12 Delicious Recipes for Making Jarred Vodka Sauce

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If you’re anything like me, you probably have a few jars of vodka sauce in your cabinet just begging to be utilized.

But what can you make with it?

Look no farther than this blog article to get 12 delectable dishes!

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There’s something for everyone here, from simple pasta meals to hearty soups.

So go ahead and get cooking!

What to Make with Jarred Vodka Sauce (12 Delicious Recipes)

What to Make with Jarred Vodka Sauce (12 Delicious Recipes)

1. Vodka Sauce Pizza

One of my favorite jarred items is vodka sauce.

It’s rich, creamy, and flavorful, and it only takes a few minutes to transform it into an amazing entrée.

One of my go-to recipes is vodka sauce pizza.

Its so easy to make, too. Heres how:

  1. at begin, preheat your oven at 350 degrees.
  2. Then, take a store-bought pizza crust (I like the thin, rectangular sort) and put a thick coating of vodka sauce on top.
  3. Then, add your preferred toppings.I like to keep it simple with just mozzarella cheese and basil, but you could also add pepperoni, sausage, or even vegetables such as mushrooms or peppers.
  4. Bake your pizza for 15-20 minutes, or until the dough is golden brown and crispy.


You’ve just made an outstanding and tasty dinner in only a few minutes.

Look no farther than vodka sauce pizza for a simple dish to amaze your guests (or just yourself).

2. Vodka Sauce Pasta Bake

Nothing beats a dish of creamy pasta on a chilly winter night.

This vodka sauce pasta bake is the ultimate in comfort cuisine.

The creamy pasta and cheesy topping nicely offset the rich taste of the vodka sauce.

Plus, its super easy to make.

Simply toss cooked pasta with canned vodka sauce, sprinkle with shredded cheese, and bake.

Garnish with fresh parsley or basil for an added touch of sophistication.

Serve with a simple salad for a complete meal.

This meal will amaze your visitors with its taste and appearance.

3. Quesadillas

Quesadillas are a quick and easy meal that may be cooked using canned vodka sauce.

The sauce gives the quesadillas a wonderful taste, and the texture is smooth and creamy.

The meal is fast and simple to prepare, and it can be readily customized to your guests’ preferences.

For a heartier supper, you might add grilled chicken or shrimp to the quesadillas.

You may also add sour cream, salsa, or guacamole to them.

Quesadillas with canned vodka sauce are a terrific alternative for a unique and delightful appetizer or main meal.

4. Vodka Sauce Chicken with Zucchini Noodles

This vodka sauce chicken with zucchini noodles recipe is ideal for a date night in.

The zucchini noodles are light and healthful, while the vodka sauce is thick and tasty.

The chicken is soft and juicy, and the whole meal is ready in 30 minutes.

It’s also surprisingly simple to prepare, leaving you free to enjoy your evening with your special someone.

If you want to wow your visitors, this is the dish to attempt.

5. Lasagna with Vodka Sauce

Nothing beats a hearty lasagna, and this recipe takes it up a level with the addition of canned vodka sauce.

One bite and youll be hooked!

This dish is ideal for a relaxing night in or entertaining friends.

If you’re pressed for time, you can even use store-bought lasagna noodles to save time.

Just be sure to get additional mozzarella cheese for topping, as you’ll want to go heavy on the cheese with this one!

6. Vodka Sauce Wraps

These wraps are fast to prepare and ideal for a light lunch or supper.

The sauce provides a delightful depth of flavor to the wraps, which are filled with all of your favorite ingredients.

Furthermore, they are readily customizable to your preferences.

Give these wraps a try if you’re seeking for a great and simple dish!

7. Penne with Sausage and Vodka Sauce

Jarred vodka sauce is my favorite because of its rich taste and creamy texture.

It’s my go-to sauce for impressing visitors with a handmade dish that’s surprisingly simple to make.

Penne pasta is combined with Italian sausage and a hefty quantity of vodka sauce in this recipe.

For added taste, I like to top it with freshly grated Parmesan cheese and a sprinkling of parsley.

This dish is guaranteed to delight if you’re searching for a spectacular yet simple supper to create for your next dinner party.

Who knows, maybe your visitors will be so amazed that they will request the recipe!

8. Vodka Sauce Meatballs on Ricotta Toast

Here’s a tasty and simple recipe for vodka sauce meatballs that are ideal for any occasion.

If you want to wow your visitors, here is the place to be!

The taste is excellent, and the texture is soft and juicy.

The greatest thing is that it takes just a few minutes to make.

Simply place everything in the oven and let it to cook.

I serve mine with ricotta bread and a bit more vodka sauce on the side.


Here are two pointers to help you produce great meatballs:

  • For the finest taste and texture, use high-quality ground beef.
  • To make things even simpler, pre-made frozen meatballs are available. Just make sure they’re boiling hot all the way through before adding them to the sauce.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do!

9. Cheesy Meatball Sandwich with Spicy Vodka Sauce

Nothing beats a nice, gooey meatball sandwich.

And when you add in a zesty, spicy vodka sauce?

Even better.

This meal is simple to prepare and will wow your visitors.

The trick to this recipe is finding the correct taste balance.

The vodka sauce should not overshadow the meatballs, but it should be delicious enough to stand out.

The key is to season the sauce just so.

I like to add a pinch of crushed red pepper flakes, but you may vary the quantity to suit your tastes.

Another key step is to cook the meatballs until the outsides are beautiful and crispy.

This gives them a nice texture and keeps them from crumbling when you bite into them.

Finally, toast the bread before topping it with the meatballs and sauce.

This will absorb some of the extra moisture and keep the bread from becoming soggy.

10. Risotto Alla Vodka

Risotto alla vodka is a tasty and rich meal that is ideal for entertaining guests.

Cooking the rice gently, enabling it to absorb the flavors of the broth, is the key to crafting a superb risotto.

I prefer to use canned vodka sauce as the foundation for my risotto since it offers a depth of flavor that simple tomato sauce does not.

The remaining components in this meal are straightforward, but don’t scrimp on the quality of the Parmesan cheese; it makes a significant difference in the final flavor.

This dish is not difficult to prepare, but it does need some patience.

The wonderful thing about risotto is that it can be cooked ahead of time and warmed just before serving.

Simply add a bit more liquid while reheating to prevent the rice from drying out.

Risotto is usually a favorite with my visitors, and I’m certain it will be with yours as well!

11. Baked Gnocchi with Vodka Sauce

Baked gnocchi is one of my favorite ways to use canned vodka sauce.

The dish is tasty and well-balanced in terms of taste and texture.

It’s also really simple to prepare, which is always a plus in my eyes.

Here are a few pointers to help you make the most of your dish:

  • Try adding some green onions or garlic to the mix for an added explosion of flavor.
  • Before serving, top the dish with some chopped tomatoes or shredded cheese to offer some color and visual flair.
  • Add cooked chicken or sausage to the gnocchi before baking for a heartier supper.

This meal is ideal for feeding to guests since it can simply be doubled or tripled to serve a bigger gathering.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

12. Salmon with Vodka Sauce and Parsley Salad

Because of the creamy vodka sauce and fresh parsley, this meal is brimming with flavor.

The salmon is likewise well cooked, with a fantastic flavor and texture.

Best of all, even if you’re short on time, this dish is quite simple to prepare.

Simply bake the salmon, then top with the vodka sauce and parsley salad.

If you have visitors around, this cuisine will not disappoint.

Before serving, add a squeeze of lemon juice for added flavor.


What to Make with Jarred Vodka Sauce (12 Delicious Recipes)

What to Make with Jarred Vodka Sauce (12 Delicious Recipes)

I love jarred vodka sauce. It’s the perfect base for all kinds of recipes. I’ve used it in pasta dishes, chicken dishes, and even as a base for pizza. It’s so versatile and it has a great flavor.I always keep a jar of it in my pantry so that I can use it whenever I need to. It’s also very easy to make, which is another plus. If you’re looking for a delicious and easy-to-use sauce, jarred vodka sauce is the perfect choice.
Prep Time 5mins
Cook Time 10mins
Total Time 15mins


  • Vodka Sauce Pizza
  • Vodka Sauce Pasta Bake
  • Quesadillas
  • Vodka Sauce Chicken with Zucchini Noodles
  • Lasagna with Vodka Sauce
  • Vodka Sauce Wraps
  • Penne with Sausage and Vodka Sauce
  • Vodka Sauce Meatballs on Ricotta Toast
  • Cheesy Meatball Sandwich with Spicy Vodka Sauce
  • Risotto Alla Vodka
  • Baked Gnocchi with Vodka Sauce
  • Salmon with Vodka Sauce and Parsley Salad


  • To use up your jarred vodka sauce, choose your favorite dish from this article.
  • Prepare the ingredients in the order specified in the recipe.
  • Enjoy in no time!


How do you make store bought vodka sauce taste better?

Season It

When the sauce is heated, taste it and season to taste. To spice it up, use a pinch of salt, red pepper flakes, or fresh garlic. You might also use dried or fresh herbs such as oregano, basil, thyme, tarragon, and parsley.

What do you use vodka sauce with?

Fortunately, vodka sauce complements almost all proteins, although some of the most common meat options include: chicken. Chicken and Italian cuisine are a gourmet combination created in heaven.
Sausage from Italy.

What is Bertolli vodka sauce used for?

Cook and bake with Bertolli sauce to enjoy the flavours of Tuscany with easy dishes such as Vodka Rigatoni, Shrimp Parmesan, stuffed peppers, and appetizers such as flatbreads, crostini, and soups to entertain at home. This creamy sauce complements every food.

What is the best way to spice up vodka sauce?

Garlic and onion or shallots are typical additions, as is the use of crushed red peppers to give the sauce a kick on top of the vodka.

What does vodka sauce taste good on?

While many Naperville vegetarians like vodka sauce, it also pairs well with seafood such as shrimp or, if you’re feeling really fancy, lobster. The vodka sauce also adds a unique spin to basic chicken Parmigiana. While its delicate taste may be overshadowed by robust meatballs, it’s also a nice accompaniment to veal.

How do you make store bought sauce taste like homemade?

With some sautéed garlic and onions, everything tastes better. Sauté finely chopped onions and garlic in olive oil till aromatic and golden, then add the sauce and let it boil for a few minutes to let the flavors to combine.

What do Italians eat vodka sauce with?

This Italian-American favorite, listed on menus as Penne alla Vodka since it is often served with Penne Ziti pasta, is also known by its informal name: “Pink Sauce.” Whatever you name it, this creamy tomato pasta sauce is sheer magic.

Can kids have vodka sauce?

The overall view was that if completely cooked, a vodka pasta sauce should be safe for youngsters. “Traditional vodka sauce uses such a small amount of alcohol that it should evaporate out during cooking,” pediatrician Dr. Rachel Prete of Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children told POPSUGAR.

Do you heat up vodka sauce?

Heat the Vodka Sauce in a large pan, stirring regularly, until it begins to simmer, approximately 3 to 5 minutes. Meanwhile, cook the pasta according to package instructions in a large pot of salted boiling water over medium heat. Drain the pasta and place it in a large mixing bowl.

Does Bertolli vodka sauce have real vodka in it?

Tomato Puree (Water, Tomato Paste), Diced Tomatoes In Juice (Diced Tomatoes, Tomato Juice, Citric Acid, Calcium Chloride), Light Cream, Onions, Vodka, Parmesan Cheese (Pasteurized Part Skim Milk, Cheese Cultures, Salt, Enzymes), Salt, Olive Oil, Romano Cheese Made From Cow’s Milk (Pasteurized…

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