15 Easy Roasted Jalapeno Recipes You’ll Love

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Roasting peppers is one of those skills that, at first, might seem scary. But it’s extremely simple if you know how.

If you want to cook roasted jalapeño foods at home, these 15 recipes are perfect for you.

There are recipes for jalapeño poppers and jalapeno salsa, as well as suggestions for several varieties of jalapenos, including fresh and canned.

These jalapeno recipes are extremely simple to modify. Simply substitute any peppers you have on hand and you’ll still get great results.

15 Easy Roasted Jalapeno Recipes You’ll Love

15 Easy Roasted Jalapeno Recipes You’ll Love

Whether you want to prepare an appetizer for your next party or simply need some fast and simple recipes to use up all those leftover jalapenos from last summer’s tomato crop, this compilation of 15 excellent recipes will ensure you never get tired of roasted jalapenos again.

1. Spicy Roasted Jalapeno Hummus

One of my all-time favorite dips is hummus. I like almost all dips, but hummus has always been my favorite. There’s something so creamy and delectable about hummus.

And, although I like traditional hummus dishes, the addition of jalapeo to hummus is always a favorite of mine! This spicy-roasted-jalapeo hummus is a unique take on the classic dish.

It’s also quite easy to make, and it’s always a success at gatherings! And, with the Super Bowl approaching, you’ll want to serve this spicy-roasted-jalapeo hummus to all of your friends and family!

2. Roasted Jalapeño Salsa

The end of the year is quickly approaching, and what better way to celebrate than with a tasty salsa recipe?

Making your own salsa is incredibly gratifying. It’s tasty, easy to create, and you always know what’s in your meal. It’s also a terrific chance to bond with family and show them you care by preparing a nice meal for them.

If you’re feeling very daring, pick up a couple jalapenos and roast them to give a smokey taste to your salsa.

3. Fire Roasted Jalapeno Dip (vegan + gluten free + paleo)

This dip is a classic Mexican dish, but you don’t have to be Mexican to enjoy it.

It tastes nice in your tongue, with the faint jalapeño flavor, the smoothness of cashew and coconut milk, the thickness of arrowroot powder, and the richness of vegan mayo.

It just takes 12 minutes and 5 ingredients to create, and it will become one of your favorites.

Try it out!

4. Extra Creamy Roasted Jalapeno Guacamole

The extra creamy roasted jalapeño Guacamole recipe is both tasty and simple to create. Gather your materials and proceed as follows: To begin, mash the avocados in a bowl. After that, stir in the garlic, lime juice, and salt.

Add the tomatoes, roasted jalapeño peppers, and black pepper to taste. If desired, add the cilantro as well. With nacho chips or tortilla chips, serve the extra creamy roasted jalapeño Guacamole. It’s a quick and easy family-friendly snack or appetizer.

5. Easy Oven Roasted Jalapenos

This recipe will teach you how to roast your own jalapenos at home so you can use them in a Mexican meal or any other dish that calls for jalapeño peppers.

Theyre also fantastic to freeze and use anytime you want to add a little additional flavor to whatever you’re cooking! It’s a simple dish with a rich taste that you’re going to adore! You just need jalapenos, olive oil, and salt!

6. Cream of Roasted Jalapeño Soup

Roasted jalapenos have a milder taste than raw jalapenos. Their taste works well in sauces, soups, and stews. The jalapenos are roasted whole and in their skins, allowing the skin to retain some of their taste.

Remove the seeds if you prefer a milder taste. This soup dish will go well with any meal. For a great starter, serve the soup in a sourdough bread dish.

7. Roasted Corn and Jalapeno Dip

This summer dip has just the right amount of heat and corn to delight everyone! Make this wonderful, cheesy dip with fresh jalapenos and corn straight off the grill. For the spicy component of the dip, I’ve supplied many variations.

It’s usually a good idea to test the dip or salsa before giving it to guests to ensure the spice level is just right! The best part about this dip is that it becomes even better the next day!

As the flavors combine, the dip thickens and becomes more tasty. It goes well with sliced vegetables, chips and crackers, and even buffalo chicken wings.

If you’re throwing a party, it’s a terrific appetizer, but if you’re just having it for dinner, it’s a delicious side dish!

8. Gouda Jalapeno Roasted Red Pepper Grilled Cheese Sandwich

A must-try for every gouda and jalapeo enthusiast! If you’re anything like me, you’ll appreciate how substantial this sandwich is and how it can be both a light dinner and a great complement to lunch with a salad and apple slices.

Nobody ever claimed that the best recipes had to be complex or difficult to prepare. The skill to cook a delicious dinner from scratch is going extinct!

9. Kale Salad with Roasted Jalapeño Dressing

When you add tahini, roasted jalapeo, lemon juice, and red bell pepper to kale dressing, it becomes much more fascinating. The jalapeo gives not just a spicy bite but also a smokey taste to the dressing, while the avocado adds healthful fats and smoothness.

As a consequence, the supper is both entertaining and tasty. Because the kale can be cut ahead of time and kept in the fridge, this salad comes together quickly as a side dish.

10. Chipotle Honey Roasted Jalapeño Peach Corn Quinoa Salad

Chipotle Honey Roasted Jalapeo Peach Corn Quinoa Salad Recipe is a delicious, festive, and simple salad that comes together fast, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the warm summer weather.

It’s the ideal way to start off the summer season with something a bit unusual but still simple to make. It’s a flavorful summer corn salad that’s perfect for parties, cookouts, and potlucks.

11. Roasted Red Jalapeno Pepper Hot Sauce

I had no clue I could have so much fun and create so many different varieties of spicy sauce when I first began creating my own! Making spicy sauce is surprisingly simple and involves just a few basic component combinations.

One of my favorite recipes is for a tasty roasted red jalapeño pepper spicy sauce.

I like the use of red wine vinegar and the incredible flavor it brings out in the delicious roasted jalapeos. It makes me want to come back for more! It’s delicious on chicken, tacos, scrambled eggs, hot dogs, burgers, and anything else I’m eating!

12. Flame Roasted Corn & Jalapeno Queso

This is a quick and easy meal that uses corn and jalapenos. Don’t you think that simple ideas are typically the best?

This is one of my favorite appetizers to offer at gatherings since it is simple to prepare, tasty, and always disappears fast. It’s a basic dish, but you can amp up the taste with herbs like cilantro and lime juice.

If you have any leftovers, store them in the refrigerator and eat them the following day. This queso is excellent on its own, but you can also combine it with a dip or wrap it in a chip for a crunchy snack. This dessert is best served hot!

13. Pickled Jalapeños

Jalapeos are both fiery and tasty. They provide a kick to everything you put them in, and they’re especially good in salads and sandwiches.

Pickled jalapeos are an excellent addition to a burger, chicken, or steak sandwich. You may also serve them on skewers as an appetizer or snack!

14. Mexican Creamy Jalapeños Spaghetti

If you like spicy meals, you must try this spaghetti recipe. It contains all of the tastes of Mexican cuisine and is really simple to prepare.

I like this as an appetizer with chips or as a main course with a salad or vegetables. It’s an excellent way to use up fresh jalapeo peppers, which are high in vitamin C, fiber, and taste.

15. Roasted Jalapeno Ranch Potato Salad

This salad is very simple to prepare and has all of your favorite tastes! The roasted jalapenos in the spicy sauce provide a fantastic taste to the potatoes!

If you want to make it more filling, add extra bacon or grilled chicken!

 Cooking Tips

  1. Before chopping jalapenos in half, I normally peel them. This, however, may be problematic since it makes the pepper hotter and more difficult to handle. If you must do it, take care not to burn yourself! When I do this, I always wear gloves.
  2. You may use any size jalapeño. I use a combination of huge and little.
  3. For a real kick, add Tabasco.
  4. Do not worry about the seeds.
  5. If desired, pat the jalapenos dry with a paper towel. This is optional, although it helps avoid hot fingertips.

Additional Tips

1. Don’t be concerned about the heat; instead, be cautious of how much salt you use. There are many fantastic jalapeño recipes on the internet, but it is difficult to find a solid guide for cooking jalapenos in general. We’ll teach you how to roast jalapenos at a low temperature to prevent burning, followed by a few of dishes you may create at home.

2. Use just fresh jalapenos. Fresh jalapenos may not last as long as pre-packaged jalapenos, but they have a distinct taste than canned jalapenos. If you are roasting jalapenos for a party, make sure they are fresh. When chopping canned jalapenos, they might be a bit difficult to manage.

3. Leave the jalapenos unseasoned until ready to serve. The peppers will get drier as the salt draws moisture from them. They will take longer to roast as a result.

4. Purchase the jalapeo peppers whole. Roasting jalapeos is famously tough. They have a thick shell for a spicy pepper, and the seeds within may be difficult to extract. As a result, you may be inclined to remove the seed before roasting them. However, doing so dilutes the hotness of the pepper. Buying entire jalapeos and roasting them in a hot oven is the best approach to deal with this.

5. Start roasting your jalapeos as soon as you get them home to get the most out of them. Whole jalapeos may be purchased at your local grocery store or specialized food store. You should roast the peppers as soon as you bring them home to avoid wasting any of them. This allows you to peel away the outer shell and chop the pieces into smaller pieces.

How Do You Reheat Roasted Jalapenos?

There are two methods for reheating jalapenos. If you wish to reheat them for a snack or appetizer, just microwave them.

Cook them in a pan with a little oil and garlic for a complete supper. After they have been warmed, cut them into strips and place them in a plate that has been marinated in lemon juice, olive oil, and salt & pepper.

What are Roasted Jalapenos?

While jalapenos are recognized for their peppery spiciness, there are many types of peppers that have distinct scents and tastes.

I like using jalapenos (green peppers) in a variety of cuisines since their taste is wonderful and distinct.

Roasted jalapeos have become a pantry staple for a number of meals, including my Roasted Jalapeno Lime Chicken, Roasted Garlic Chicken, and Roasted Jalapeno Corn on the Cob.

I like to sprinkle them on top of my Spaghetti Aglio e Olio recipe, and they go well with the garlic and oil in this pasta meal.

Roasted jalapenos are a quick, easy, and delicious method to enhance the tastes of all the other components in a meal and make it even more delectable.

If you’ve never cooked with roasted jalapenos before, don’t be hesitant to try them. They are quite flexible, may be used to add fire and depth of flavor to recipes, and are relatively simple to prepare.

How To Make Roasted Jalapenos

1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Combine the butter, oil, cumin, and paprika in a small mixing basin.

2. Rub the jalapenos with the mixture.

3. Place the peppers, skin side up, on a baking sheet and bake for 15-20 minutes, or until cooked.

What To Serve With Roasted Jalapenos

If you’ve ever tried roasted jalapeos, you know how sweet they are.

They’re sweet, spicy, and sticky, and they improve everything.

However, if you want to serve them with a meal, nothing beats a simple and attractive salad.

Cucumbers, avocado, onions, tomato, and feta cheese make up this simple salad. Fresh mint is essential, because it pairs well with the sweetness and spice of the roasted peppers.

15 Easy Roasted Jalapeno Recipes

For those looking to spice up their lives and enjoy all the benefits of fresh jalapenos, this collection of recipes is sure to delight your taste buds. From salads and appetizers to main dishes, soups, and desserts, there is something for every taste and budget!
Prep Time 5mins
Cook Time 15mins
Total Time 20mins


  • Spicy Roasted Jalapeno Hummus
  • Roasted Jalapeo Salsa
  • Dip with Fire Roasted Jalapenos (vegan, gluten-free, and paleo)
  • Extra Creamy Roasted Jalapeno Guacamole
  • Easy Oven Roasted Jalapenos
  • Cream of Roasted Jalapeo Soup
  • Roasted Corn and Jalapeno Dip
  • Sandwich with Gouda, Jalapeno, Roasted Red Pepper, and Grilled Cheese
  • Kale Salad with Roasted Jalapeo Dressing
  • Salad with Chipotle Honey Roasted Jalapeo Peach Corn Quinoa
  • Roasted Red Jalapeno Pepper Hot Sauce
  • Flame Roasted Corn & Jalapeno Queso
  • Pickled Jalapeos
  • Mexican Creamy Jalapeos Spaghetti
  • Roasted Jalapeno Ranch Potato Salad


  • Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Combine the butter, oil, cumin, and paprika in a small mixing basin.
  • Rub the jalapenos with the mixture.
  • Place the peppers, skin side up, on a baking sheet and bake for 15-20 minutes, or until soft.


What can I make with a lot of jalapeños?

11 (Delicious) Ways to Use Jalapeo Peppers
Prepare pickled jalapeos. Jalapeo peppers are an excellent pickle candidate.
Make your own hot salsa.
Prepare jalapeo poppers.
Make powder by dehydrating them.
Toss them into spaghetti dishes.
Save the seeds for future planting.
Prepare candied jalapeos.
Save these for later.

Does roasting jalapeños make them hotter?

Simply simply, roasting jalapeos makes them milder than eating them raw. According to one research, cooking at high temperatures might result in the thermal breakdown of capsaicin in peppers. The placenta, the white, spongey portion of the pepper that stores the seeds, contains the majority of the heat in jalapeo peppers.

How long do roasted jalapeños last?

Roasted jalapeos may be stored in an airtight container for up to 5 days or frozen for up to a month.

What happens when you roast jalapeños?

Roasting jalapeos reduces their spiciness and imparts a pleasant, smokey taste. It’s a rather straightforward procedure. I’ve included two techniques here: one for under the broiler in the oven and one for on top of the gas cooktop or grill flame.

What are the benefits of roasted jalapeños?

Jalapeos are high in vitamins A and C, as well as potassium. They also include carotene, an antioxidant that may help combat cell damage, as well as folate, vitamin K, and B vitamins. Many of its health advantages are derived from a chemical known as capsaicin. That is what gives the peppers their spiciness.

Is it better to freeze jalapeno peppers whole?

Fresh peppers are the finest to freeze. Remove the stems. Then, split the peppers in half and scrape out all of the seeds. If you want to create jalapeo poppers or stuffed peppers with your peppers, or if you don’t know what you’re going to do with them yet, leave them whole.

When jalapeños turn red are they sweeter or hotter?

Green jalapeos will ultimately become red if left on the plant (and even if harvested). As a result, red jalapeos are older than green jalapeos. The red ones may taste rather hot, particularly if they are heavily striated, but they are also sweeter than the green ones.

Do you have to remove the skin from roasted jalapeños?

Roasting the peppers not only intensifies the taste, but also enables you to blister and peel away the thick skin. Peeling thin-skinned peppers is optional, but it adds a great smokey taste. Roasted and peeled chile peppers may be used immediately or refrigerated for later use in your favorite recipes.

Do jalapeños get hotter the longer they sit?

Allow chili peppers to mature on the vine.

The hotter a hot pepper becomes as it matures. The quantity of capsaicin in the fruit grows with age, so if you can wait until those green jalapeos become red, you’ll be in for a considerably hotter experience.

Do jalapenos grow back every year?

Most gardeners grow peppers as annuals, sowed, grown, plucked, and then consigned to the compost heap at the end of the season. Despite this, these hardy plants are perennials that, given the correct circumstances, would gladly overwinter till the following year.

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