13 Recipes for Using Up Leftover Alfredo Sauce

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The leftover Alfredo sauce may be turned into a delectable creamy pasta meal. Simply toss it with penne spaghetti and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. It’s also great as a dipping sauce for breadsticks, garlic bread, and pizza.

You’ve had much too much sauce after a big meal. You’re left with a large jar of alfredo sauce.

You don’t want to squander a nice item, but you also don’t want to toss it away. So, what are you going to do with the remaining alfredo sauce?

You can always use it as a spaghetti sauce, but that isn’t the only option.

We’ve compiled a list of simple leftover alfredo sauce recipes that may be used to make a variety of great dinners.

What to Do with Leftover Alfredo Sauce: 13 Recipes

What to Do with Leftover Alfredo Sauce: 13 Recipes

If you have any leftover alfredo sauce in the fridge, you may use it as a pasta topping. It’s also great for making homemade mac and cheese. Simply combine the sauce and the macaroni before baking.

1. Dressing

This mild salad dressing goes well with a dish of hot spaghetti. This is an excellent way to use up any leftover alfredo sauce. You may also use your preferred herb in place of the basil. You may even add a little herb to the dressing after it’s been blended.

2. Marinade

Marinades are used to flavor meat before to cooking and are also a simple method to obtain the taste of leftover alfredo sauce on your meat.

3. Dip

It’s a good idea to prepare a dip with any leftover Alfredo sauce. Of course, you can use it with almost anything, but you’ll be missing out if you don’t try this easy recipe!

4. Meatloaf and Meatballs

You have no excuse not to have leftover alfredo sauce. In fact, this tasty spaghetti sauce is perfect for meatloaf and meatballs. We enjoy this recipe for meatballs in addition to utilizing the leftover alfredo sauce in a classic meatloaf. Meatballs may be made in whatever size you like. Simply form them into golf ball-sized or bigger balls and cook them as any other meatball recipe.

5. Pizza

Pizza is one of those foods that can be eaten on practically any occasion. It’s the ideal recipe for any dinner, with a substantial combination of cheese, beef, and veggies.

If you’re craving pizza, this leftover alfredo sauce recipe is for you! Roll out the crust, cover with the sauce, and bake until crispy and bubbling.

6. Vegetable Roast

My greatest issue, I believe, is finding a simple method to transform leftover spaghetti sauce into a meal that tastes just as good as the original. You’re in luck, my buddies! This spaghetti sauce veggie roast is just what you’re looking for. It’s a fast and simple recipe that starts with leftover alfredo sauce. This vegetarian meal is ready to cook and serve with a little salt and pepper.

7. Make Gnocchi

Gnocchi is delicious!

Also see: 19 Gnocchi Recipes with Meat We Can’t Get Enough Of

You’ve probably seen this classic Italian pasta dish all over the globe, but did you know you can make it yourself? You just need some leftover spaghetti sauce, flour, and eggs. This is the ideal meal for the holidays, when there is a plethora of fresh ingredients on hand.

So, if you have any leftover homemade alfredo sauce, you may use it to create a tasty and hearty gnocchi meal.

8. Enjoy Some Decadent Spinach-Stuffed Shells

I’m not sure why you wouldn’t want to create some tasty spinach filled shells. It’s a simple recipe, but the taste of these filled shells will remind you of warm summer evenings spent at the lake. A handful of fresh basil leaves is called for in the recipe for filled shells. However, I suggest adding the leaves towards the end of the recipe so they don’t dry out while you cook your shells.

9. Make a Casserole

Alfredo sauce is a traditional Italian pasta sauce that may be served with a variety of noodles. This sauce is created with cheese, butter, and milk and is incredibly tasty. So why not create a casserole with your leftover alfredo sauce? We used leftover alfredo sauce in this recipe to create a casserole with meatballs, chicken, and spinach. We cooked the dish with some leftover alfredo sauce for a quick and substantial supper.

10. Hawaiian Ham Strata

We have a fantastic ham and cheese strata recipe for you.

It’s ideal for individuals who have any leftover alfredo sauce from lasagna or other pasta recipes.

It goes well with any Italian-style cuisine, so you may have a delightful supper no matter what you eat.

11. Artichoke Blue Cheese Fettuccine

This meal is perfect for reusing leftover alfredo sauce.

It may be served as an appetizer or as a side dish, and it’s also perfect when you don’t have any pasta on hand.

The best part about this dish is that it simply takes a few minutes to prepare.

The sauce is easy to combine with spaghetti and serve as a side dish.

12. Cordon Bleu

Alfredo sauce is one of the most delectable sauces, and you will want to use it as much as possible.

This is a terrific way to use up leftovers, and you’ll be surprised at how many people you can serve with the remaining alfredo.

Cordon bleu may be prepared with ham, Swiss cheese, or both, so you can customize it according on what you have in the fridge.

13. Penne Beef Bake

This meal is fast to prepare and ideal for individuals striving to eat healthily.

It simply requires a few ingredients and is easy enough for any home chef to master.

You’ll like the beef taste in this recipe, and the fact that it’s created with only a few ingredients makes it really simple to make.

We recommend serving this meal with parmesan cheese to make use of any remaining sauce.


So, what can you do with the rest of your Alfredo sauce?

You may utilize any leftover Alfredo sauce in a number of ways. Making mac and cheese is one of the most typical applications. This recipe may be prepared using either pasta or a mixture of the two. The creamy smoothness of the sauce matches the pasta well.

You may also use leftover Alfredo sauce to create meatloaf, which is a favorite application for leftover Alfredo sauce. This is an excellent way to use up leftovers while still offering something tasty.


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13 Leftover Alfredo Sauce Recipes

It’s not uncommon for a recipe to call for leftover alfredo sauce. While it may be tempting to use it as a dip, you can also add it to pasta or other dishes. In addition, you can use the sauce to top a pizza.
Prep Time 5mins
Cook Time 15mins
Total Time 20mins


  • Dressing
  • Marinade
  • Dip
  • Meatloaf and Meatballs
  • Pizza
  • Vegetable Roast
  • Make Gnocchi
  • Enjoy Some Decadent Spinach-Stuffed Shells
  • Make a Casserole
  • Hawaiian Ham Strata
  • Artichoke Blue Cheese Fettuccine
  • Cordon Bleu
  • Penne Beef Bake


  • Use your leftover Alfredo sauce in one of these recipes.
  • Prepare the ingredients in the order specified in the recipe.
  • Be ready to eat in no time!


What can I add to a jar of alfredo sauce?

2 teaspoon at a time) and continue to add as required to minimize over-spicing.Extra herbs and spices will go a long way toward enhancing the taste of a bland jar of sauce. Salt, pepper, Italian seasoning, dried basil, oregano, onion powder, and seasoned salt are some of my particular favorites. Begin with a tiny quantity (1

How do you make leftover Alfredo better?

The easiest technique to restore the Alfredo pasta sauce to its original creamy texture is to add little amounts of milk as required along the process. The quantity of milk you add will be determined by the amount of pasta you are reheating. Begin with a tablespoon and gradually increase until you obtain the desired outcomes.

Can you use refrigerated alfredo sauce after 3 days?

If properly kept in the refrigerator, Alfredo sauce should last 3-4 days, but always check it before eating. Throw it away if there is visible mold, a change in color or texture, or a poor odor or flavor. How long can you keep Alfredo sauce in the freezer?

How do you eat leftover fettuccine alfredo?

Reheating fettuccine in the oven is the most efficient way to revive it within a few days after cooking. Place it in a single layer in an oven-safe baking dish. Pour 2 tablespoons milk or water over top and gently whisk. Wrap securely with foil to prevent moisture from escaping.

What is good to add to fettuccine alfredo?

Sautéed shrimp, blackened shrimp, buttery salmon, or crab go very well with fettuccine Alfredo. In the creamy sauce, ground Italian sausage or andouille sausage are delicious.

What to add to pasta jar sauce?

Topping your sauce with basil slices, thyme sprigs, or oregano may take it to the next level. Although fresh herbs stand out more, dried herbs and spices may be just as effective. Red pepper flakes, a touch of parsley, and a splash of salt and pepper may spice up canned spaghetti sauce.

How do you make Alfredo less boring?

Fresh herbs are another easy method to liven up a dull container of Alfredo sauce. Adding fresh herbs to a meal brightens it up and gives a new depth to a stale sauce. To liven up the sauce, add basil, parsley, oregano, or rosemary.

How long is leftover Alfredo sauce good for?

How long will refrigerated alfredo sauce keep? Alfredo sauce from the store: Assuming you’re talking to store-bought alfredo sauce, the answer is simple: Alfredo sauce may be stored in the fridge for up to two weeks.

Can you save leftover alfredo sauce?

If you have leftover fettuccine alfredo, you may reheat the pasta and sauce together to enjoy the following day. Continue reading to find out how simple it is to reheat fettuccine alfredo!

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