a dessert with a prime rib supper is excessive.

After all, prime rib is such a decadent dish, is it really feasible to eat anything else after that?

Well, the answer is yes! And heres why:

1. To Balance the Rich Flavor of A Prime Rib 

Dessert is all about finding the right balance.Your dinner’s deep, robust tastes need a delicate and light dessert to finish off the meal.

With its juicy cut of meat and deep, meaty taste, a prime rib supper will make your mouth wet.

That is why, after a prime rib supper, you need something simple and sweet that will not overload your palette.

2. Leave Guests Feeling Satisfied and Happy

Dessert may be the ideal way to send folks home with a grin, whether it’s a birthday dinner or simply a casual get-together.

That is why, if you are serving prime rib, make sure you have something sweet ready to go with it!

Your guests will be raving about the lunch for weeks since it is such a great treat.

3. To Incorporate Seasonal Flavors Into Your Menu

A tasty dessert is an excellent way to include seasonal ingredients into your meal.

Consider this: if you’re serving prime rib in December, you probably have some cinnamon and nutmeg on hand.

Why not put those flavors to good use in a cake?

And, if you really want to brag, add some of your favorite chocolate to the mix; we all know that chocolate and cinnamon go together like peanut butter and jelly.

4. A Dessert Can Offer a Slightly Different Texture

Dessert is more than simply something to look forward to.

It can provide a nice contrast in your meal.

Without it, you may be overwhelmed by the richness of the meat.

After such a delicious lunch, a dessert might provide a slightly different feel that you will like.

This does not imply that dessert needs to be difficult or harmful.

Without much work, you may prepare a simple, nutritious dessert like fresh fruit or sorbet.

23 Best Desserts For a Prime Rib Dinner

Prime rib dinners are all about tradition, and what’s more traditional than a sweet, indulgent dessert?Whether you’re serving a prime rib dinner to celebrate a holiday like Easter or Christmas, or just because it’s Sunday, your family will love the nostalgic feeling of enjoying a slice of classic apple pie after a hearty meal. Or if you’re looking for something more seasonal, why not try an eggnog cheesecake? It’s simple to make and has all the flavors of the holidays in one bite. You can even throw some vanilla ice cream on top!The best part is, this is a dessert you probably already have the ingredients for at home. If you don’t want to go all-out and bake something from scratch, then try serving your prime rib dinner with a plate of chocolate chip cookies. You can even get them premade at the store! If you do bake them yourself, your family won’t be able to resist sneaking into the kitchen when they smell them baking.Desserts are special. They’re what we remember most after enjoying a great meal together. So while it may seem like overkill to eat sweets after you’ve eaten so much meat and potatoes, think about how much joy it will bring everyone to end on that note.
Prep Time 5mins
Cook Time 10mins
Total Time 15mins


  • Molten Lava Cake
  • Brownie with Ice Cream
  • Chocolate Mousse
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Tiramisu
  • Cheesecake
  • Apple Pie
  • Red Velvet Cupcake
  • Chocolate Pudding with Salted Caramel Sauce
  • Key Lime Pie
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Creme brulee
  • Fruit tarts (all kinds!)
  • Caramel flan
  • Blackberry cobbler
  • Peach cobbler
  • Lemon Meringue Pie
  • Rice pudding
  • Churros
  • Fresh Fruit Salad Topped with Sorbet or Ice Cream
  • Apple Crisp
  • Rich chocolate torte
  • Angel food cake


  • Choose one of these delectable desserts to accompany your rib supper.
  • Prepare the ingredients in the order specified in the recipe.
  • Enjoy your meal in no time!


What is the best dessert to serve with prime rib?

Other times of year will be ideal for serving your prime rib roast with fruit desserts such as my blackberry apple pie or a custard-based dessert such as a cherry clafoutis or bread pudding!

What to serve with prime rib for dinner?

25 Prime Rib Side Dishes to Complete the Meal
Smith, Ralph.
Green Beans with Garlic.
Cauliflower that has been roasted.
Sweet potatoes mashed.
Bread with Pull-Apart Cheese.
Mashed Potatoes with Pepper Jack.
Sweet potatoes candied.
Casserole with Cajun Green Beans.

What is traditionally served with prime rib?

When presenting a prime rib supper, think about what tastes would complement the roast rather than overshadow it. Traditional Christmas sides like green bean casserole, creamed corn casserole, and mashed potatoes complement prime rib well.

What appetizer goes with prime rib?

Avocado Bruschetta is one of the best appetizers for a prime rib dinner.
Cheese, peppers, and olives that have been marinated.
Whiskey Bacon Jam for Gentlemen.
Pastries with Brie and mushrooms.
Oysters Baked with Parmesan.
Bites of Antipasto.
Roasted Beetroot with Feta Cheese.
Salad with Coronation Chicken.

What’s a good dessert after a steak dinner?

29 Desserts That Perfectly Follow A Beef Dish
Tiramisu. Tres Leches Cake. English Custard. Ice Cream. Crème Brûlée. Cheesecake. Flan.
Sorbet. Rhubarb Tart. Strawberry Shortcake. Raspberry Walnut Torte. Apple Pie. Lemon Souffles.
Bananas Foster. Mochi. Cupcakes. Matcha Macarons. Champagne Strawberry Posset. Cotton-Candy Topped.

What dessert goes well with steak dinner?

Chocolate mousse.
Strawberries dipped in chocolate.
Chocolate cake kills.
Pie with apples.
Pie with rhubarb custard.
Shortcake with strawberries.
Cobbler with blueberries.There are a few desserts available, ranging from chocolaty to fruity to creamy, to let you finish on a sweet note after your delicious steak.
Torte au chocolat. Currently Popular

How many pounds of prime rib per person for dinner?

When purchasing prime rib, the general practice is to purchase one pound per person. A bone-in standing rib roast will serve around two people per bone. Also, consider how many side dishes you want to offer. If you are making a huge Christmas feast with a lot of other food, count on 12 to 34 pounds of prime rib per person.

What mixed drink goes best with prime rib?

The Stormy Weather. The crisp ginger beer base and complementing dark rum taste of a Dark and Stormy go well with a prime rib entrée.

Is prime rib a traditional Christmas dinner?

Many people have made prime rib a Christmas tradition, but what makes this piece of meat so special? It is believed that prime rib became popular during the Industrial Revolution.

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