23 Best Corned Beef Sauces (Collection of Corned Beef Sauces)

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It might be challenging to come up with fresh and intriguing ideas for your next dinner party meal.

Perhaps you’re considering creating corned beef for your next dinner party, a meal that is sure to please and wow your guests.

Corned beef may be served hot or cold, with a variety of side dishes such as cabbage, potatoes, rice, and pasta.

You could also add pickles to your corned beef for a unique spin.

If you’re looking for some unique and unusual ideas for your next corned beef supper, go no further than these corned beef sauces.

Everything you need to know about various sauces to use with corned beef may be found right here.

The 23 Best Sauces For Corned Beef

23 Best Sauces for Corned Beef (Sauce for Corned Beef Collection)

1. Mustard Sauce (My Personal Favorite Corned Beef Sauce)

One of my favorite aspects of my holiday dinners is that they are never the same and are always changing.

That means I get to experiment with different combinations and find what works best in my kitchen. Brisket, mashed potatoes, and mustard sauce is one of my favorite recipes.

Brisket is a tough piece of beef that must be cooked in a certain way to break down the fibers. As a consequence, the most delicate and delectable cut of beef is produced.

It’s a popular cut of beef for many occasions, and the mustard sauce really brings it to life by providing depth and spicy flavor.

To truly get everyone enthused about your dinner, serve it during a family feast or holiday gathering. It’s an excellent option for entertaining.

You may use whatever kind of mustard you choose, but I recommend Dijon if you have it. You want the mustard’s powerful tastes to really stand out against the corned beef.

2. Horseradish Sauce

Corned beef is a classic cuisine that is eaten all over the globe in a variety of ways.

There is no optimal side dish for it; the trick is to match it with something that complements it.

Horseradish with corned beef is a popular pairing. The acidity of the horseradish sauce cuts through the richness of the meal.

Fresh horseradish root should be purchased from your local grocer, since paste or powder will not have the same effect.

The taste of the horseradish also contributes significantly to the overall flavor of the meal, particularly when combined with the fatty flesh of the corned beef.

3. Creamy Gravy

You would not expect to match gravy with corned beef, but in many countries, this is the traditional accompaniment to the roast.

Gravy is a must-have for every beef meal and one of the most adaptable sauces you may keep on hand.

With a heavy meal like corned beef, a creamy sauce can go a long way. It adds a beautiful richness and body to the meal, thus adding gravy is just a clever method to enhance flavor to your cuisine.

You may either use the gravy as a dipping sauce or as a sauce on top of your food.

4. Mornay Sauce

Corned beef has so many diverse tastes. There’s so much to enjoy here, from the salty, rich taste of the meat to the sweet brine.

That is why it is a good idea to match corned beef with another taste or an accompaniment that will help bring out the depth and richness of the meat.

Mornay sauce, an Italian creamy cheese sauce, is ideal for corned beef since it has a distinct taste profile that can truly elevate the meal.

Use a sauce with a comparable cheese taste profile, such as cream cheese and sour cream, or simply plain old horseradish.

5. Sweet and Sour Sauce

The traditional sweet and sour combo complements corned meat well. It’s particularly useful in this scenario since there are so many alternatives for making the meal.

Many different components may be used to make a sweet and sour sauce, including apple cider vinegar, pineapple juice, orange juice, and ketchup.

Choose a sweet and sour sauce that is neither excessively sweet nor too tart.

You may also add additional flavor ingredients to the recipe, such as dried fruit or shredded veggies.

Choose a sauce that is more savory than sweet, such as an Asian-inspired sweet and sour.

6. Tomato-Onion Sauce

It’s no surprise that the majority of corned beef recipes call for a red or tomato-based sauce.

These sauces are often the base of a variety of foods, and they are the go-to accompaniment for the iconic Christmas sandwich.

A typical tomato-onion sauce, as we’ve seen in previous dishes, might be a fantastic option.

Corned beef may be rather salty and heavy on its own, but a tomato-based sauce can help to cut through the taste and offer a little bit of freshness.

7. Sour Cream & Caraway Sauce

Sour cream and caraway sauce are a perfect complement. Because corned beef has a high fat content, it may be rather greasy or oily, and the tangy, sour cream, and caraway combination really helps to cut through the fat properly.

It’s delicious on sandwiches, but it’s also delicious on top of potatoes, as a dip, or even on top of a roast.

The corned beef has a distinct flavor and texture that complements the sour cream and caraway combo.

8. Hot Sauce

The sweet and salty taste combination is the most fundamental and delicious flavor combination in our culinary toolkit. Hot sauce complements corned beef excellently because it adds a blast of heat and spice to cut through the richness of the meat.

A dab of spicy sauce on your fork before you take your first bite will convey a message to your taste receptors that says, “Hey, this isn’t just any old beef.” This is wild game meat!

The sweet and savory combo is a traditional and enjoyable one, and there’s no reason not to include it into your meals. Just be careful not to overdo it, since too much spice might become numbing. A handful of dashes will enough.

9. Plum Sauce

Every kitchen should have plum sauce on hand. It is always a good idea to have a bottle on hand since it may be used in a variety of dishes.

It complements corned beef excellently, particularly when served on top of mashed potatoes.

The sweetness of the plum sauce and the saltiness of the corned beef are an ideal match.

You may change the appearance of the meal by adding fresh tomato sauce instead of canned tomatoes. This cuts through the richness of the corned beef without being as heavy as a conventional plum sauce.

10. Guaiwei Sauce

Corned beef is a substantial, classic cut of meat that might be difficult to match with.

There are several methods for preparing and serving corned beef.

The most traditional approach to serve it is to just place a large slab of beef on a platter and dive in.

That is not something you want to do while eating a meal!

We want to be able to enjoy a tasty dinner, and this is one of the simplest methods to do so.

Try guaiwei sauce on your corned beef, and you’ll never go back to your old ways of thinking.

You may add guaiwei sauce to your favorite brisket dish or use it as a topping for potato salad or spaghetti. It has a delicious thick and creamy taste.

11. Pipian Sauce

Pipian is a thick and spicy tomato-based sauce that is often served over rice and has been relished in various forms across most of Latin America for generations.

The smokey, salty, meaty aromas of corned beef truly stand up to the strong and somewhat spicy flavors of pipian. It is the ideal complement and may be served as a dipping sauce for your sandwich, mixed into your chili, or just drizzled over your cooked corned beef as a delightful condiment.

12. Beurre Blanc Sauce

Beurre Blanc sauce, a traditional French culinary method, is a favorite match with corned beef. It has a mild, buttery taste that complements the richness of corned beef.

Because this is a traditional French dish, you may use any kind of white sauce to prepare it, but a handmade version is usually preferable.

Combine two parts butter and one part cream to create it at home. This is the most classic beurre blanc, and it goes well with fish, vegetables, and even poultry.

You may also use this approach to make a lemon beurre blanc sauce by adding some lemon juice. This will precisely cut through the richness of the meal and add that extra lemon bite.

13. Vietnamese Fish Sauce

Corned beef is one of those things that is as simple to like or dislike as it is to find at any supermarket. You should be able to locate some fantastic goods if you live in an area with an ethnic market or a really nice food store.

Vietnamese fermented fish sauce is one of the foods I usually hunt for. It is created from anchovies and gives a tremendous amount of flavor depth to any meal.

A little goes a long way, so use sparingly and you’ll be surprised at how much it improves the taste of your cuisine.

14. Apple Sauce

Corned beef is one of those products that has been around for a long time, and there are several ways to serve it.

Corned beef is most often served thinly sliced on rye toast with a pickle.

If you want to add anything more to the dish, apple sauce is a terrific option. It’s sweet and tangy, and it goes well with the richness of the corned beef.

Apple sauce may also be used as a dipping sauce or to season mashed potatoes. When combined with the soft components, it has an intriguing texture that adds a whole new layer of taste to your meal.

15. Whisky Sauce

Whisky sauce is paired with corned meat for a purpose. It aids in cutting through the richness of the meat.

It is simple to prepare and ideal for a large group. The whisky’s smokey, peaty taste complements the flavor of the steak and makes this a really pleasant supper.

You might manufacture your own by boiling whiskey, flour, and water together. You might also purchase a ready-made version.

16. Blue Cheese Sauce

There’s something special about a nice, traditional blue cheese sauce with corned beef. The powerful meat taste, the richness of the corned beef, and the salty cheese combine to form a delightful mix.

The blue cheese has a powerful taste, and its creaminess offers a creamy richness that complements the intense flavors of the meat wonderfully.

This may be served on top of the corned beef, beside it, or on the side. It is all up to you and what you want.

17. Peppercorn Sauce

Corned beef pairs well with a spicy, acidic sauce such as Peppercorn Sauce. It cuts through the richness of the steak while also providing a peppery bite.

Corned beef is one of those traditional recipes that is as delicious cold or hot.

Pepper sauce goes well with a variety of meats and seafood, but corned beef particularly shines when served on a hamburger or in a Reuben sandwich.

18. Béarnaise Sauce

This is yet another great pairing. The sauce’s richness pulls out all of the nuanced tastes of the corned beef, which makes the sauce’s flavors shine even more.

Because the corned beef is fatty, a light, bright sauce is the ideal choice. A excellent barnaise sauce is quite classic and should always be in your culinary toolbox. It is simple to create and requires just a few ingredients.

All you need to know is that the sauce’s basis includes butter, egg yolks, tarragon, and white wine vinegar. That means you can use whatever flavor you choose. If you wish to add additional herbs, such as chives or parsley, just mix them in with the egg yolks.

If you don’t have barnaise on hand, you may use any kind of mayonnaise or a basic mixture of lemon or orange juice and Dijon mustard. It will still function, but it will not be the same.

19. Chimichurri Sauce

Chimichurri is a traditional Argentine sauce that is often served with steak or roasted meats. It is commonly prepared with herbs, garlic, and olive oil, although depending on the location, it may be made with a variety of herbs.

It is an excellent technique to flavor corned beef since it may compliment the meat in a variety of ways.

If you choose a thick cut of beef, serve it over potatoes to absorb up all the delectable flavors. You may also get creative and produce a homemade chimichurri sauce by adding other ingredients to the mix.

20. Garlic Herb Butter Sauce

Corned beef is a traditional combo, and it’s a great one.

You might think, What else goes with corned beef?

You may create your own garlic herb butter sauce by adding a little garlic and onion to the mix.

It’s not difficult to prepare and is a fast and simple way to spice up your typical corned beef and cabbage dinner.

You may create a smaller batch and store it in the fridge until ready to use.

Simply melt some butter, stir in the garlic and herbs, and you’re good to go.

21. Red Wine Jus Sauce

This is one of those classic combos that we frequently overlook since it is so ubiquitous.

Red wine jus is merely a reduced red wine base that has been heavily flavored with spices and aromatics. It has such a delectable taste profile that you will want to combine it with nearly everything.

The red wine jus might be mixed into mashed potatoes or used as a dipping sauce for corned beef or roast fowl.

The red wine sauce complements the saltiness of the corned beef wonderfully, and the spice elements of the sauce complement the meat without dominating it.

22. Mushroom Sauce

Mushroom sauces are an excellent choice for mixing with corned meat. They complement each other so well because mushrooms give the ideal balance of umami and acidity.

When they combine nicely with corned beef, you get that distinct mushroom taste without the meaty flavor.

The addition of cream to the mushroom sauce enhances the tastes of the sauce and makes it even more tasty.

This sauce goes well with mashed potatoes or pasta. It also pairs well with a beautiful piece of roast meat.

23. Diane Sauce

The traditional marriage of Diane sauce and corned beef should be part of your culinary language.

This is another food that is often served as a side dish, but it also makes an excellent accompaniment to any main entrée.

If you’ve ever eaten a corned beef sandwich with mustard and coleslaw, you know how delicious this combination can be.

If you’ve never eaten a sandwich with corned beef, you’re losing out on one of the most underappreciated sandwich ingredients.

You can prepare a delicious corned beef sandwich at home by combining Diane sauce with corned meat and cabbage and topping with mustard and onion.

Corned beef is heavy in fat, yet there’s something about its richness and taste that makes it so appealing. It’s not difficult to get a taste of the richness without going crazy and overeating.

What Else Goes Well With Corned Beef?

23 Best Sauces for Corned Beef (Sauce for Corned Beef Collection)


Ketchup is an excellent accompaniment to corned beef because it has a strong and powerful taste that cuts through the meat and brings out its rich flavor.

The nicest part is that you can eat it as a whole or simply on top of the meat.

It is a classic pairing that goes great together.

Thousand Island

Thousand island dressing is produced with a base of mayonnaise and a variety of additional spices such as chili powder, paprika, and so on. It may be served on a number of things and has long been a staple on hamburgers and hot dogs.

It is common knowledge that mayonnaise works well with almost everything, and the robust tastes of thousand island bring out the best in corned beef.

The pickles, mustard, and horseradish in the dressing all cut through the saltiness of the corned beef and make the meal truly pop.

Corned beef is frequently thought to be a Jewish dish, however it originated in Ireland and was popularized by Irish Americans. That means it’s become a patriotic American cuisine, and when served on a bun with thousand island dressing, it shouts “America!”

Russian Dressing

If you want to add a little sweetness to your supper, you should certainly choose the traditional Russian dressing.

Russian dressing is quite versatile and may be used in a variety of ways. This is a favorite on our sandwiches, and it also works well as a sandwich topper.

It’s also a fantastic addition to the side of a dish.

The dressing’s acidic and strong qualities really bring out the flavors of the corned beef and form a terrific combo!


What tastes good with corned beef?

Corned beef complements a wide range of tastes. Mustard, horseradish, and pickles are among traditional accompaniments. A creamy cheese sauce, sauerkraut, or a sweet and tart chutney are some more excellent possibilities.

What is traditionally served with corned beef?

Corned beef is traditionally served with boiling or mashed potatoes, cabbage, carrots, and onions. Irish soda bread is another popular option.

What makes corned beef taste better?

There are a few things you can do to improve the taste of corned beef. To begin, you may flavor the cooking liquid with spices such as peppercorns, bay leaves, and cloves. Another approach to improve taste is to brush the corned beef with a brown sugar and mustard mixture before baking. Finally, resting the meat for a few minutes before slicing may help it stay moist and tasty.

What can I use instead of mustard on corned beef?

If mustard isn’t your thing, there are plenty of different sauces and condiments that go well with corned beef. A popular choice is horseradish sauce, while a creamy cheese sauce may provide a rich and tangy taste. A sweet and spicy chutney or a tangy barbecue sauce are additional options.

Can I use my air fryer for this meal?

Yes, you can certainly cook corned beef in your air fryer. Here’s an easy recipe for you to try:

  1. Preheat your air fryer to 375F (190C).
  2. Cook the corned beef for 15-20 minutes per pound in the air fryer basket, rotating halfway through.
  3. Using a meat thermometer, check the internal temperature of the corned beef. In the thickest area, it should register at least 145F (63C).
  4. Allow for a few minutes of resting time before slicing and serving with your preferred sauces and sides.

Cooking time will vary according on the size and thickness of the corned beef. Adjust the cooking time as needed and check the internal temperature for doneness.


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Top 23 Sauces to Serve with Corned Beef

Wondering what sauce to serve with your corned beef? Check out these 23 delicious sauce receipes!
Prep Time 5mins
Cook Time 15mins
Total Time 20mins


  • Mustard Sauce
  • Horseradish Sauce
  • Creamy Gravy
  • Mornay Sauce
  • Sweet and Sour Sauce
  • Tomato-Onion Sauce
  • Sour Cream & Caraway Sauce
  • Hot Sauce
  • Plum Sauce
  • Guaiwei Sauce
  • Pipian Sauce
  • Beurre Blanc Sauce
  • Vietnamese Fish Sauce
  • Apple Sauce
  • Whisky Sauce
  • Blue Cheese Sauce
  • Peppercorn Sauce
  • Barnaise Sauce
  • Chimichurri Sauce
  • Garlic Herb Butter Sauce
  • Red Wine Jus Sauce
  • Mushroom Sauce
  • Diane Sauce


  • Pick any of these 23 delicious sauce recipes.
  • Prepare the ingredients.
  • Have your sauce ready within 30 minutes!


What is the secret to tender corned beef?

Always cut across the grain.

When you’re finished cooking the corned beef, be sure to slice it against the grain. This yields a more tender outcome; slicing with the grain yields a tougher and stringier feel when chewed.

How can I make my corned beef taste better?

To enhance the taste of your boiled corned beef, add some veggies to the pot, such as carrots, onions, and potatoes. These veggies not only offer taste but also help to balance out a dish. For added taste, add herbs and spices like as a bay leaf, garlic, and peppercorns to the water.

What goes good with corned beef?

What to Serve with Corned Beef (14 Delicious Side Dishes)
Salad with Asian Cabbage.
Gratin de pommes.
Red potatoes, roasted.
Carrots with a traditional glaze.
Green beans that have been blanched.
Dinner rolls that are soft.
Artichoke Hearts Marinated.

Do you discard the liquid that the corned beef package?

To prepare the corned beef, open the unopened box directly over the slow cooker, since you want the brine to be included in the cooking liquid. Don’t throw away the brine. Place the meat in the cooker and cover with cold water.

What happens if you don t rinse corned beef before cooking?

1. Failure to rinse the meat before cooking. If you cook the meat directly from the plastic packing or without washing it from the brine solution in the fridge, you may be in for a saltier lunch than you paid for.

Does corned beef get more tender the longer you cook it?

Corned beef is produced from a less tender cut of beef, such as brisket, rump, or round. As a result, it need extensive, wet cooking. With a three-minute rest period, corned beef is safe after the internal temperature reaches at least 145 °F, although cooking it longer will make it fork-tender.

Do you rinse corned beef or don’t rinse?

Is it necessary to rinse corned beef before cooking? Yes, you should rinse it before cooking. Rinsing it removes excess salt, preventing a meal from being too salty. Don’t be concerned about removing all of the taste!

What do you put in the water when cooking corned beef?

To boil corned beef, place it in a big saucepan and cover it with water. If desired, add a tablespoon or two of pickling spice, as well as a few garlic cloves, a quartered onion, a carrot, and a few celery stalks. Bring everything to a boil, then cover and lower to a steady simmer.

How to spice up bland corned beef?

Pour water over the corned meat. Make your own pickling spice combination using bay leaves, whole black peppercorns, mustard seeds, juniper berries, allspice berries, and whole cloves.

What do the Irish eat with corned beef?

St. Patrick’s Day would be incomplete without glittery shamrocks, green beer, leprechauns, and, of course, corned beef and cabbage.

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